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Shin Megami Tensei IV
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 05-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 11-07-2020 / 20:43 GMT

Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Alciel 66 No Vile Gun, Physical, Light
Ananta 72 No Snake Force
Cherub 71 No Divine Electric
Divine Horde 80 No Horde N/A
Dominion 51 No Divine Force
Hresvelgr 70 No Raptor Gun, Fire
Mot 89 No Reaper Electric
Ganesha 70 No Yoma Electric
Nergal 82 No Reaper Ice
Pales 73 No Vile Fire
Throne 62 No Divine Ice, Dark

NEUTRAL: Picking Up the Torch

It would seem so... and, while we're here, we'd appreciate a few pointers.

When you are ready to move on, head to Fujiwara's joint in Shinjuku. There, speak with them and you'll soon be prompted to give up your knowledge of the guardian deity of Tokyo, Masakado.

After the surprising set of events, go to Ginza and exit the underground area via the path north of the Association. Approach the boulder and unsheathe Masakado's Katana to soon earn 5,000 Macca .

NEUTRAL: The Great Spirit of Hope

If you enter the Association in Ginza, an idea suddenly will hit you - become the champion Hunter!

What you must do now is become rank number 1 in every Hunter Assocation. Only then will the Chalice of Hope be filled and you can progress the story... Yay?

For the record, you must complete all 18 of the following quests:

Eggs for One Hundred I Want to Make the City Bright Deliver the Film Samurai and Hunters United Hunter Tournament Prelims Phantom of Madness Shelter Inspection Ikebukuro Free District Demon Guarding the Shrine Hunter Tournament Finals Serial Kidnapping + Arson I Will Give You My Black Card The Great Drunkenness Take A Picture of Ginza for Me Rebirth of the Lady Multi-Demon Fusion Mysterious Story of Tennozu Tokyo Cosmos Once they're all done, go visit an Association, then visit Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. Walk around and, after the scene in each area, progress on to the next area. Leave Ginza for last and simply revisit Masakado's stone.

In the end, Masakado is pushed into your party, and you are tasked with defeating both Lucifer and Merkabah. First shall be the latter, Merkabah.


If you're on the Neutral Ending route, you need to have Masakado to enter the Purgatorium.


Head to the Sky Terminal now and move along backwards up Naraku. In the Hall of the Minotaur, examine the southern energy barrier to have it dissolved by Masakado. Go through the portal to enter a holy land, Purgatorium. Head northeast to find a Chakra Pot . In the next room, you will fight Kazfiel.


Head now through a Terminal into the Sky Terminal. Backtrack along upwards through the 5th Stratum. Eventually, you will enter the Purgatorium, where you can head northeast to find a Chakra Pot . In the next room, you will fight Kazfiel.


Kazfiel is not too powerful of a boss, really; just know he's weak to Fire and Gun attacks. Anyways, grab the Balm of Rising on the other side, then defeat the Deadly Divines, a Horde-class enemy weak to Ice and Force. In other words, Mabufu-class and Mazan-class spells kill.

Continue along to the 2nd Crown of the Purgatorium via the door in the middle. There, snatch up the Ag Incense and go south through the warp, then through another to the 2nd Crown again.

Go south and west to the light, then go south. (From here, you can go east to find the Gold Death Mask if you feel like a little backtracking.) Head north and into the light to the east, then go north and to another, then west to another, and south to another, then just to another.

That long trip will net you a Great Chakra . Backtrack to the start and go to the area you were in before delving to the Gold Death Mask and head south to the 4th Crown.

Go west and north to the Bead , then south and along to some more Deadly Devines. Beat 'em as before and go grab the Summon Stone to the east, where you'll also be able to go and fight Azrael.

Like Kazfiel, there's not a lot to say but to freeze him, but beware his Tetrakarn and Makarakarn, lest your Physical/Gun or magic attacks get bounced. After the battle, go along the middle path and beat the enemy for a Terminal. Be sure to go back and heal via it!

Continue up to the fifth crown and go up the side in the next area (it's a mirroring of the fourth) and east to Aniel. Like the other two angels, you can just blaze, in this case, your best non-Physical/Gun/Fire attacks.

Seraph is further to the west. He is a bit different in that you must hit him with attacks corresponding to the color of his Light Wing, or you'll be hit back. It's simple analysis, though: blue is Ice, red is Fire, and so on. After that battle, continue on up.

Go north and into the west light, the east light, the eastern light around the corner, and to the north side is another. On the sixth crown, go east and snatch up the Love Gun , then go to the far west and back up. Go south and along the linear path of warpiness to the Lu Incense area.

From there, go north an area. There, you can simply go along the path to grab a Chakra Pot and Balm of Rising before encountering Merkabah.

Boss: Merkabah

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
99 Herald N/A N/A Dark, Light

A lot of Merkabah's moves tend to affect stats: Concentrate (at least doubles next magic attack power), Chariot (lower hit/evade rates), Luster Candy (raise user stats), and Shalt Not Resist (lowers Defense). He is not just going to lower stats, though.

Thunder Reign is a Severe-damage Electric attack to all that easily exceeds 200 damage when you're lucky, and Hexagram is an outright kill on you. Strategically, there's not much you can do. I divided my party up like this. Flynn was a random dude who would heal or attack as necessary.

One other demon was devoted fully to healing and reviving my party, healing through Mediarama once per turn. The two others mostly attacked. The favored attack was by far Titanomachia. It is not resisted and one of the strongest moves in the game, which can also be critical most of the time.

In other words, high-critical-rate moves are your best chance to get extra turns from this battle. And you will need as many turns as you can grasp, due to that Hexagram move and Merkabah's multiple turns - always assume he's going to stack it.


During the fight, you will be given a question about who you fight for; if you opt to fight for the people of Tokyo, your stats will increase. During the second half of the battle, you will be given a stern, piercing stare. Quietly accepting yields a stat boost with a full HP/MP healing!


During the fight, you will be given a single choice when you are given a stare; if you smile devilishly (lol), your stats will really go up!

If you're on the Chaos Ending, that's it! Head on over to New Game+ to see what's up... But if you're on the Neutral Ending, you still need to tackle Lucifer.

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