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**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
??? / Pluto Soldier 45 No Cyber N/A
Abaddon 64 Yes Tyrant Electric
Agathion 12 Yes Yoma Gun, Ice
Alciel 66 No Vile Gun, Physical, Light
Alraune 51 Yes Wood Fire
Ammut 65 Yes Beast Ice
Ananta 72 No Snake Force
Anzu 53 Yes Raptor Force
Apsaras 8 Yes Nymph Fire
Arachne 40 Yes Vermin Ice
Ashura Man 16 No Human Dark
Ashura Woman 27 No Human Dark
Atropos 49 Yes Femme Fire
Azumi 19 Yes Brute Electric
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Babylonia Horde 31 No Horde N/A
Bai Suzhen 23 Yes Drake Fire
Balor 42 Yes Tyrant N/A
Baphomet 26 Yes Vile Light
Barbatos 76 Yes Fallen Fire
Basilisk 30 Yes Snake Force
Bifrons 12 Yes Fallen Force
Bilwis 7 Yes Brute Light
Botis 83 Yes Fallen Force
Cabracan 59 Yes Wilder Force
Caladrius 23 Yes Flight Dark, Gun
Carnazotz 9 Yes Raptor Gun
Catoblepas 52 Yes Wilder Light
Centaur 1 Yes Yoma Electric
Cerberus 72 Yes Beast Ice
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Chagrin 6 Yes Wilder Electric
Cherub 71 No Divine Electric
Chupacabra 21 Yes Food Electric
Churel 32 Yes Ghost Light
Clotho 37 Yes Femme Force
Corpse 25 No Undead Fire
Cyber Horde 55 No Horde N/A
Da Peng 57 Yes Flight Gun
Dakini 62 Yes Femme Ice
Dantalian 32 Yes Fallen Electric
Decarabia 48 Yes Fallen Gun
Deceased Horde 47 No Horde N/A
Demonstrators 20 No Horde N/A
Dis 30 Yes Yoma Gun
Divine Horde 80 No Horde N/A
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Dominion 51 No Divine Force
Dwarf 4 Yes Jirae Force
Dybbuk 4 Yes Spirit Ice, Light
Enku 40 Yes Ghost Ice, Force
Erlkonig 61 Yes Wood Fire
Fairy Horde 35 No Horde Gun
Fallen Horde 43 No Horde Gun
Formorian 7 Yes Night Fire
Fuu-Ki 49 Yes Brute Electric
Fuxi 1 Yes Raptor Gun
Gaea Man 12 No Human N/A
Ganesha 70 No Yoma Electric
Garrote 54 Yes Spirit Fire, Light
Ghoul 49 Yes Ghost Fire, Light
Girimekhala 59 Yes Jaki Electric, Force, Light
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Goblin 24 Yes Food Electric
Gogmagog 55 Yes Jirae Fire, Force, Dark
Gremlin 10 Yes Jaki Fire, Force
Grendel 50 Yes Jaki Light
Grudge Horde 5 No Horde Fire, Light
Gryphon 3 Yes Beast Gun
Gu Huo Niao 16 Yes Flight Ice
Gui Xian 42 Yes Snake Fire
Gurr 43 Yes Raptor Light
Hairy Jack 31 Yes Beast Light
Halphas 26 Yes Fallen Gun, Force
Hare of Inaba 38 Yes Food Gun, Fire
Harpy 9 Yes Flight Gun, Electric
Hekatoncheires 70 Yes Jaki Force
Hel 44 Yes Reaper Fire
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Hoodlum Horde 25 No Horde N/A
Hooligan 16 Yes Foul Ice, Force
Horkos 27 Yes Tyrant Fire
Hresvelgr 70 No Raptor Gun, Fire
Hsing-Hsing 43 Yes Beast Force
Hua Po 14 Yes Jirae Electric
Huoniao 64 Yes Raptor Ice, Gun
Imperial Guard 31 No Horde N/A
Incubus 28 Yes Night Electric
Inferno 31 Yes Spirit Ice, Light
Inugami 25 Yes Beast Force, Light
Ippon-Datara 17 Yes Jaki Light
Itsumade 21 Yes Raptor Ice
Jack Frost 15 Yes Fairy Fire
Jack the Ripper 9 Yes Foul Fire
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Jirae Horde 25 No Horde Fire
Kabuso 19 Yes Beast Electric
Kaiwan 40 Yes Night Ice
Karasu Tengu 24 Yes Yoma Ice, Electric
Kaso 11 Yes Beast Ice
Katakirauwa 9 Yes Food Fire, Ice, Electric, Force, Light
Kelpie 36 Yes Fairy Force
Kikimora 20 Yes Night Force
Kikuri-Hime 36 Yes Nymph Electric, Dark
Kingu 39 Yes Drake Fire
Kin-Ki 43 Yes Brute Force
Knocker 8 Yes Jirae Electric
Koppa Tengu 18 Yes Yoma Electric
Kuda 28 Yes Food Gun, Force
Kwancha 24 Yes Jirae Force
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Lachesis 43 Yes Femme Ice
Leanan Sidhe 11 Yes Femme Force
Legion 47 Yes Spirit Gun, Electric., Light
Lham Dearg 1 Yes Jaki Ice
Loki 58 Yes Tyrant N/A
Macabre 25 Yes Spirit Gun, Light
Mad Gasser 40 Yes Foul Light
Mamedanuki 15 Yes Food N/A
Mandrake 22 Yes Wood Fire
Manticore 45 Yes Wilder Force
Master Therion 61 Yes Yoma Light
Melchom 5 Yes Fallen Ice, Force
Mishaguji 37 Yes Vile Ice
Mitra 53 Yes Fallen Force
Moh Shuvuu 17 Yes Raptor Gun, Fire
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Mokoi 2 Yes Night Force
Momunofu 25 Yes Brute Force
Mot 89 No Reaper Electric
Mothman 11 Yes Vermin Force
Mou-Ryo 24 Yes Ghost Light
Mushussu 47 Yes Drake Force
Myrmecolion 3 Yes Vermin Electric
Nadja 47 Yes Fairy N/A
Naga 11 Yes Snake Fire
Napaea 2 Yes Fairy Ice
Nebiros 43 Yes Fallen Force, Light
Nekomata 37 Yes Beast Ice, Electric
Nergal 82 No Reaper Ice
Night Stalker 23 Yes Foul Light
Nozuchi 18 Yes Snake Fire
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Nue 26 Yes Wilder Gun, Force
Obariyon 18 Yes Ghost Ice
Oberon 64 Yes Fairy Electric
Ogre 44 Yes Jaki Electric
Okiku-Mushi 29 Yes Vermin Ice, Force, Light
Oni 13 Yes Brute N/A
Onmoraki 3 Yes Food Gun, Ice
Orcus 50 Yes Reaper Fire, Electric
Orias 26 Yes Fallen Ice
Orochi 60 Yes Snake Electric
Orthrus 57 Yes Beast Ice
Ose 38 Yes Fallen N/A
Ouroboros 49 Yes Snake N/A
Pachacamac 51 Yes Vile Electric
Pales 73 No Vile Fire
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Pendragon 66 Yes Snake Fire
Peri 59 Yes Nymph Ice
Persephone 57 Yes Reaper Electric
Pisaca 38 Yes Spirit Fire, Light
Pixie 7 Yes Fairy N/A
Porewit 39 Yes Wilder Ice
Preta 12 Yes Ghost Fire, Force, Light
Pyro Jack 19 Yes Fairy Ice
Quicksilver 19 Yes Spirit Force, Light
Raiju 18 Yes Wilder Force
Rakshasa 38 Yes Jaki Force, Light
Rukh 51 Yes Flight Fire
Samurai Zombie 4 No Undead Fire, Light
Samurai Zombie 5 No Undead Fire, Light
Samyaza 32 Yes Tyrant Force
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Sarasvati 48 Yes Nymph Fire
Senri 25 Yes Nymph Electric, Dark
Setanta 32 Yes Fairy N/A
Shan Xiao 14 Yes Wood N/A
Shax 69 Yes Fallen Electric
Shikome 23 Yes Femme Light
Shiwanna 38 Yes Yoma Fire
Silky 42 Yes Fairy Fire
Slime 2 Yes Foul Physical, Ice, Fire, Electric, Force, Light
Spirit Horde 16 No Horde N/A
Spriggan 10 Yes Fairy Light, Dark
Stonka 8 Yes Beast Gun, Electric
Strigoii 6 Yes Ghost Fire, Light
Strix 17 Yes Femme Gun, Electric
Sudama 19 Yes Jirae Fire
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Taotie 58 Yes Vile Fire, Ice, Electric, Force
Tattooed Man 25 Yes Foul Dark
Tengata Manu 2 Yes Flight Gun, Electric
Throne 62 No Divine Ice, Dark
Titan 37 Yes Jirae N/A
Titania 70 Yes Fairy Gun
Tlaltecuhtli 46 Yes Jirae Ice
Toubyou 15 Yes Drake N/A
Tsuchigumo 30 Yes Jirae Ice
Tuofei 29 Yes Flight Gun
Ubu 22 Yes Vermin Light
Valkyrie 45 Yes Yoma Electric
Vivian 58 Yes Fairy Fire
Vodyanik 6 Yes Yoma Force
Vouivre 26 Yes Snake Fire
**Demon Name** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Wendigo 25 Yes Jaki Fire
Wicker Man 8 Yes Spirit Fire, Light, Electric
Wild Hunt 53 Yes Night Light
Wildfire Horde 13 No Horde N/A
Xiuhtecuhtli 54 Yes Yoma Ice
Yakuza Horde 50 No Horde N/A
Yamawaro 31 Yes Brute Light, Dark
Yomotsu Ikusa 37 Yes Brute Light
Yuki Jyomu 29 Yes Femme Fire
Yurlungur 33 Yes Snake Fire
Zaacoum 42 Yes Wood Force
Zhen 31 Yes Raptor N/A
Zhu Tun She 9 Yes Drake Force
Zombie Cop 17 No Undead Fire, Light
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