Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Basilisk 30 Yes Snake Force
Dis 30 Yes Yoma Gun
Fairy Horde 35 No Horde Gun
Goblin 24 Yes Food Electric
Hairy Jack 31 Yes Beast Light
Incubus 28 Yes Night Electric
Kelpie 36 Yes Fairy Force
Kuda 28 Yes Food Gun, Force
Setanta 32 Yes Fairy N/A
Sudama 19 Yes Jirae Fire
Vouivre 26 Yes Snake Fire

Tokyo Overworld Map

It's a long ways to reach the entrance to Shibuya, but you'll know you're going the right way when you encounter the sandy part of Tokyo.

So, then, we are given the orders to kill the Black Samurai - a person once executed, no less. As we reconvene in Obelisk Plaza, a samurai comes, noting that a man named Tayama has requested an audience with you.

Walter suspects you, as Tayama is the leader of Ashura-kai, of somehow triggering this. shrug Well, whatever; he may have some leads on the Black Samurai’s residence.

Head along to Shinjuku via the Terminals, then return to the overworld. Go to the far west there, then south to the sandy area. Exit it to the southeast, then head southwest and northwest to find an underground tunnel guarded by a member of the Ashura-kai, who will let you pass.

On the other side, you’ll find yourself next to Shibuya. First, though, go south and east to find a Bead . Head far west into the desert and further south into a corner to find a Summon Stone . To the northeast of there, you can find the entrance to a demon’s Domain.

Within, it is randomized and winding as hell, so good luck finding the door to the boss without making a map.

The boss itself is a Level 47 War Horde; they drain Fire and are weak to Force, so use Mazan and Mazanma where you can to abuse the extra weakness to multi-target attacks. They have around 1,750 ~ 2,000 HP. After the battle, the Domain goes away and you receive the Bazooka Set .

Backtrack to the Shibuya entrance and go further north to find another Domain. It’s another long, confusing, random one.

At the end is a cute li’l Level 40 Demonee-ho. It lacks weaknesses, and pretty much resists all but Electric, Ice, Force, and Almighty, so look out in that regard. It’s resilient overall and can be a little strong, but with only 1,900 HP, it should die soon. The end reward is a Firearm Box .

If you head far to the east of Shibuya, past the Eiffel Tower-like structure, you can find two 2-Star Furnitures . But that’s it. Head into Shibuya.

Shibuya Station: Front Crosswalk

Well, that was a friendly welcome… What's Tayama playing at?

As you arrive, Tayama will call, telling you not to pull anything. Regarding wh– Oh, crap, it seems like he has a samurai hostage! An employee of the Ashura-kai will explain all in Club Milton.

If you head southwest, you should be able to reach a southeastern alcove. In the far corner, you can retrieve a 1-Star Document , a 3-Star Document , and another 1-Star Document . Leave the alcove and head west.

You can find a 1-Star Commodity in the corner store, with a Chakra Drop in the corpse further to the northeast. Blocking off the northern portion of the area is a chain-link fence. In the middle where several crosswalks converge, you can look down and crawl through.

Go around the edge of the area and you can find several items: a Gold Jet , a 1-Star Leisure , a Poison Gas , and a Bead . While the nearby staircase will take you into the protection of the underground areas, for now go back through the fence and west an area - there’s more to loot.

Shibuya: 108 Building

Go forward and take the Nerve Gas from the corpse. I will note that, to the south, is another underground entrance. There is still more to plunder, so unless you’re in dire need of HP/MP, it’s best to stay up here. Head west to the northwest/southwest fork.

First go due west to the building to find 2-Star Cosmetics , 3-Star Cosmetics , and 2-Star Clothing . Then go up the stairs to the right to get a Chakra Pot . Then head northwest to the next area.

Shibuya: Inokashira-dor

Go along the only viable path to soon reach a corpse yielding a Chakra Drop . Continue along the path to the north/south fork. Go to the south to get a 2-Star Medicine , a 2-Star Clothing , and a 3-Star Clothing .

When you head north, do so along the west wall to reach a 2-Star Food , a 3-Star Food , a Medicine , a 2-Star Medicine , a 1-Star Furniture , a 2-Star Furniture , and a 1-Star Commodity .

Continue south and along the first eastbound path you reach. Take the Knockout Gas from the corpse at the end, then break down the wormwood here and backtrack into the previous area, which you should exit now to the south west.

Shibuya: Dogenzaka

You can find the #1 Bazooka in the chest nearby. Equip it if you want, since it does have a 75% chance of dealing more damage than the Bruce Gun, although it can hit multiple enemies. (I personally did not; I have plenty of multi-target spells and skills and Needle Orbs.)

Since the fence nearby cannot be bypassed, return to the previous area and run eastward along the southern wall until you get underground.

Shibuya: Underground Districts

Another underground district means another opportunity to relax (a little).

Upon your arrival, head to the right and along the path (assuming you start in “A”). As you go, you’ll soon find a 2-Star Document . Further east, you’ll find a fork. Head northward first.

You’ll find the Shibuya Black Market on the right before reaching the next district. In that shop, if you can shove out the dough, the Aymur is a very good buy. It’s about 58% more powerful than the Chainsaw you should probably still have. The Gold Gun and Bronze Steyr are also good buys.

The former can hit twice always, making it have 134 Power, over 50% more than the Bruce Gun you may still have; the Bronze Steyr is similarly powerful to the Bruce Gun, but hits everyone. Also consider upgrading to the Bind Rounds, since they’re the most powerful so far.

Armor-wise, only the upper body is worth looking at if you’ve been doing quests. You may be interested in grabbing one of the Accessories if you tend to focus on a certain attack element, though. (Plus, there’s that MP boost.)

In District B, you’ll find a 2-Star Commodity on the right. As you go north, there will be an alcove to the left you can use, but there’s a demon within. Since there are no demons there here, and more to grab, ignore it for now.

Go east and climb onto the upper level, then pick up the nearby 2-Star Clothing . North of there, you can find the ever-useful Light Grimoire . Further east of the relic from before, you can go outside via a vent.

Shibuya: Miyashita Park

Begin by heading southeast to grab a Balm of Rising , then along the path back to the open area. Grab the nearby Summon Stone , then go north of the entrance to the area to find an Ag Incense . Return inside.

Shibuya: Underground Districts

Go downstairs and south to District D. Head south and into the open area. Turn right as you enter to get a 1-Star Document . Turn around and approach the shutter, then press the switch nearby, just in case you need a quick healing at some other time when outside. Continue south and along the path into District C.

Here, go to the east and use the vent on the wall to reach a treasure - a Chakra Pot - back in District C. Return back to District D. To the south is a way outside that we’ll use later. For now, go west and south to find a 2-Star Document .

Go down the escalators to the west to find the Hunter’s Association. Leave it alone for now and go north to District A, if you wanna shop up at the Ashura-kai Authorized Shop (Shibuya) - it has some elemental stones you oughta stock up on.

Next up, head north back to District B. Go into the western alcove to the north mentioned earlier and defeat the demon within. (You may want to return to the Hunter’s Association first to heal, but with plenty of Mazio Stones, you’ll likely live.)

Boss: Orochi

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
33 Snake Electric N/A Fire, Ice, Light, Dark

After the battle, the Domain disappears and the Shibuya Terminal appears.

Let’s see… If you head along to the Hunter’s Association here, and K’s Tavern, you can do some new quests, covered in Shibuya Quest Cleanup. Otherwise, head to Offing Koga Saburo.


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