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Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **HP** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Azumi 19 137 Yes Brute Electric
Kaso 11 95 Yes Beast Ice
Naga 11 174 Yes Snake Fire
Quicksilver 19 178 Yes Spirit Force, Light
Strix 17 189 Yes Femme Gun, Electric
Toubyou 15 153 Yes Drake N/A
Zombie Cop 17 224 No Undead Fire, Light


Excellent, this looks like the right place. Well, let’s hurry; the Counter-Demon Force Base isn’t going to find itself!

After the initial scan, quickly head along to the eastern wall for two 1-Star Furniture relics. Head south from there and you’ll find a 1-Star Document , with a Bead further ahead. Afterwards, head northwest to the western wall. There should be a booth somewhere along there.

You’ll meet an Unclean One who warns you of the dangers of playing aboveground. Play dumb and say “No, I don’t ‘get’ it” and they’ll soon realize you’re the “angels” that are going to kill them. Eh, whatever. They wanna fight, we’re gonna fight.

Boss: Tsuchigumo

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
21 Jirae Ice, Force Physical, Light, Dark N/A

Counter-Demon Force Base

Whelp, use the elevator to go to B1F. There, head along the path. As it turns north, look up in the corner to find a way back out. This will lead back to Sakurada-dori for some items: 1-Star Furniture x2 , 1-Star Medicine , and a Balm of Rising . Return below when done and head north to B2F.

To the right of where you enter, you can go through a door. It normally leads to a Terminal, but is in the midst of a Domain crisis. Within is simply a boss.

Boss: Pixie Horde

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
23 Horde N/A N/A Light, Dark

Phew, another terminal activated! If you’re feeling homesick, now’s not a bad time to return to Mikado.

After the battle, you’ll have gotten rid of the Domain and revealed the creatively-named Kasumigaseki Terminal. Feel free to return to Mikado to heal for free or to restock or somethin’. Otherwise, return outside and head into the southwestern ro– holy crap, the Black Samurai’s there… Isn’t she?

Nah, just similar-looking armor. Gotta love Walter’s response, though! This particular armor is a Demonica, worn by the Counter-Demon Force, a force to kill demons that appeared in Tokyo; it was even government-funded. ’Course, it eventually fell into ruin. I mean, duh, look around.

… Well, that reveals a few salvageable items: Lock Steyr and Black Demonica , then the ID Card Lv1. The Lock Steyr is a gun that hits all enemies

I prefer to keep my Bruce Gun, since it’s more powerful and I already have plenty of party-wide spells. The Black Demonica garb is a full set (barring weapons/accessory) that is generally pretty good to wear.

Anyways, back outside, you can open the northeastern door to find a Chakra Drop if you use the ID Card. As for the southern door? You’ll find a room filled with computers.

Ah, you poor, poor Casualries (and Luxurors), you’d be lost without Burroughs, who finds it to be a briefing room. She hacks the system and gives the important crap to the Monastery (how exactly do you get Wi-Fi-like service down here, anyways?).

Anyways, enjoy the 3,000 Macca from finishing that one important Challenge Quest that was shoved onto you. It’s not to be enjoyed for long, as Sister Gabby will call, noting that Hugo has put up requests at K’s Tavern for you to find some relics. Jonathan will ask if you share his view on picking them up.

  • Alignment +1 = I share your view of it
  • Alignment -1 = I am not so certain…
    Pick them up if you want. We may as well head to Mikado anyways via the Terminal.

If you want to do the quests, head below to the Kasumigaseki Quest Cleanup. Otherwise, proceed down to Shinjuku, our next region.

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