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Shin Megami Tensei IV
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 05-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 10-07-2020 / 21:53 GMT

Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Bai Suzhen 23 Yes Drake Fire
Gaea Man 12 No Human N/A
Gu Huo Niao 16 Yes Flight Ice
Imperial Guard 31 No Horde N/A
Moh Shuvuu 17 Yes Raptor Gun, Fire
Senri 25 Yes Nymph Electric, Dark
Shan Xiao 14 Yes Wood N/A
Tuofei 29 Yes Flight Gun
Zhen 31 Yes Raptor N/A

When you speak with a Senri - the white leopard-like humanoid with a hat - you may get a Challenge Quest, "Sunset for a Demonnapper", which yields an Antidote Ring . It cannot be done immediately.

It is covered in the next section, Challenge Quest Cleanup, since we need to get beyond this smaller area to get to access the required areas.

Tokyo Overworld Map

From Shinjuku, head west, then north and you should notice a large poison swamp to the east--past here is the way to Ikebukuro.

To begin to unseal Ikebukuro, we must first find it. To first find it, we have to get there. To get there, you have got to stop reading such rambling, indirect sentences like this.

Anyways, from Shinjuku, backtrack west and north to the area of poison water pools. Cross the massive one heading east. At the end of it is a bit of a crossroads made literally with road - just to the east is the ferryman/Hunter. Enter the area nearby to find a tunnel leading to Ikebukuro. Take the tunnel there now.

On the other side, head northwest and along the road to reach a Bead . Head back southeast, then onto the bronze bridge curving around the set of buildings, next to the luminescent green one. Enter the area at the end of the path.

Ikebukuro: Sunshine Front

Upon your arrival, feel free to speak with nearby members of the Ring of Gaea before approaching the wall of flames to the northwest. However, you will end up finding it blocked. A woman comes by, noting that there is a Domain past there.

This woman thinks you are here to take the head of Xi Wangmu for riches; she tells you to bug off. She then lets loose with the idea that the Ring of Gaea is unable to open it without the Jirae Talisman. Well, nothing to do bu-- Oh, yes, we have one such Jirae Talisman. Go ahead and use it, then.

And so, the flames disperse, as does the Talisman. The woman introduces herself as Kaga (not to you), opting to go ahead with her group; if Xi Wangmu is slain, so, effectively, is the barrier around Ikebukuro. She again tells you to buzz off before leaving.

Head northwest and examine the driver side of the car to find a 2-Star Commodity and a 2-Star Document .

Examine the other side and you can get one of the pictures needed for the Challenge Quest "Ikebukuro Free District" that you may have gotten earlier. Head northeast and along the highway to reach the next area.

Ikebukuro: 60 Street Crosswalk

There's not much to do here. Go north to the car, picking up two individual Nerve Gases from the dead bodies on the way. Examine the driver side of said car to find a 2-Star Commodity . Turn around and head south along the western wall to soon find a useful Balm of Rising . Go back to the previous area now.

Ikebukuro: Sunshine Front

If you really want to, you can cross straight through the poisoned water. Just make sure you have a method to cure poison!

Head south along the left wall and you'll notice some gaps in the railing. Jump down, using the second of these gaps. Upon hitting the ground, head far to the north to find an Ag Incense . From there, follow the northern wall eastern to find some relics: three 1-Star Documents , then a 1-Star Leisure .

Now, to the south, you'll find a ton of toxic waste. You can carefully skirt around it by staying on the south side of the guardrails to the east and mostly sidling along them.

Then you can pass to the other side, where you can easily find a Light Grimoire in the eastern corner. Head along the southern wall until you find a demon's Domain in a room.

Xi Wangmus Domain

Within the Domain, you'll find that you can navigate with the map for once! There's not a lot here, mostly rooms with NPCs to speak with. At the forks, go east, north, east, east, west, and west to quickly find Kaga and some demons. She generously gives you one of the two demons to slay.

Boss: Qing Niguai

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
28 Holy N/A Dark Light

Offensively, this boss offers little beyond an Attack (~60 damage) and a Critical Wave (party-wide; ~80 damage most often). So basically turn on Auto-Battle for now.

It'll probably die in two turns or less that way, since you're probably doing over 100 damage per Attack, plus your Samurai ally's help, should be doing over 500, 600 damage. (Assuming you're using four demons, as you should.)

Mostly, just freeze him to death with Ice-based attacks - there is not nearly enough here to worry about that warrants anything other than an all-out tactic.

After the battle, Walter is in awe at Kaga's ability to handle the demon one-handed. (As if it were strong.) She asks your names, which you give, before leaving. After the battle, heal up if needed, then go forward. Save and enter the doorway.

Boss: Xi Wangmu

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
30 Lady Force Physical Light, Dark

At the start of the battle, nothing can be done to this boss - come on, you've played at least one RPG where this was the case. ... Okay, you can do something. You can basically do 1 HP of damage per hit. Don't bother. Instead, for now, just use Skills to boost your stats.

At the end of the first turn, though, members of the Ring of Gaea arrive, attacking Xi Wangmu directly ... before getting absolutely slaughtered and, like all slaughtered things, eaten.

But their sacrifice comes to be Xi Wangmu's undoing - even eaten, they manage to weaken her from within, allowing you to do a much more reasonable amount of damage to her.

Offensively, Xi Wangmu is rather competent. She can boost all of her stats with one of her moves. She also has Ziodyne, an Electric move of relatively little power. She can use the party-wide form of it, though: Maziodyne, which does about 80 damage to all.

Most impressive is Megaton Press, a party-wide Physical move with a high critical-hit rate. That'll probably kill underleveled (i.e. under Level 30 or so) demons in one hit if critical. Do what you can to use your elemental skills, though be sure to heal also when you fall under 150 HP.

Beating Xi Wangmu will mark the end of the quest and the gaining of a crapload of EXP. So, umm, back to exploration, is it?

Ikebukuro: Sunshine Front

Once outside, cross the poison heading west - or backtrack the long way around to the southwest corner. In the fenced-in alcove are two items, one a Chakra Pot , one a 2-Star Leisure . That'll be about it for here, though.

You can exit to the world map to the southeast to find a 2-Star Document and a 1-Star Commodity . Otherwise, exit to the southwest.

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