Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Abaddon 64 Yes Tyrant Electric
Ammut 65 Yes Beast Ice
Girimekhala 59 Yes Jaki Electric, Force, Light
Huoniao 64 Yes Raptor Ice, Gun
Loki 58 Yes Tyrant N/A
Master Therion 61 Yes Yoma Light
Peri 59 Yes Nymph Ice

Well, if the world is still around, we can expect many more hours of gameplay.

After Infernal Tokyo, you will meet The White in the white-filled intermittent world again. There, you are posed a question: will you turn all into nothing to become the true Messiah? If you chose the first answer, wrong section, for that is The Nothing Ending.

If you use the second choice, you are given another question: do you intend to preserve the status quo, or destroy the order?

  • Alignment +10 = I’ll preserve the status quo
  • Alignment -10 = I’ll destroy the order of things
  • Alignment ±0 = I don’t know (returns to the other question)

Monochrome Forest

Here in this gray forest, grab the nearby Chakra Pot and go east an area. There, go south and into the next area, where you can find a hole. Jump down into it and you’ll fight a White, this one being that of Abbot Hugo.

He tends to use spells Maragiodyne and Maziodyne, powerful party-wide spells of particular elements, but is easily dealt with otherwise. Blaze your best attacks at him and move on.

Head north and left at the fork and along the way southward and into the next area. There in Animal Trail D, head west to the clearing and snatch up the Light Grimoire . Use it for the wealth of EXP., then go south and along to the Dx Incense . Return to the entrance of the area and go south to the next area.

In Animal Trail C, you’ll find K the White below you after a jump. He primarily focuses on Physicals and Gun attacks, but is, like Hugo, of little merit. Hit him with your best and move on. Break the nearby wormwood for a Bead Chain , then go north and west to reach a hole in Animal Trail D.

Jump down to fight Isabeau, an excellent balance of the previous two Whites. That still means she is easily beaten by your best moves.

Continue south and through the wormwood walls, then southeast to find Animal Trail B. There, you’ll fight Issachar. Other than a higher amount of HP (around 8,750), he is little different.

Those are big words, but we don't intend to get a Game Over at this stage in the game!

You are asked during that fight two questions. If on the Neutral Ending, use the fourth and first response for both for the best benefit by decreasing the White Issachar’s stats. However, if on the Chaos Ending or Law Ending, use the second response for both instead.

Anyways, that’ll finish the quest, netting you 15,000 Macca and about ten times as much EXP.


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