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Shin Megami Tensei IV
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 05-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:58 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 28-05-2020 / 22:32 GMT

Shin Megami Tensei IV Guide

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The Conclusion

Finding Tennozu

Local Demon Bestiary

New to the Overworld

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Ammut 65 Yes Beast Ice
Babylonia Horde 31 No Horde N/A
Barbatos 76 Yes Fallen Fire
Botis 83 Yes Fallen Force
Cerberus 72 Yes Beast Ice
Deceased Horde 47 No Horde N/A
Fallen Horde 43 No Horde Gun
Gogmagog 56 Yes Jirae Fire, Force, Dark
Hekatoncheires 70 Yes Jaki Force
Loki 58 Yes Tyrant N/A
Oberon 64 Yes Fairy Electric
Pendragon 66 Yes Snake Fire
**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Shax 69 Yes Fallen Electric
Titania 70 Yes Fairy Gun
Yakuza Horde 50 No Horde N/A

On your way to Tennozu, you'll be passing by Tokyo Tower twice.

To find the region of Tennozu, head to Shibuya and to the far east, near the Eiffel Tower-like structure (Tokyo Tower). There, go southwest to the desert, then run along the fallen highway nearby. (There's a hidden Bead of Life far to the southwest, though.)

Go along the southeastbound path when given a choice. Head west on the other side to the Chakra Pot , then east and north. Past the poison, to the east, is a 4-Star Gadget .

In the west-central part of the toxicity, you can find a Domain. The boss is a Level 75 Ym. They are weak to Electric, and this one has about 3,000 HP. This will give you a Frozen Tuna , needed for another Challenge Quest.

To the south in Toyosu, you can find a terminal to the east. The boss there is pretty weak, though, so don't worry. Opposite there is a 3-Star Medicine , then a 5-Star Food and 4-Star Commodity to the south, then a 4-Star Comodity and 3-Star Medicine further south, a 4-Star Commodity to the west, and a 3-Star Medicine and 4-Star Commodity to the north.

Back in the overworld, you can then go northeast and southeast to Minami Sunamachi.

In the Shopping District, go far north and west along the wall to find a 3-Star Clothing , then head far west and far south to find a 4-Star Food in the car. Continue eastward to find a Bead .

You can examine the southwest corner of the north-central building for a 4-Star Commodity . The north side of the southwest building yields a 3-Star Food , and the north side of the south-central building yields a 4-Star Leisure and a 3-Star Leisure .

Now, backtrack along the highway and, at the fork past the bridge, go south west . Head to the far south and use the highway to go to Daiba. There, head to the southeast and grab the 3-Star Gadget . Then go back to the Tennozu city area. Head north, east, and south of there to find a Bead , then enter.

Um... okay... we just want to activate this terminal, good sir.

Tennozu is another shelter like Toyosu. Along the walls, you can find a number of relics - three 5-Star Commodities , a 4-Star Commodity , and a 5-Star Commodity . And, of course, a Terminal with a weak boss in the northwest corner is here, too.

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