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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

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Jarrod Garripoli

This page gives a detailed analysis of the Gordian boss found in Ursula Road.

The Gordian boss fought on Ursula Road

Enemies will be added to your Combat Notebook upon encountering and defeating them in battle. However, the info provided is pretty barebones, but more information will be added as you fight more. If you use a Battle Scope or Tio’s Analyze Craft, then you will unveil all of the information on that particular. When you have fully unlocked the info on a particular enemy, you will see a red checkmark next to their entry in the Combat Notebook. It’s generally easier to use the item or Craft, since there are plenty of enemies you only encounter once. You will need check marks for every single enemy in the game in order to unlock The Usual Suspects trophy/achievement.

A giant primate that dwells in the forest. Considerably fast for its size. You will face two of these as a boss battle on Ursula Road. They have the ability to summon Long-Eared Monkeys into battle, making things tougher on you. Their Double Press attack hits an area and can be quite devastating, especially if you’re playing on Hard or Nightmare. For more information on the battle itself, visit the Ursula Road page. They are highly susceptible to fire-based attacks.


Level HP Experience Items Dropped
13 2531 27 U-Material
202 127 0 82 34

Elemental Efficacy

EarthElemental.png Earth WaterElemental.png Water FireElemental.png Fire WindElemental.png Wind
100 100 190 100

Sepith Gained

TrailsEarthSepith.png Earth TrailsWaterSepith.png Water TrailsWindSepith.png Wind TrailsSpaceSepith.png Space TrailsMirageSepith.png Mirage
9 1 6 2 2


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