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List of All Detective Point Rewards

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will give an overview on Detective Points, as well as provide a list of all the rewards you can get in The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero.

(1 of 2) You will sometimes get bonus DP for choosing certain outcomes

You will sometimes get bonus DP for choosing certain outcomes (left), All DP will be rewarded to you whenever you turn in requests (right)

What are Detective Points?

Detective Points (DP) are basically one of the rewards you will receive for completing the various quests throughout your journey in the game. The majority of them will come from completing quests, but you will sometimes be presented with opportunities during said quests, to earn bonus Detective Points. All of these will be pointed out to you during the course of the walkthrough, with a running total of the maximum number of Detective Points being shown at the end of a chapter.

As you accrue enough Detective Points, you will gain a rank and receive a reward from doing so. These rewards will be given to you whenever you hand in a requests via the terminal at the SSS Building, or at the end of a chapter. Also, there is an achievement/trophy tied to Detective Points, which requires you to reach the highest rank of 1st Class Detective. This will require you to pretty much get the majority of Detective Points in the game, which is quite difficult to do on a blind playthrough.

List of Detective Points Rewards

The following table is a list of all rewards you receive for leveling up your Detective Rank.

Rank DP Required Reward Notes
14th Rank Detective 16 Bravery Badge STR +5, Prevents Seal
13th Rank Detective 41 Information Quartz See detailed information about enemies without analyzing
12th Rank Detective 56 Spirit Badge DEF +15, Prevents Faint
11th Rank Detective 70 Septium Vein Quartz Increases all types of Sepith dropped by enemies by 1-2
10th Rank Detective 89 Gladiator Headband Gain CP faster
9th Rank Detective 110 Strike Quartz Chance to critically strike +10%
8th Rank Detective 130 Justice Coin ACC +10%, Prevents Deathblow
7th Rank Detective 150 Ingenuity Quartz EP slowly recovers while walking on the field
6th Rank Detective 197 Gladiator Belt Gain CP every turn
5th Rank Detective 224 Grail Locket Prevents all ailments, except for KO
4th Rank Detective 269 Aquarius Gem Quartz Effectiveness of HP recovery Arts is multiplied by 1.5
3rd Rank Detective 294 Strega-P DEF +50, MOV +8
2nd Rank Detective 324 Power Suit DEF +120, STR +20
1st Rank Detective 376 Lunar Gem Quartz Absorb time, space, and mirage magic attacks
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