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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

Mine Monster Cleanup

Ben Chard

Walkthrough for the Mine Monster Cleanup request on Chapter 3 Day 2 in The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero. Details on how to claim every treasure and defeat every group of monsters.

Mine Monster Cleanup is a Request on Chapter 3 Day 2.

How to Start Mine Monster Cleanup

Mine Monster Cleanup is a request that you can begin by examining the computer in the SSS HQ at the start of Chapter 3 Day 2. Unlike the Exposing the Counterfeit Dealers Request, this one is entirely optional so it’s a good idea to focus on clearing it (and the other Requests) earlier in the day. Once you have the information in your detective notebook, you’ll need to head to Mainz Mountain Village. You can do this by heading outside the north gate of Crossbell and taking the bus.

Once there, head to the mayor’s house and speak with him to learn more about the request, accept it and he’ll hand over the Abandoned Mine Key. Leave the mayor’s house, head up to the top level of the village and enter the mine. From here, go northwest and you’ll find a locked gate, unlock it to get the Request underway.

(1 of 3) Speak with the mayor in Mainz Village to get the key

How to Complete Mine Monster Cleanup

Your objective here is to take out every group of monsters that are inhabiting this mine. Once you defeat the last group, you’ll be given the option to instantly travel back to the mayor’s house so be sure to claim all the treasures first before you defeat the last group.

Enemy Lv Elemental Effectiveness Drops
Grave Bat 23 Earth_Elemental.png 175 Water_Elemental.png 150 Fire_Elemental.png 150 Wind_Elemental.png 100 Beast Flesh, Battle Scope
Deathcargot 23 Earth_Elemental.png 100 Water_Elemental.png 100 Fire_Elemental.png 150 Wind_Elemental.png 180 Chitinous Shell, Scorching Wine
Cave Anemone 23 Earth_Elemental.png 100 Water_Elemental.png 80 Fire_Elemental.png 180 Wind_Elemental.png 100 Earthworm, Sedative
Winged Ant 23 Earth_Elemental.png 145 Water_Elemental.png 100 Fire_Elemental.png 125 Wind_Elemental.png 100 Red Flies, Antidote
Items Notes
Space, Time, Mirage Sepith (100)
Defense 3 DEF+9%/STR-3%
Earth, Water, Fire, Wind Sepith (100)
Reviving Balm Restores 500 HP, Cures K.O.
Curia Balm Cures Ailments
Battle Boots DEF+30 MOV+2 EVA+5%
EP Charge Restores 100 EP
Gladiator Headband Gain CP faster

As you can see, there are many chests to open here, and you’ll want to ensure you have all the treasures before you defeat the last monster group so you can take advantage of the instant travel back to the mayor’s house.

From the entrance, head north to defeat the Winged Ant, then take the path up and head inside the first opening on your left. Go right as soon as you enter and you’ll find the first chest containing Space, Time, Mirage Sepith (100). Continue around to the northeast to defeat a Deathcargot followed by another Winged Ant and into the next screen.

Continue following the path southeast and deal with the Cave Anemone, be wary of these monsters as they can inflict Confusion on you with their regular attacks. Keep heading southwest and defeat another Deathcargot and at the end of the path you’ll find a Grave Bat guarding a chest containing a Defense 3 Quartz.

(1 of 3) The first chest contains a hoard of Sepith

Return the way you came and exit back to the first area, then follow the path east and defeat a Cave Anemone. Continue following this path, ignore the entrance to the north and dispatch another Grave Bat guarding a chest containing Earth, Water, Fire, Wind Sepith (100). Return to the entrance you just passed by and go through it now to the next screen.

Follow this path, defeating the Winged Ant and Cave Anemone, then go west at the intersection to find another entrance. Go through it and follow the path to the northwest to find a chest containing a Reviving Balm, then go northeast to find another with a Curia Balm. Go north from here and then east into the next screen, this will take you to a platform with a Monster Chest. Defeat the Winged Ants using Randy and Tio’s S-Breaks to obtain some Battle Boots and then retrace your steps until you had the first intersection (where you went west to reach the area without any monsters).

(1 of 5) You’ll find both a Reviving Balm

Continue north now, defeat the Deathcargot and Grave Bat, Winged Ant, and a Cave Anemone before taking the stairs down to the next screen. Go right here to defeat a Winged Ant and find a chest containing an EP Charge, and then go the other direction to fight the first two groups of Winged Ants. Once you get to the bottom, avoid the final group of Winged Ants, and open the chest first to obtain a Gladiator Headband.

This is the final chest, so take out the final group of Winged Ants and you’ll be given the option to instantly travel back to the mayor’s house and deliver your report. As thanks, you’ll obtain Sepith along with the usual Request rewards.

(1 of 3) The final area contains an EP Charge at the top

Request Rewards

Items Mira DP
All Sepith (200) 3000 4
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