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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

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Orbal Staff Enhancement

Ben Chard

Walkthrough for the Orbal Staff Enhancement request on Chapter 4 Day 3 in The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero. Details on where to find the T-Material needed to learn Absolute Zero.

Orbal Staff Enhancement is a request on Chapter 4 Day 3.

How to Start Orbal Staff Enhancement

Orbal Staff Enhancement is a request that you can begin by examining the computer in the SSS HQ at the start of Chapter 4 Day 3, the final day of the Chapter. Unlike the Blue Pill Investigation Request, this one is entirely optional so it’s a good idea to focus on clearing it (and the other Requests) earlier in the day as once you pass through the door at the end of the Revache & Co. dungeon, you will be locked out of requests.

Unlike the other Monster Extermination requests, you won’t actually be able to complete this one until you’re at least halfway through the dungeon, Revache & Co. as the item needed is found in that dungeon. Still, you can get the ball rolling before heading in, simply go to the Downtown District and enter Guillaume Factory to speak to Chief Roberts inside, who will mention the need for the material.

How to Complete Orbal Staff Enhancement

This request is the reason why you’ll want to wait until you’ve done all but pass through the final door in the Revache & Co. dungeon before working on preparing for the point of no return.

Once you enter the dungeon, head through the western warehouse and once you reach the 3F, go to the south side of the floor and ignore the stairs, following the path to reach a door that leads outside. You’ll now be able to get those two chests that have been teasing you in the back alley, and one of them contains the elusive T-Material you’ve been hunting. T-Materials do have a secondary use beyond this request, they’re used for ultimate equipment, and they’re limited in how many you can obtain in a playthrough.

(1 of 2) You will find the T-Material on the west wing of the Revache & Co. dungeon

You will find the T-Material on the west wing of the Revache & Co. dungeon (left), your reward is the excellent Absolute Zero Craft for Tio. (right)

Still, if this is your first playthrough, this request should take precedence as the Absolute Zero Craft is a fantastic one (along with the DP of course) that makes Tio even stronger, especially if you load her up with Gladiator accessories as for the cost of 50 CP, she’ll hit a large area and guarantee Freeze any enemies in it unless they’re resistant to it.

Once you have the T-Material in hand, return to the Guillaume Factory and hand it over. Watch the scenes that follow and Tio will have her new Craft unlocked, completing the Request in the process.

Request Rewards

Items Mira DP
Absolute Zero Craft 3000 4
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