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We Long for Mishy

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for the Support Request, We Long for Mishy in Day 2 of Chapter 1 of The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero.

How to Start We Long for Mishy

(1 of 2) Go through this doorway to reach the rooms at the Long Lao Tavern and Inn

Go through this doorway to reach the rooms at the Long Lao Tavern and Inn (left), The first room is where you'll find Lars and this request (right)

Unlike the other requests for this section of the game, We Long for Mishy is a hidden one, meaning you need to speak with a specific NPC in Crossbell in order to begin it. Before setting off for the Mainz Mountain Path, head to East Street and enter the Long Lao Tavern & Inn, which is the building in the bottom right of the area. Once inside, look for the other doorway to your north that leads to the inn’s rooms. Enter the first room to find a father and his kid, so speak to the father, Lars, to begin the request.

How to Complete We Long for Mishy

Lars was looking to purchase a Mishy plushie for his son, but by the time he went to get it, all of the places were sold out. While discussing the plushie, Randy mentions seeing it being offered as a prize at the casino. Of course, this prompts the party being suckered into getting one for Lars’ son.

If you don’t remember where the casino is located, it’s in the Entertainment District. Speak with the clerk behind the Exchange desk to learn they do have the Mishy plushie, and it’s their cheapest prize. Take a look at the list and you should see the Mishy Plush Toy costs a total of 200 Medals. If you did any gambling earlier to get the armors, then you might already have the necessary Medals for this. Since the plush only costs 200 Medals, that means it’s entirely possible to just use Mira to get enough.

(1 of 2) The Mishy Plush Toy will cost you 200 tokens at the casino

The Mishy Plush Toy will cost you 200 tokens at the casino (left), Poker is your best bet for winning at the casino (right)

If you manage to have 1,000 Mira to spare, you can just purchase the tokens from the counter, instead of trying to gamble. If not, then Poker is your best bet at winning big here at the casino. Should you wish to try the other games, check out the Barca Casino page for more details. Once you have the required Medals, purchase the Mishy Plus Toy and bring it back to Lars at the Long Lao Tavern & Inn to complete the quest.

Request Rewards

Items Mira DP
620 5


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