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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

Important Item Retrieval

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for the Support Request, Important Item Retrieval in Day 3 of Chapter 3 of The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero.

You’ll be tasked with finding an important item

How to Start Important Item Retrieval

You will be able to get to this support request during Day 1 of Chapter 3 in your playthrough. As usual, head to the SSS building and check the terminal to see the list of new requests at the start of the day.

How to Complete Important Item Retrieval

This is another request that won’t have you do any fighting, as you will simply be running around and looking for things. To get started, take the exit on West Street and use the bus stop to travel to Bellguard Gate. When you walk through the main gate, you will witness a scene with some tarp-covered vehicle. With that out of the way, it’s time to find the person who sent the request. Go through the door straight across from the covered vehicle, then go up the stairs to the next floor. Head down the hallway and enter the door with the red rug in front of it. Speak to Warrant Officer Mireille inside to learn about the request.

Speak with Mireille here to find out about the missing item

It appears some crucial item has been lost at Bellguard Gate, so Mireille put in a request for you to help look for it. In fact, the lost item are the keys to the vehicle you just saw outside. The absent-minded commander of the GCF seems to have lost the keys, so you’ll need to retrace his steps in order to find it. Once you regain control after the explanation from the Warrant Officer, head back down to the vehicle and inspect it for a scene, although you won’t find anything here. The next stop on the Commander’s tour was the mess hall, so that’s where you’ll be going next.

Of the two doors to your north, the western one will bring you straight to the mess hall, where you’ll want to speak with Stella behind the counter. This will spark another cutscene, where you won’t find the keys, but will learn about the Commander’s next move, which was the roof of the building. Find those stairs from earlier and climb them all the way to the top, then take the exit to the roof. Look at the following spots, in order:

  • Just west of door, at the square encasing the round drawing
  • In between the two guards on the western side
  • Southwest corner of roof area just south of doorway
  • In corner just opposite of previous one
  • Northeast corner of the roof (this is the final spot)

(1 of 5) The first spot to search on the roof

As you inspect the final spot, you will find the key and a cutscene will take place, leading to the end of the request.

Request Rewards

Items Mira DP
1500 3
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