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Where to find the Goldflier and Calamiflier in Ursula Road

Ben Chard

This is a guide detailing how to find the Goldflier and Calamiflier in the Ursula Road area during Chapter 1 to help complete your Combat Notebook in The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero.

(1 of 2) Goldflier is a rare spawn in a battle with Butterfliers

Goldflier is a rare spawn in a battle with Butterfliers (left), Calamiflier is a rare version of the Goldflier. (right)

Goldflier and Calamiflier Location

One of the optional tasks in Trails from Zero is completing the Combat Notebook, of which you’ll get several rewards throughout the game at certain milestones from the CPD. Many of the enemies that you can encounter are one-time encounters (such as bosses) and you’ll want to make sure that you scan every single one for a Trophy/Achievement.

Even more troublesome, is that some enemies won’t show as enemies on the field areas, instead, there’s a chance they may be encountered when triggering battles with other enemies. The Goldflier and Calamiflier are such enemies.

As you travel through Ursula Road, you may notice an enemy, Butterflier, an enemy which looks like, well, a Butterfly. As with other rare enemies, when you fight these monsters, there’s a rare chance that a Goldflier may spawn alongside it. This is purely RNG, so you may need to fight several before you finally encounter one, just make sure you’re ready with a Battle Scope or Analyze when you finally do encounter one.

(1 of 3) Head west from the exit to Ursula Medical College to find an easy-to-reach Butterflier

To take things a step further, there’s a rare version of the Goldflier that can also spawn in a battle, the Calamiflier which is a red Butterfly. This is the most time-consuming monster to find as you’re hoping for a rare version of a rare monster. Be sure to target the rare enemies whenever they spawn, as they have far deadlier status ailments they can inflict on the party such as Confusion!

Thankfully, there is a place you can go to which makes it easier to fight these enemies. If you head to the end of Ursula Road, the final screen will take you to St. Ursula Medical College and you can use this to refresh the enemies as the second monster you’ll encounter to the west of the zone (ignoring the northern path) exit is a Butterfly. This is also an effective way to spawn the Shining Pom in Ursula Road too, so you can kill three birds with one stone!


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