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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

Chapter 1 Day 1 - Crossbell

Nathan Garvin

This page covers the new sights and services in Crossbell at the start of Chapter 1, during the main quest “Monster Damage Investigation” in The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero.

CGF’s Deputy Commander Baelz will ask you to investigate some rampaging monsters, kicking off the quest “Monster Damage Investigation”.

Chapter 1 starts out, of course, with numerous scenes, some of which set the tone for this Chapter’s main questline. After being dragged to the office of the every ornery Vice Commissioner Pierre you’ll be met by Lieutenant Colonel Sonya Baelz, deputy commander of the Crossbell Guardian Force. So far most of your requests have been - and will continue to be - more along the lines of rescuing cats from trees and helping old ladies cross the street, but the urgent requests are more serious fare; in this case, you’ll need to help the military investigate some monster attacks in the region.

After accepting the request and subsequently pursuing the details at SSS HQ it’ll be decided that you should be in tip-top form before you leave the city, and this involves checking out any new requests that may have come in. Unstated, however, is the new opportunities for growth that the city itself provides. It’s a new day, a new chapter, and hence there are new sights to see and services to make use of.

Before we get to that, however, checkout the lists below for information on the new requests you can pick up (they’ll be covered on their own pages - just follow the links!) and all the new items you can find by wandering around Crossbow, including a handful of missable items that completionists will want to ensure they pick up.

Key Information


Quest Availability DP
Overdue Book Retrieval Start of Chapter 1 3
Hunting for Ingredients Start of Chapter 1 3
Assistance With New Service Start of Chapter 1 3

(1 of 3) Buy a copy of “Crossbell Times - Issue 2” while it’s still in stock,


Item Location
Crossbell Times - Issue 2 (Book) Central Square: Times Department Store. Buy from Southwark (shopkeeper to the far left).
Fish Filet x3 Central Square: SSQ HQ (Roof). Give Coppe some Cat Food (have Tio fail at making a Crispy Fry).
Fresh Fruit Juice (Recipe) Administrative District. Talk to the juice vendor, whose stall is between The City Library and Crossbell City Hall.
Juicy Steak (Recipe)
Lemonade East Street: Crossbell City - House. Talk to Parla in the house near the eastern exit.

The three missables at this point in the game are the Crossbell Times - Issue 2 which can be purchased from Southwark in the Times Department Store (same place you got the first issue), the Fresh Fruit Juice recipe, which you can get from talking to a juice vendor (Chroma) in the Administrative District and the Juicy Steak recipe, which you’ll get for pestering auntie Leyte in her downstairs apartment (she lives in the easternmost apartment on the bottom floor of the Bellheim Apartments in West Street). Be sure to pick these up before you leave the city!

(1 of 3) Buy some “Tender Whitefish”,

Less noteworthy loot can also be found, including some Lemonade (the nice old lady from the train at the beginning of the game will give you some if you talk to her in her house in East Street) and 3x Fish Filets courtesy of Coppe the cat. Just like during the prologue, this feline requires a bit of quid pro cat; have Tio attempt and fail at cooking a Crispy Fry (if you need the ingredients, you can buy them from the Times Department Store) and when she successfully mangles the recipe into Cat Food, head to the roof of the SSS HQ to find Coppe. You’ll get these filets of dubious freshness in exchange for the Cat Food.

With that done it’s time to explore Crossbell!

(1 of 3) Gironde Armory sells new weapons - worthy upgrades you should seriously consider buying.

Exploring Crossbell City, Part 2

Now onto the meat of this section. A few new shops and services are now open to you, and while many of them stock wares you can’t afford or provide services you can’t yet take full advantage of, they’re still worth pointing out for future reference. In addition, some old shops now have new wares that are within your price range (upgrading your weapons will make your life easier going forward) and a certain den of debauchery will allow you to obtain significant upgrades to your armor on the cheap… provided you’re willing to invest some time at winning some games of chance. All the new stuff worth checking out can be found below:

Gironde Armory (Central Square): Gironde Armory now sells new, more powerful weapons, including the Sledgehammer, Stinger 3, Laplacian and Crescent Axe. Purchasing these will help you out for your first trip out of the city, and comes recommended. They cost between 850 - 1,000 Mira each (3,700 Mira). It’s a good idea to complete the request Assistance with New Service, as selling Sepith to the IBC is one of the best ways to earn Mira at this point in the game.

Genten Orbal Store (Central Square): You can synthesize new Quartz at the Genten Orbal Store, something you’ve probably not done before, nor do you need to start just yet. Whatever Quartz you can find as you explore should be sufficient, and Sepith at this point in the game are arguably best used to unlock new slots or to sell for Mira.

Neinvalli Exchange (Downtown District): You can exchange items for rarer wares here. None of the items offered for exchange are really worth trading for at this time.

Guillaume Factory (Downtown District): You can “customize” weapons here… which functionally means upgrading them, or rather, transforming them into different, higher-tier weapons. The weapons on offer are significantly more powerful than anything you can buy at this time, and one of their required bases are the new weapons sold at Gironde Armor (Sledgehammer, Stinger 3, Laplacian and Crescent Axe). Unfortunately the other required material, U-Material, isn’t currently available in sufficient quantities, so all you can really do is stare longingly at these weapons…

IBC: You’ll need to complete the Assistance with New Service request to unlock the IBC’s services, but once you do you’ll find another vendor you do business with. Their wares aren’t all that interesting at the moment, but they will buy Sepith from you for around 21 Mira each. Even the weakest monsters in the Geofront should drop 10~ Sepith each, which can be traded for 200~ Mira. It’s the best way to make money at this point in the game. You probably shouldn’t go too crazy burning Sepith at this point in the game, as you’ll need them for other things, but grinding out some Sepith to exchange so you can buy new weapons or fund some gambling… well, that’s not a bad idea.

Barca Casino (Entertainment District): Speaking of gambling, the Barca Casino has opened up in the Entertainment District. You can exchange Mira for Medals and then expand Medals in various games of chance, idealling increasing your stockpile of Medals which you can then exchange for various items. You can get some excellent armor upgrades here, and spending an hour or so gambling is time well spent. This process will be covered on the Chapter 1 Day 1 - Barca Casino page.

(1 of 2) Show Rebecca your Combat Notebook,

Show Rebecca your Combat Notebook, (left), and you’ll earn rewards based on how many bestiary entries you’ve unlocked. (right)

CPD (Administrative District): While the building isn’t new, there is a new feature you can find within. Talk to Receptionist Rebecca at the CPD Information desk and she’ll tell you about the department’s interest in monsters local to Crossbell. Essentially they want your bestiary information, and will reward you for sharing it with them. Just pick the “Combat Notebook” option when talking to Rebecca and you’ll give them the info they want, and if you happen to have gained information on enough monsters you’ll get a reward. Finishing the prologue should be enough to earn you 500 Mira and some U-Material. Just remember to stop by every so often to keep this updated, as you can earn some very useful materials if you fill out the bestiary.

Combat Notebook Entries Reward
6 500 Mira, U-Material
21 500 Mira, U-Material
51 500 Mira, U-Material
71 500 Mira, U-Material
101 500 Mira, U-Material
121 500 Mira, U-Material
141 500 Mira, U-Material
161 500 Mira, U-Material
181 500 Mira, U-Material, Divine Cloth
238 10,500 Mira, U-Material, Divine Cloth

In any event, that should be all the important things to see and do in the city at this time. Explore, collect items (especially missable ones!), gamble for better gear, complete requests, and when you’re ready, exit the city via the East Crossbell Highway in East Street and start the Monster Damage Investigation.

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