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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

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Chapter 2 Day 2 - Crossbell

Nathan Garvin

This page covers the new sights and services in Crossbell during Chapter 2, Day 2 in The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero.

After a day that ended with a lot of running about and some character bonding, the start of day 2 is back to normal… for now. This page will focus on Crossbell, where you’ll take care of the usual city business - picking up new books and recipes, starting new requests, triggering optional scenes by going to various places and talking to NPCs, etc. The requests will, as usual, be covered on their own pages, but some of them will take you out of Crossbell City, which will make this section of the guide much less clean in practice than it’s presented here.

There are several new requests at the start of day 2 in chapter 2.

Key Information


Quest Availability DP
Fishing for Ingredients! Chapter 2, Day 2 3 (+5)
Testaments Training Chapter 2, Day 2 4 (+5
Rare Herb Retrieval Chapter 2, Day 2 3
East Crossbell Highway Monster Extermination Chapter 2, Day 2 4

Just check the computer in SSS HQ to pick up these requests. You should finish them all before you really get started with the main questline “Threat Letter Investigation (Part 2)”, so just stay away from the IBC building until then.

(1 of 3) Talk to Helmer to obtain Back Alley Doctor Glenn - Ch. 4,


Item Location
Back Alley Doctor Glenn - Ch. 4 Residential District: MacDowell Estate. Talk to the Helmer on the second floor.
Sweet Cake (Recipe) Residential District: MacDowell Estate. Head upstairs, go through the door to the west and search the bookshelf.
Back Alley Doctor Glenn - Ch. 5 Bellguard Gate. Talk to Guardsman Brood on the second floor.

Most of the new missables you can find at this time are in the MacDowell Estate in the Residential District. Now that the cat is out of the bag as far as Elie goes, you can visit her home and plunder it for treasure. Head upstairs and talk to the butler, Helmer and he’ll outright give you the Back Alley Doctor Glenn - Ch. 4 (you may need to talk to him twice). Once that’s yours, go through the door to the west and search the bookshelf to find the Sweet Cake recipe.

Once you have those, head to West Street and exit out to the West Crossbell Highway. Use the bus stop sign to travel to Bellguard Gate (or just go on foot if you want to pick some fights along the way). Once you reach Bellguard Gate, enter the facility and go through the first door to the north, then head upstairs (also to the north). Once the screen transitions you’ll be on the second floor; enter the room to the south and talk to Guardsman Brood, who will give you the Back Alley Doctor Glenn - Ch. 5 book.

With that, you’re done with everything aside from the main questline in Crossbell City at this time. Be sure to complete all the requests available at this time (see above), and if you want to go grind monsters or put that new Feather Tackle Fishing Rod to the test at various fishing spots you’ve discovered, now’s a good time (although you’ll be able to do some of this fishing during the request Fishing for Ingredients!). When you’ve done all that, continue on with the Threat Letter Investigation (Part 2).

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