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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

Abandoned Apartment Monster Cleanup

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for the Support Request, Abandoned Apartment Monster Cleanup in Day 2 of Chapter 1 of The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero.

Looks like you’re just going to clear the apartment of monsters

How to Start Abandoned Apartment Monster Cleanup

As with the majority of the requests in The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, you will be able to get this from the terminal in the SSS building, as soon as Day 2 starts in Chapter 1 and you have full control.

Once you have the details for the request from the SSS terminal, head to the Back Alley and one of the two buildings you can enter will be Imelda’s Antique Shop. Go inside and speak to Imelda behind the counter to learn about your request.

How to Complete Abandoned Apartment Monster Cleanup

Imelda owns an apartment complex in the Downtown District, called Maison Imelda, and she wants you to get rid of all the monsters that took residence inside. Before heading there, make sure you have both Lloyd and Randy have the best equipment you can get right now, as they will need it. You will also want a good supply of Tear Balms, or if you have the Sepith, getting Tear on either one or both characters. If you can also do Earth Sepith, that could be good for the Crest Art.

(1 of 2) Imelda’s place is found in the Back Alley section of the city

Imelda’s place is found in the Back Alley section of the city (left), Maison Imelda is located right next to the Saber Viper’s base (right)

Whenever you’re ready, head to the Downtown District and make your way towards the Saber Viper base. Along the way, not too far from it, you should see some stairs that lead to the front door of the Maison Imelda apartments. This will be a bit of a mini-dungeon, complete with treasures and some new enemies to scan, so be prepared for that.

Exploring Maison Imelda

Enemy Lv Elemental Effectiveness Drops
Geralm Rat 14 Earth_Elemental.png 175 Water_Elemental.png 125 Fire_Elemental.png 150 Wind_Elemental.png 175 Beast Flesh, Battle Scope
Mosquito 14 Earth_Elemental.png 150 Water_Elemental.png 100 Fire_Elemental.png 125 Wind_Elemental.png 100 Savory Pinion, Eye Drop
Dart Gnaw 14 Earth_Elemental.png 155 Water_Elemental.png 120 Fire_Elemental.png 200 Wind_Elemental.png 120 Marbled Steak, Relaxant
Items Notes
Time/Space/Mirage Sepith x40
Earth/Water/Fire/Wind Sepith x40
Long Barrel Elie-only accessory
Sprinters In deeper area
Fiber Coat In deeper area (Monster Chest)

Once you have gained control, you can start exploring the place. In the very first room, there will be two doors. Enter the first door to the east to find a room with a chest, which contains Time/Space/Mirage Sepith x40. You should see a little critter on the other side of the furniture, but you can’t reach it from this side. Return to the starting room and go through the other door this time, where you will encounter your first enemy here. Defeat it, then pass through the room and through the other doorway to find that one enemy you saw earlier. Take it out, then double back to the starting room once more.

(1 of 2) You will need to fight every monster you see in the abandoned apartments

You will need to fight every monster you see in the abandoned apartments (left), Pretty much every battle will have Mosquitos (right)

Head down the stairs now to find another enemy in the hallway, ignoring the first doorway you see down here, as it just leads to a dead end. A little past the enemy in the hallway is a door on the opposite wall, leading to a room with another enemy and a chest (Earth/Water/Fire/Wind Sepith x40). Back in the hallway, there will be one final room at the end, which doesn’t have anything in it, but there is a hole in the wall at the back. Go through it to find one final room, where one final enemy and chest (Long Barrel accessory) can be found. As you exit the room and go back into the hallway, there will be a short scene, then yo can return to the main entrance for another scene.

A certain muscle-bound fighter will appear and you find out that all of the monsters haven’t been taken out just yet. Wald goes off to take out the monsters, with the party following him, although Tio and Elie will stay behind to watch the entrance. That means it’ll just be Lloyd and Randy here for the rest of the quest, which is why it was mentioned that you want to stack them up with some healing Arts/items. Ideally, you should also try to avoid spending their CP, if you can, since you will want it at 200 for the upcoming boss.

When you have control again, head back downstairs to find another enemy in the hallway, so take it out (you are exterminating all of the monsters). There’s nothing in the side rooms, so just continue to the end of the hall to find a newly opened passage. In this new area, ignore the stairs for now and go to the right side. Pass through the doorway to find a small room with two enemies inside it. The door opposite this room will have one more enemy. Back in the main hallway, defeat the enemy by the stairs, then look underneath it for a chest, which contains a pair of Sprinters.

(1 of 4) You will be forced to use only Lloyd and Randy at some point

Climb the stairs, where you’ll witness a short scene, but don’t go through the door up here yet. Look in the corner up here to find one more chest, although this one is a monster chest. You’ll be fighting four Geralm Rats, so swiftly take them out and you will be rewarded with a Fiber Coat. Heal up and when ready, step through the doors at the top to get thrusted into a boss fight.

Boss: Superior Mosquito

Enemy Lv Elemental Effectiveness Drops
Superior Mosquito 15 Earth_Elemental.png 150 Water_Elemental.png 100 Fire_Elemental.png 125 Wind_Elemental.png 100 Poison Quartz

This can definitely be a challenging battle, since you only have two characters, and you also have to make sure that Wald doesn’t get KO’ed (results in a game over). The Superior Mosquito is the boss and comes with five regular Mosquitos, which you’ve fought plenty of during the course of this little dungeon. They are pretty weak, but they can siphon HP with their normal attack. Either way, most of them will go straight after Wald at the beginning of the battle, who starts with half health, by the way. Thankfully, he’s far from a pushover, so he is actually a help here, despite your inability to control him directly. He only does normal attacks, though, so you won’t see anything else from him.

Hopefully, you tried to save up your CP while coming here, since having your S-Crafts here can be extremely useful in dealing big damage to the boss. Although, it might be a little better for Randy to use Power Smash to continually keep the boss from doing attacks. Thankfully, the Superior Mosquito doesn’t siphon health when it uses its normal attack, but it does deal a good amount of damage. Outside of this, it can also use Call Allies to summon more regular Mosquitos. By far, the worst move is Red Mist, as it does about the same damage as the normal attack, but it’s AoE and has a chance to also inflict Poison.

(1 of 4) The Superior Mosquito will summon more Mosquitos during the battle

So, Randy should likely just keep using Power Smash on the boss, while Lloyd can do whatever. You might want to keep his CP for Encourage, since a higher attack power means more damage to everything; just make sure it hits both of your characters, as well as Wald. On Hard difficulty, the Superior Mosquito has a whopping 5,371 HP, so this will be quite a long fight. Also, don’t forget to scan the boss.

After defeating the boss, you will view some scenes and automatically exit the place, completing the request.

Request Rewards

Items Mira DP
2500 4
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