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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

Sunday School Guest Lecturer

Ben Chard

Walkthrough for the Sunday School Guest Lecturer hidden request in the Intermission of The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero. Details on where to find Crossbell Cathedral and how to answer every question correctly for maximum DP.

Sunday School Guest Lecturer is a hidden request in the Intermission.

How to Start Sunday School Guest Lecturer

Sunday School Guest Lecturer is one of three hidden requests during the Intermission. As the SSS Computer is down during the entirety of the Intermission, you’ll have to seek out potential clients manually and speak with them in order to get the hidden requests, and some are tougher to find than others.

For this particular request, you’ll need to wait until you’ve advanced the story until after you’ve been to the Cathedral to have KeA examined. Once you’ve done that, return to Crossbell and you’ll trigger a scene with Anri and Ryu, mentioning that they’re off to Sunday School. Before you go any further, return to the Cathedral, into the main building and then the first room on the right. Be sure to save your game and then speak with Sister Marble to begin this request.

(1 of 2) Return to Sister Marble after the scene with Anri and Ryu

Return to Sister Marble after the scene with Anri and Ryu (left), then speak with her to begin the hidden request. (right)

How to Complete Sunday School Guest Lecturer

If you’ve played any of the other games in the The Legend of Heroes Trails games, you may have come across similar quests to this before. You’ll be asked a series of questions, for which you’ll need to choose the right answer for all of them if you wish to get max DP out of the request. This is the reason for saving your game beforehand so that you’re covered if you make a mistake.

The questions are all on knowledge you should already know but if you wish to know the answers, look no further than below:

No. Question Answer
1 Which of the following is crucial to any nation, but doesn’t exist in Crossbell? (3rd choice) Military
2 Which division of the CPD is in charge of major cases and international matters? (1st choice) First Investigative Division
3 What is the Detective Notebook’s most important use for CPD detectives? (1st choice) To record the progress of investigations
4 What is the current generation of orbments? (1st choice) Fifth generation
5 What is the basic principle behind the CPD’s work? (2nd choice) Maintaining public order and compliance with state law
6 What is required to become a CPD police officer? (2nd choice) Graduate from the police academy
7 What was the turning point in the war hounds case? (2nd choice) The white wolves’ assistance
8 Specifically, where were Ryu and Anri lost? (1st choice) Geofront A Sector
9 What is a big difference between the CPD and the Bracer Guild? (2nd choice) Power to interfere with the government
10 Why did Lloyd join the CPD? Any answer

You’ll need to answer all of the questions correctly for max DP.

Following the lecture, Sister Marble will speak with Lloyd outside again and hand over the Holy Locket as a reward, bringing this request to a close.

Request Rewards

Items Mira DP
Holy Locket 2000 8
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