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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

Chapter 3 Day 1 - Crossbell

Jarrod Garripoli

This page covers the new sights and services in Crossbell at the start of Chapter 3 Day 1 in The Legends of Heroes: Trails from Zero.

Chapter 3 will be focused on the anniversary celebration

After that long Day 2 of Chapter 2, you will thankfully have a fairly short day here at the beginning of Chapter 3, as it’s pretty much mostly requests. Note that there will be four new Support Requests available from the computer at the SSS Building, but if you wish to fully finish the request, then you will need to wait until Day 3 of this chapter to complete it.

Key Information


Quest Availability DP
Illegal Parking Crackdown Chapter 3, Day 1 3 (+4)
Important Item Retrieval Chapter 3, Day 1 3
Geofront B1 Sector Monster Extermination Chapter 3, Day 1 4
The Many Famous Views of Crossbell Chapter 3, Day 1 3 (+3)

Apart from the one request in the box above, you should do all of the other requests before you begin the urgent one for this Day.

(1 of 2) You can purchase a new Crossbell Times from the Department Store

You can purchase a new Crossbell Times from the Department Store (left), Speak to this NPC to get the Light Popcorn recipe (right)


Item Location
Crossbell Times 4 Purchase for 100 Mira at Times Department Store (Central Square) or Tallys’ General Store (West Street)
Light Popcorn Speak with Arona at the popcorn stand in Central Square

There’s only two new missables here, both of which can be gotten in the Central Square. Go into the Times Department Store and to the counter on the western side, to purchase Crossbell Times 4 for a measly 100 Mira. For the other missable item, head to the popcorn stand in Central Square and speak the NPC there, who will hand over the Light Popcorn recipe. That’s it for the missable items, but since this is the start of a new chapter, there’s always checking the other services to see what new stuff is available for your characters.

As one would think, there’s new equipment available at Gironde Armory in Central Square, so outfit your characters with the new weapons, armor, and footwear. If you need more Mira, you can always go to the IBC and exchange your Sepith. If you got lucky in Stargazer’s Tower and acquired a bunch of U-Materials from the enemies, then you should go to Guillame Factory in the Downtown District to upgrade those new weapons to more powerful versions. Genten will also have a few new Quartz to synthesize, although they are all ailment ones, and you can only have a single one equipped to each character’s Orbment.

(1 of 3) Upgrade your armor at the equipment

In addition to the above, you can show the Battle Notebook to Rebecca at the CSPD, and the Fishing Notebook to the Fisherman’s Guild over on East Street. Of course, that’s assuming you’ve done all the fishing you can do right now, which would put you at 17 total fish caught. Lastly, before moving on to the Support Requests for this day, head to the roof of the SSS Building and feed Coppe there. If you have been fishing, the Salmon can net you an Ingenuity Quartz, or the Rainbow Trout can get you a Strike Quartz.

So, with all of that out of the way, do the three requests you can do, before setting off and doing the urgent request, Missing Associate Professor.

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