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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

What Are Orbments?

Jarrod Garripoli

This page is a guide on what Orbments are and how they work in The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero. It will also detail how Slots on the Orbment work.

What Are Orbments?

Orbments are personal devices that can produce an array of effects via installed septium crystal circuits known as Quartz. Basically, you place the Quartz you find/craft into Slots on the Orbment, which will then give you access to Orbal Arts. In order to use the Orbal Arts in battle, you will need Energy Points, or EP. The amount of Energy Points you have for a character is directly related to the number of Slots that have been opened/upgraded on their Orbment. You will be able to open more Slots for your character at the Orbal Store, Genten, in the Central Square of Crossbell City.

(1 of 2) The entrance to Genten, the Orbal Store

The entrance to Genten, the Orbal Store (left), Opening and upgrading the slots will increase your maximum EP (right)

How Do Slots Work?

This is where things get a little tricky on Orbments, as you can’t just toss whatever Quartz you want on an Orbment and expect the subsequent Art to be unlocked. Each of your characters’ Orbments have Lines on them, which will dictate the actual connections for your Quartz. To take an example, Tio’s Orbment has a single Line that runs throughout the whole thing, so you can literally just toss whatever you want on hers. However, Randy’s Orbment is a bit more complicated, as he has three different Lines, so getting more complicated Arts with him is definitely more difficult.

To elaborate a bit more, the Quartz you put on your characters each have an elemental value attached to them. As a quick example, the HP 1 Quartz has an elemental value of one water, so whenever you equip that to a character, the Line it’s on will have that elemental value attached to it. It also means that character will have the Tear Art unlocked. If you add the Defense 2 Quartz to the same Line (Earth x3 elemental value), then that character will have the Earth Pulse Art. However, if you have Defense 2 on another Line than the HP 1, then you won’t get that second Art.

How to Obtain Quartz

As one would expect, you can gain Quartz from a number of sources in the game. The most common one is to synthesize them at the Orbal Store, Genten, with more variety being offered as you progress the main story. Of course, you will also find a bunch of Quartz in the wild, usually in treasure chests. You can also feed Coppe on the roof of the SSS Building fish to obtain Quartz, with each fish corresponding to a specific Quartz.

(1 of 2) Paying attention to the Lines will become important when finding the Arts you want

Paying attention to the Lines will become important when finding the Arts you want (left), Both Elie and Tio become great at Arts due to their focused Lines (right)

How to Upgrade Orbments

When you begin the game and get your Orbments, you only have a single Slot for each character. In order to unlock more, you will need to visit the Orbal Store, Genten, in the Central Square of Crossbell City. Speak to Wendy, the NPC behind the desk on the right, to see an option to Synthesize/Upgrade. Choose the Slot option in that menu and you will be able to upgrade your characters’ Orbment Slots. Instead of using something like Mira, the game’s currency, you need Sepith to actually upgrade them. You will accrue Sepith by mostly defeating enemies, although you will sometimes find them in chests.

The cost for the first Slot in any Line will be the cheapest, but as you unlock more in a specific Line, it will gradually get more expensive. Starting in Chapter 2, you will have the option to upgrade those Slots, with them costing even more Sepith. As with unlocking the Slots themselves, the cost will increase the further along in a Line it is, so someone like Tio will cost a lot more than someone like Randy. Note that both unlocking and upgrading Slots will increase that character’s Energy Points.

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