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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

A Present for Father

Ben Chard

Walkthrough for the A Present for Father hidden request on Chapter 4 Day 1 of The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero. Details on how to begin the request in St. Ursula Medical College by speaking to Cecile.

A Present for Father is a hidden request on Chapter 4 Day 1.

How to Start A Sincere Favor

A Present for Father is a hidden request that you can begin at St. Ursula Medical College during Chapter 4 Day 1, the first day of the Chapter. Unlike the Ruins Investigation Request, this one is entirely optional so it’s a good idea to focus on clearing it (and the other Requests) earlier in the day as you’ll have Noel Seeker’s tank to get around Crossbell state easier.

To begin the request, use Noel’s tank to head to St. Ursula Medical College and head into the main building. Take the stairs up to the third floor and then go into Room 304 to find Cecile and Shizuku. Speak with Cecile twice (if you haven’t already spoken to her in this chapter) and she’ll mention that Shizuku is looking to make a gift for her father and Cecile suggests that she enlists the aid of the SSS to track down the parts she’ll need.

Speak to Cecile twice in room 304 of St. Ursula Medical College to begin the request.

How to Complete A Present for Father

Thankfully, you don’t need to leave St. Ursula Medical College to locate all of the items. Everyone can be found in and around the area so follow these steps to gather all of the items:

  • Head to room 301 and speak with Michael to obtain the Gift Box.

  • Go down to 2F and head into the room behind reception to find Nurse Meifa who will hand over the Ribbon.

  • Go down to the ground floor and head to the Medical Office (eastern door), then take the southern door here to find Chief Ursuline who will hand over the Pendant.

  • Head outside and head towards the fishing spot to find Dr. Gailey sitting on a bench, speak to him to learn about some unwanted supplies.

  • Finally, head into the Inn, go through the door (ignore the stairs) and follow the path to find yourself outside. Examine the white crates here to obtain the Knitted Leather String.

(1 of 5) Speak with Michael in room 301

With everything in your possession, return to Room 304 to hand them all over to Shizuku and she’ll hand over Shizuku’s Brooch as thanks for helping her create a present for her father. This accessory will boost your MOV, SPD and increase the drop rate of enemies by 20%!

Request Rewards

Items Mira DP
2000 3
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