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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

Chapter 2 Day 1 - Threat Letter Investigation

Ben Chard

Walkthrough for the Threat Letter Investigation main quest in Chapter 2 of The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, including how to choose the correct choices for bonus DP.

Threat Letter Investigation is the final main request of Chapter 2 Day 1.

Returning to Crossbell

As you return to Crossbell following the completion of Old Road Property Monster Extermination urgent Request, you’ll be contacted on your Enigmas by Fran, who mentions that there’s a new case that has just become available and for you to return to the SSS HQ. This is the final main request for the day so be sure that you’ve done all of the other requests before continuing. Thankfully, you won’t need to leave Crossbell or the final part of this day, just a lot of investigating around the districts.

Once you’re ready, return to the SSS HQ and you’ll trigger a series of scenes where you’re formally introduced to Rixia Mao (a character fans of Cold Steel may recognize). Rixia will inform the group that the star performer of Arc en Ciel, Ilya, has received a rather serious threat letter, and she requests the SSS’s assistance in trying to learn more about it.

Once you regain control, take this opportunity to (hopefully) turn in all of the completed Requests from Day 1, it should give you enough DP for the next reward, a Strike Quartz which will increase the user’s Critical Strike chance by 10%, perfect for Lloyd or Randy. Once you’re ready to continue, make your way over to the Entertainment District.

(1 of 4) Report your Request completion at the computer to obtain the Strike Quartz

Head towards the large building to the north to trigger a scene, then head inside and through the double doors at the top for even more where you’ll learn more about the letter that was sent to Ilya. Once you regain control, leave Arc en Ciel for yet another scene as Lloyd discusses wanting to finally pay a visit to Revache.

Take the southeast exit out of the Entertainment District and into the Back Alley, then head through another alley to the north to reach the Revache building, where more scenes will take place and the group will be introduced to one of the bosses of Revache, Garcia Rossi. Follow him into Revache for another lengthy discussion after which you’ll be presented with a choice. Choose the second option, “The sender’s name”, to score an extra 2 DP.

Grimwood Law Office and Heiyue

The next step of the investigation requires the SSS to seek out advice from Grimwood at the Grimwood Law Office, but before you set off on that task, you can head around the various districts and speak to people to try and learn more (such as from Wazy and Wald in the Downtown District), this isn’t required, but will flesh things out a bit.

When you’re ready to continue, make for West Street and go into the Grimwood Law Office to trigger more scenes. Following your conversation, you learn of Heiyue’s possible involvement, so being the daring types, the next stop on your investigation is to pay Heiyue a visit in the Harbor District. Head towards the pier and you’ll see a red building that rather stands out, knock on the door and head up the stairs for more scenes.

After a run with the First Division after you leave the building, it appears that there are no other leads to follow. As the group decides that there’s nothing more for it than to let the First Division take over the case, return to the Entertainment District to trigger a scene outside Arc en Ciel as you’re introduced to Elie’s Grandfather and the Mayor of Crossbell.

(1 of 4) Speak with Mr Grimwood in West Street to learn about Heiyue

Return to Arc en Ciel for more scenes as you deliver the news to Ilya and Rixia. The group resigned to their powerlessness to continue investigating decide to return to the SSS HQ. Make your way back there to trigger even more scenes and you’ll eventually gain control of Lloyd in his room. Head around the SSS and check in on everyone, then go to Elie’s room to discover she’s not there. Go out on to the roof and Elie and Lloyd will have a heart-to-heart where you’ll learn the Star Blast 2 Combo Craft. This requires both Elie and Lloyd to have 100 CP in battle to use and will raise their affinity with each other.

Following this emotional conversation, Lloyd and Elie will call it a night, as the first day of Chapter 2 comes to an end.

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