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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

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Urgent Request from City Hall

Ben Chard

Walkthrough for the Urgent Request from City Hall request on Chapter 3 Day 4 in The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero. Details on how to decipher all of the clues from Phantom Thief B and find the statue.

Urgent Request from City Hall is a Request on Chapter 3 Day 4.

How to Start Urgent Request from City Hall

Urgent Request from City Hall is a request that you can begin by examining the computer in the SSS HQ at the start of Chapter 3 Day 4, the final day of the Chapter. Unlike the Schwarze Auction Investigation Request, this one is entirely optional so it’s a good idea to focus on clearing it (and the other Requests) earlier in the day as once you get on the boat to Mishelam, you won’t be able to return.

Once you have the information in your detective notebook, you’ll need to head to the Administrative District and go into City Hall. Make your way up the stairs and you’ll find Chief Clipp over at the couch, panicking. After speaking with him, you’ll learn that a famous statue has gone missing, and with it, a card was left by the elusive Phantom Thief B (fans of both the Sky and Cold Steel arc will be familiar with this thief).

Head to City Hall and go upstairs to find the client for this Request.

How to Complete Urgent Request from City Hall

If you’ve played through the Trails in the Sky or Trails of Cold Steel arcs, you’ll be familiar with how these kinds of Requests work. If you’re new to the series, you’ll have to follow a series of clues from Phantom Thief B as each new card leads you closer to the location of what he has stolen. These can be fun to work out on your own, but if you want the solution, you’ll find it below:

  • Station Street: Go to the Geofront’s A Sector and head through the path until you reach the stairs taking you to a ladder. Climb this and then search the inside of the bell for the card.

  • East Street: Go to the Fisherman’s Guild and head upstairs to find a large fish tank. Examine it to have Kopan fish the next card out.

  • Downtown District: This is a trickier one, but if you work out the letters of the alphabet based on the numbers, you’ll learn that it spells Ignis. Head there and examine the speaker at the back to get the next card.

  • Crossbell Airport: You may not have been here yet, since the game hasn’t required you to go here yet. To reach the Airport, go out the south gate and then go east. Once inside, speak to the worker near the luggage belt and you’ll find the next card.

  • Harbor District: Head on over to the Harbor District next and go into the Crossbell News Service building. Once inside, head towards the stairs but instead of going up them, go through the nearby door. Search the golden plaques on the east side of the room to obtain the final card.

  • Residential District: Go to Elie’s house, which you’ll find by heading down the slope and entering the last house on the left. Once inside, go upstairs and into the room on the right to find the statue at last.

(1 of 6) Head through the Geofront A Sector and go up the ladder to reach the underside of the bell for the first card

After the scenes, you’ll automatically find yourself back at City Hall and Chief Clipp will hand over a Sagittarius Gem as an extra reward. Once he leaves, Chief Clipp will return and thank you for returning the statue, it seems that the previous Chief Clipp was actually Phantom Thief B himself!

Request Rewards

Items Mira DP
Sagittarius Gem 2000 3
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