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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

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All DP Events in the Finale

Ben Chard

Detective Points (DP) are a measure of your performance as a detective and are earned throughout Trails from Zero. This page details all the DP available to you in the Finale.

What is DP?

DP is the abbreviation for Detective Points, a value given to you for tasks you perform while doing your duty as the SSS. If you’ve played the Trails in the Sky or Trails of Cold Steel arcs, you will remember this as BP (Sky) and AP (Cold Steel) and it works the exact same way here.

The most common way of earning DP is via the completion of Quests, be it in main or side. More importantly, however, you can earn DP based on the choices you choose when asked questions along with performing optional objectives in boss battles such as defeating the boss in a certain number of turns. As you may expect, this means DP is missable and you don’t have much room to miss many if you want to get the top rank (and the Trophy/Achievements that come with it). Fortunately, this page will list every event that rewards DP during the Finale, along with links to find out more.

All Finale DP

Main Story Events

Event Choice/Condition DP
Drug Incident Investigation Head into the second room on 3F 1
Drug Incident Investigation Go in the northern room in the Medical Office 1
Drug Incident Investigation Head into room 201 on 2F 1
Drug Incident Investigation Head into room 202 on 2F 1
Drug Incident Investigation Go into room 302, then room 301 on 3F 1
Drug Incident Investigation Go into the room to the right of room 303 on 3F and speak to Gable 1
Drug Incident Investigation Complete the main request 5
The Attack on Crossbell The sound of the machine guns (1st) 1
The Attack on Crossbell Win all six battles back-to-back 6
The Attack on Crossbell Complete the main request 10

Side Quest Events

Quest Availability DP
Creative Cooks Wanted! Chapter 4 Day 1 (can only get max DP for the request during the Finale) 9

Chapter Total DP

Below you can find out how much DP you can earn for this Chapter in total, along with the running total throughout the game and if any rewards become available during the chapter.

Chapter Game Total Rewards
37 380 Lunar Gem (376)
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