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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

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Jarrod Garripoli

Chara World in Disgaea 5 is a bit different than it has been in previous entries. Instead of having to go through maps similar to normal ones and the Item World, the entire thing is a board game, with your character you want to use being the only one who can enter. You won’t unlock Chara World until you reach Episode 6 of the main story and it can be fairly complicated when you first attempt it. Once you pick your character, you then have to pick a difficulty, which affects the size of the board and the strength of the enemies you find inside.

Demon difficulty is the only one unlocked by default, with all others requiring you to complete Quests. Demon Lord’s quest is available as soon as you unlock Chara World, while the other two require you to be in the postgame (Super Overlord, the final difficulty, is unlocked after finishing the Possessed By Heart area). It will cost you 100 Mana to enter the first time, which increases by tenfold for each subsequent attempt, up to a maximum of 100,000 Mana. Reincarnating that character will reset the Mana required back to 100.

The difficulties affect the size of the board (left), as well as the stat gains from the various Event Panels (right).

As already mentioned, Chara World is similar to a board game, where you will move the character around by throwing a dice (the Move command). The main objective of Chara World is to make it to the goal, but you only have so many turns in which to do it. Of course, there are obstacles in the way, in the form of random events when you land on the panels themselves, as well as enemies. With two exceptions, the enemies do not move and can only be attacked (or attack you) from adjacent panels. When you do battle with an enemy, a reel will spin, similar to what happens whenever you select the Move command. The higher the number you spin, the more damage you do and less damage you take. If you die to an enemy, then you will return to your hub and lose any progress made on that particular Chara World run.

Defeating enemies will give you stat bonuses that will be applied to your character upon successfully finishing Chara World. On Demon, these are usually single digits and on Super Overlord, they can be as high as 14-1500. You can also increase your equipment aptitudes by landing on the blue spaces with a sword and shield. As you go on the harder difficulties, you will run into special NPCs, with Dark Hearts (exact clones of yourself) beginning to appear on Demon Lord and Miss Evil being exclusive to Super Overlord. The former increases all stats by 1,000 and all aptitudes by 1% whenever they are defeated, while Miss Evil drops a Dowsing Rod upon being defeated (use it to get 2% for all aptitudes).

Chara World Bonus Room

Upon successfully reaching the goal on any Chara World run within the turn limit, you will appear in the bonus room. The rewards are listed below and will always remain the same, although there are limits imposed on you on the different difficulties. If you do not want any rewards, there is a NPC at the top of the room that you can talk to return to the hub.

Reward Notes
Move Increases by 1 each time (2 maximum)
Jump Increases by 5 each time
Throw Increases throwing range by 1 each time (also throw height)
Counter Increases by 1 each time (2 maximum)
Critical Increases by 5 each time (30 maximum)
Transfer Evility Creates a scroll from known Common Evilities that character knows
Equipment Aptitude Increases equipment aptitude (2/3/4/5% for Demon/Demon Lord/Overlord/Super Overlord)
Weapon Mastery Enhances a weapon mastery of your choosing by one letter grade (S is max)
Skill Secret Scroll Creates a scroll from known skills/spells (restrictions apply)
Learn Evility Learn a new Common Evility from a list of five randomly chosen ones
Evility Slot (Level Fish) Increases your Common Evility Slots by 1 (5 maximum)
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There are three major areas in the Disgaea universe, Celestia, which is home to the angels, the Human World, and the Netherworlds. The Netherworlds are split up into a bunch of different ones, each governed by an Overlord, who has their own set of rules. Those very same Netherworlds are now in danger of being destroyed or taken over by an evil army known as The Lost, who is being led Void Dark. However, a ray of hope appears in the form of Killia, who seems to have a deep grudge against Void Dark. Can he really go through the rumored 10 billion Lost soldiers and exact his revenge against Void?

Let us guide you on the epic journey from Level 1 to Level 9999, as you shoot, punch and fry enemies with various skills in our Disgaea 5 comprehensive guide!

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