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Netherworld Services

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the more slightly confusing aspects of the game is the variety of services and NPCs that will become available at your base as you play through the game. Each NPC in your Netherworld offers a different service and this page will give some minor details on each one, as well as when they unlock.

Dimensional Prinny

Unlocked by default, the Dimensional Prinny allows you to go to battles that you have unlocked. At first, there won’t be many, but as you continue to play the game, more will unlock. Those that haven’t been played will be marked with a “New” marker.


Unlocked by default, the Hospital is where you go to tend to your wounds after a battle. Of course, it wouldn’t be a demon hospital if you didn’t have to pay, with there being various amounts being required for HP, SP and to revive fallen units. However, the Hospital is a good thing, as when you reach certain thresholds of the above stats, you will be able to get a reward. These rewards will always be Legendary.

The Hospital is a good place to get some nice equipment, since all of the rewards are Legendary.

Data and Memories

These two NPCs will allow you view data about various things in the game, such as the items you have collected, skills you have seen in battle, Events that have happened during the story and much, much more. The Data NPC also lets you view important information related to various stats via the Netherworld Records option.

Weapon/Item Shops

These should be self-explanatory, with equipment being sold in one shop and items in the other. Not explained, though, is Product Rank and Customer Rank. The former (maxes at 16) determines that items for sale from the shops, which will automatically increase you get further in the story; you can also pass a bill in the Dark Assembly once per episode to increase the Product Rank. Customer Rank (maxes at 12) increases as you buy and sell items from the shops and while it goes up, the buy and sell prices for items will go down and up, respectively.


This NPC unlocks during Episode 1 and allows you to create new characters. You can only create characters for the classes you have unlocked via the Quest Shop, as well as for the tiers that are unlocked for those classes. Unlike previous games, you now pay HL to create characters and can level them up to a certain range (related to your highest level character). At level 9999, the highest you can create is level 7999.

Quest Shop

Also unlocked during Episode 1, the Quest Shop will give you quests that you can do during battles or for doing other things. These can range from killing certain enemies or gathering a specific item. The big draw to the Quest Shop comes in the form of unlocking new classes, as it’s the only way to unlock new classes. All of the quests that are colored will stay there, but the others will recycle as you do battles.

Innocent Shop

Upon entering Episode 2, you will unlock the Innocent Shop, which allows you to move around Innocents on the items. You can also combine similar Innocents that have been subdued in the Item World here. Once you reach Episode 9, you will unlock another function called the Innocent Farm. This will allow Innocents to grow to double their initial values, plus you can also have Innocents breed in the farm.

Skill Shop

Unlocked during Episode 2, the Skill Shop allows you to strengthen your skills by using Mana. You will want to be careful, though, as the SP cost of the skill will increase as you level it up, to a point where you might not even be able to use it. The Skill Shop also lets you learn Evilities, as well as sell any unwanted ones for Mana.

Squad Shop

Unlocked in Episode 3, the Squad Shop allows you to place characters in groups where they will receive benefits from being in them. There are a bunch of squads to unlock beyond the initial ones available, which will require you to do a bunch of different things. They will certainly become very important for various functions and allow your characters to become that much more powerful in the end.

The biggest Quests to do will unlock new character classes (left). Be careful of upgrading a skill's power too much, as the SP cost will be extremely high (right).

Dark Assembly

The Dark Assembly, unlocked in Episode 3, is sort of like a demon Senate, where you can propose bills that are voted on. These bills affect the game in a variety of ways, such as unlocking more maps or letting you change the colors of your characters. Upon the vote being passed, with each bill having a certain percentage to pass or not, you can bribe the senators. Should the bill you’re trying to pass fail, you can try again, try to force the bill to pass by killing the senators, or pay a lot of money.

Interrogation Room

A new function in Disgaea 5 is the ability to capture prisoners during battle, with by using the Capture Squad or by them surrendering after battle. They are automatically sent to the Interrogation Room, unlocked in Episode 3, where you can do a variety of things with them. One of the first things you can do is use them to level up Squads, with the prisoner’s level equaling the amount of experience you get for the squad.

By placing character(s) in the Interrogation Squad, you can actually interrogate the prisoners. There are a few ways to interrogate, each of which will decrease the amount of SP taken from the prisoners. After five tries of trying to deplete the SP bar, you will need to complete a battle before you can try again. With a drained SP bar, the amount of EXP you get for squads is tripled, plus you can create Extracts from them or even recruit them into your party.

Item World

Unlocked near the end of Episode 3, you will be required to actually go through it before you can continue the main story. Inside of every item is a separate universe that when you go through it, you will be able to power up that item. Unlike previous games, you are required to kill all of the enemies on any given floor in order to increase its level.

The Item World NPC also has a few other functions. Item Assembly allows you to pass bills, similar to the Dark Assembly, but in regards to stat growth on the items. However, these bills require Item Points, which is what the Point Exchange option is for. The higher the rank (hidden value) and rarity, the more Item Points you will get. The final option allows you to get rewards for the number of floors you’ve gone through in the Item World.

The Special option is a great choice when interrogating prisoners (left). The Item World (right) offers a lot of replay value, because of its randomly generated dungeons.

Cheat Shop

In order to unlock the Cheat Shop, you need to pass a bill in the Dark Assembly. This service is one of the better ones in the game, as it allows you to adjust the amount of EXP, Mana, Money, Weapon Mastery and Special Skill EXP you can receive. By pressing L1/R1, you can switch pages to access more options. On the second page, you will see stars, which is the enemy strength modifier. The more stars there are, the stronger the enemies will be, up to a max of 20*.

Map Editor

Another service that is unlocked via the Dark Assembly, the Map Editor is one that lets you create your own maps and even play other user-created maps. When creating your own, you can choose to start from scratch or even use one of the maps you’ve cleared in the story to customize. Challenge Maps are those created by others to provide an extra difficulty over normal maps; you do not earn anything on these. Money Maps, however, are unlocked by clearing the Carnage equivalent of Martial Training 5 and can be used to earn EXP, Mana and anything else you can with a character.

Nether Research Squad

Unlocked at the beginning of Episode 4, the goal of this service is to send characters to travel to and research other Netherworlds. As you complete battles and these characters explore, they will find treasures, capture prisoners and even discover more Netherworlds. This is a great feature to use to get new equipment or even fill out the item list from the Data NPC.

Curry Shop

Unlocked at the beginning of Episode 5, the Curry Shop lets you consume premade curry or make your own, which will give you some buffs. Note that you need a character in the Curry Connoisseur squad in order to use it. When making your own (the very top option), you can put whatever items you want into it, with there being up to three main ingredients (with a maxed Curry squad) and an extra slot that you can use to throw in a bunch of stuff.

Chara World

As one of the more important features, Chara World is unlocked at the beginning of Episode 6 and allows you to strengthen your characters. Unlike previous games, Chara World is a board game in Disgaea 5 and only allows a single character to go through at a time. Once you pick a character, you need to pick a difficulty, which affects the size of the board and the strength of the enemies inside. Demon is the only one unlocked at first, but the others will be unlocked via Quests, which appear as you go through the game. At first, the required Mana cost is set at 100, but will increase by a multiple of 10 for each subsequent visit, up to a maximum of 100,000. Reincarnating your character will reset the Mana cost back to 100.

Netherworld Edit Shop

Similar to the Map Editor, the Netherworld Edit Shop allows you to customize your own base. Not only can you create your own, but you can use story maps as a base, as well as move around the various NPCs at your base.

Chara World is played out like a board game in this iteration (left). One benefit from the Netherworld Edit Shop is having all of the NPCs in one spot (right).

Alchemy Shop

The Alchemy Shop unlocks after beating the main story and allows you to make items from a predetermined list. This list will grow as you level the Alchemy Squad. Note that you need to put a character in the Alchemy Squad in order to use this function. As you complete battles, the NPC will make the items and give them to you whenever you return to the Netherworld. You can increase production by putting more characters in the squad.

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