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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Episode 12

Jarrod Garripoli

Nothing too major unlocks at the start of this episode, except for one Quest that when completed will unlock the Celestial Host class.

You can find the free chests at the following locations:

  • In between the Skills NPC and Item Shop
  • Next to the Quest Shop
  • On a table in the big open area by the Chest Shop

Some of the maps in this area will have the Bombing Run Netherworld Effect active, which will randomly damage some of your characters for a small amount. Remember that whenever you get the Bonus Gauge to 1, you can summon your own Netherworld (it doesn’t matter if it has an effect equipped or not) to get rid of it by choosing the Summon option on the menu that appears when you press Triangle.

Burnt Out Spirit

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 60 Hydra (x2) Leafy Fan, Scale Mail, Mascot Costume Twin Heads
Lv. 60 Spandule (x5) Medal of Misery, Scale Mail Bullying
Lv. 60 Orc Master (x4) Leafy Fan, Scale Mail Group Strategy
Geo Symbols Geo Effect
Green Jumping Power +50%
Null No Entry

There are No Entry panels near your base that block you off from going the one direction to just concentrate on the Orcs. This will make you go the only path there is, which will make the Hydras come down and start attacking. These enemies have the Twin Heads Evility, which allows them to attack twice in one turn if they don’t move beforehand. This makes them potentially dangerous and should be your first priority.

The Orcs are nothing special, but the Imps are sitting high above the battlefield and will likely stick up there, pelting you with spells. The little ledge where the Hydras start is 35 height above you and with the Jumping Power +50% panels below it, you’ll need a Jump of around 24 to get up there. Of course, with a Jump of around 33, you can get to the ledge with the Hydras without needing the panels.

Ghost Guardrail

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 62 Hitman Flame Thrower, Scale Mail Assist
Lv. 61 Zmeu (x3) Leafy Fan, Scale Mail, Mascot Costume Twin Heads
Lv. 61 Orc Master (x4) Leafy Fan, Scale Mail Group Strategy
Lv. 61 Spandule (x3) Medal of Misery, Scale Mail Bullying

Normally, you’d have to go through the path and destroy the Lost Army Boxes in order to get to the enemies, but with a Wrestler or Logan, you can start tossing characters over to where the enemies are located to bypass all of that. That same annoying Netherworld Effect is present, so keep an eye on your characters’ health as you fight and if it gets too crazy, summon your own Netherworld to get rid of it. As with the previous battle, the Twin Dragons are worrisome because of their Evility, so when you get to them, try to quickly take them out before they can do any big damage. Taking it slow is probably not a possibility here, as there are a lot of enemies in a confined space, so go all out from the beginning.

You can go over the Lost Army Boxes (left), as that’s the normal way to the enemies. However, you can also throw characters over the gap (right).

Scar of the Warriors

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 62 Rune Knight (x2) Stardust Rod, Blutgang, Duralumin Shield, Opera Glasses Elemental Force, Elemental Rise
Lv. 62 Shooter (x2) Undine Bow, Scale Mail, Opera Glasses Support Attack, Hit Mastery, Bow Range
Lv. 62 Succubus (x2) Medal of Misery, Scale Mail Sexy Aura
Lv. 62 Cath Palug (x2) Salamander Breath, Duralumin Shield Final Blow
Lv. 60 Cath Palug (x2) Leafy Fan, Scale Mail Final Blow
Lv. 60 Tailring (x3) Leafy Fan, Scale Mail Final Blow
Lv. 58 Emerald Knight (x4) Overlord’s Sword, Duralumin Shield Hero’s Shield

The Nekomata have an Evility that allows them to attack again if their target’s HP is under 10%, which shouldn’t happen, so you don’t need to worry about that. The Rune Knights will have more power than usual, since they have the Evility that increases their resistances, which in turn increases their spell power. The Archers aren’t too bad, since their extra Evilities only increase their range by one panel, and increase their HIT aptitude by 10%. The one thing you need to keep an eye out for with the Archers are their one unique skill, Strange Shot, which can inflict any of the ailments on you.

As with the previous encounters with any Armor Knights, they will defend and take the hits for the other enemies until you kill them. Note that when this happens, their positions will be switched, with the initial target going to where the Armor Knight was located. You also want to be careful with the Succubi, as they can charm your characters, causing them to attack your own characters. This can be very bad if it’s one of your stronger characters, so it might be a good idea to get the Evility to nulls Charm. The battle will take longer than usual because of the Emerald Knights, so just take your time and do not rush.

Brave Resistance

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 63 Lost Squad Member Salamander Breath, Duralumin Shield, Chain Mail Immortal Body, Turbo Boost
Lv. 62 Rune Knight (x2) Blutgang, Duralumin Shield Elemental Force, Elemental Rise
Lv. 60 Emerald Knight (x4) Snake Spear, Duralumin Shield Hero’s Shield, Synch Guard
Lv. 60 Zmeu (x4) Salamander Breath, Duralumin Shield Twin Heads
Lv. 60 Spandule (x4) Nightmare Medal, Duralumin Shield Bullying

There’s no Netherworld Effect for this battle, making it much more manageable, despite there being a lot of enemies. Luckily, the annoying Emerald Knights are probably the first enemy you’ll fight, since they are the closest to the Base Panel, but they have an extra Evility this time. Synch Guard makes it so that adjacent allies will take 10% less damage if the Knights are defending, but you should at least be able to take out two of them on your first turn.

On the enemy’s first turn, two of the Zmeus will Magichange with the Rune Knights, making them more dangerous, since they now have the Twin Heads Evility (combined with their usual Evility combo). The BOSS is a Horseman and has the Immortal Body Evility, making him take 50% less physical damage, so someone with elemental spells is good on him.

Concentrate on the Armor Knights to avoid their defense spam (left). The Twin Dragons will Magichange with the Magic Knights (right), making them a bit more deadly.

Pride of a Rebel

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 65 Amphisbaena Salamander Breath, Duralumin Shield Twin Heads, Hypered
Lv. 65 Zmeu (x2) Salamander Breath, Duralumin Shield Twin Heads
Lv. 65 Spandule (x2) Nightmare Medal, Duralumin Shield Bullying
Lv. 65 Orc Master (x8) Salamander Breath, Duralumin Shield Group Strategy

Welcome to the free level, where the enemies on the stage likely won’t get a chance to even move at all if you keep moving and attacking. In fact, the only chance that enemies should be able to act at all is by ending your turn with Killia. Have fun while you can and enjoy slaughtering the enemies.

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Among the Flowers

Condition - Clear Ep. 12: Unbridled Killia.

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