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Jarrod Garripoli

Before diving into the Carnage Dimension maps and quest line, it’s a good time to start beefing up your characters to very high proportions. This step will enable your characters to get up to 40 million stats by doing a few steps. For these steps, you can use whoever you want, but one character you will definitely want to create is a Sage. The reason for this solely lies in their one ability called Land Decimator, which has a 50% chance to deal damage to all of the enemies on the map.

You will also want to create four support characters, with Christo being one of them. This is because his one Evility makes it so whoever he standing adjacent to will have 100% accuracy on their attacks (Land Decimator is still capped at 50%). Other good characters to have are a Professor, because their Unique lets their support skills have double the normal effect, and another Sage for Multi-Attacker, giving your characters an extra attack. The last character you will want is a Maid, who has a skill (Afternoon Tea) that gives a character another full turn.

You will want the following Evilities on the above characters. Max out the Celestial Host class to get access to Angel Song. The other Unique Evility you will need for them is Evil Eye, which is gotten from the Chimera monster class. You will also want to get Softening Aura from the Slumber Cat class, which should be easy, as it only requires rank 2. Since you’ll be bringing these characters to Item World later on, get them to have Explorer from the Pirate class.

Angel Song is a necessity for all of your support characters (left). Your Professor's Magic Boost should be maxed out at the Skill Shop (right).

There’s a few things to do in order to set everything up for this whole ordeal. The first thing you will want to do is max out the Alchemy and Elite Four squads. Before going about and nabbing prisoners, you can make things easier on yourself by doing the quests at the Quest Shop that involve getting prisoners. The reward for the one quest is the Megaphone fun weapon, which gives a greater chance of enemies surrendering if killed with the character who has it equipped (can equip the weapon in the Subweapon slot).

You might as well do the quests that involve finding Netherworlds via the Nether Research NPC, since you will need the Raised Flag weapon later. With the Megaphone equipped, go to a map with a lot of enemies, like The Phantom Copies or even something as simple as Martial Training 4. The only thing that matters in regards to prisoners are their levels, so the higher you can kill them, the more beneficial they will be when leveling up your Squads. Make sure you interrogate them fully via the Interrogation Room to triple the experience you get from them.

Mastering Classes

The next step in powering up your characters involves mastering their classes. To start off, put someone in the maxed out Alchemy Squad (or fill it with useless characters) and have the Alchemy Shop create a Carnage version of the Eclair. Once this is done, if you’re using a character that doesn’t have access to Geo Blast, then go through Chara World (Demon difficulty is enough) to create a skill scroll. To begin mastering classes, go into the Carnage Eclair at 20 stars and simply destroy Geo Symbols. You can slightly “cheat” a bit and have your Alchemy Shop spitting out Gency Exits and keep using them to exit the Item World after you master a class.

It should only take a minimum of one Geo Symbol to max a majority of the classes, but some of them will require two. Of course, this is with an Evility that increases Class EXP . Basically, every time you master a class, you leave the Item World via a Gency Exit, switch to another class and keep doing it until you’ve completely mastered all classes. Once you’re finished with this, reincarnate the character, stick them in the maxed out Elite Four Squad and equip them with the Raised Flag you got earlier. If you don’t have one or are leveling up a monster character, purchase all of the 10% stat growth rate Evilities (HP one isn’t needed) and equip them instead.

If done right, then you should have close to 10 million base stats for the character(s) leveled in the Elite Four Squad, or very close to it. It will happen if you have the three DLC classes also mastered, but you might fall short a little bit if not. You can do this for as many characters as you want, but taking the tip listed above and the following step, a maximum of five characters would be beneficial.

It's a good idea to have a boost to Class Proficiency before you start mass mastering classes.

Farming Shards/Extracts

The second half of your base stats will come from Shards and Extracts, the former of which you’ve probably seen, as you randomly get them whenever you kill an enemy in Revenge Mode. Extracts, on the other hand, are gotten from prisoners. You need to interrogate them until they have no more SP, then choose the Extract option. The better thing about Extracts is that they boost all stats, instead of just a single one with the Shards.

There are three good maps for prisoners, the first of which is the Sandcano Challenge Map. The good thing about this stage is that all of the enemies here only have a single HP. They are level 120 with no stars and level 640 at the maximum of 20 stars. If you have Metallia (DLC), then her Overload is great here. Otherwise, use a Sage equipped with the Megaphone, using either Land Decimator or the Overload skill, Comet Disaster.

Carnage Phantom Copies

The second good map for Shards/Extracts is the Carnage version of The Phantom Copies. This stage will require a little bit of setting up, especially if you have a freshly maxed-classes character. For your Sage, you want to equip the Twin Heads (Twin Dragon) and Greedy Disposition (Nether Noble) Unique Evilities, as well as the Heavy Stance (Dark Knight), Violence (Void Dark), Purgatory (Dark Knight) and any other damage-increasing Evilities (like Desperation, which is a Felynn one). The Sage’s Land Decimator should be as leveled as possible (Skill Shop leveling) without being unable to cast it from the high SP cost.

To start off this map, you want to bring your four support characters out and surround the Base Panel, then bring out your Sage and use Land Decimator. As long as you don’t move her before acting, you should cast Land Decimator twice. Keep doing this until you happen to kill all of the fake Asagis. All you have to do is finish the boss off, as Land Decimator is not likely to do a lot of damage to that enemy unit. With the Megaphone equipped, it’s possible to get a lot of prisoners.

As your Prisoners reach the max capacity in the Interrogation Room, create an Extract from them all.

Carnage Martial Training 4

This is the final map that is great for getting prisoners; well, it’s the leveling version of it, so if you haven’t cleared it once again, do that first. For this, you will want to fully level the Capture Squad and use the 3x3 skill it gives you, as that’s the same pattern the bears are in here. As for Evilities, get rid of Twin Heads and replace it with Assault Attack from the Valkyrie class. The rest of the Evilities from The Phantom Copies part can remain the same. All five of your characters will want to have three pairs of Shoes on (Carnage versions have 3 Move each).

You want a lot of movement because you’re going to be going behind the Bears on your first turn, which will give you a nice boost to attack power thanks to Assault Attack. As usual, have your support characters surround your Sage (can only have three, unfortunately) and let loose with the Capture Skill. As you get the max of 128 prisoners, interrogate them all and make an extract. Keep doing this over and over, combining the Extracts with the one bill in the Dark Assembly. When you feel you are ready to use the extract, read the next section.

Powering Up, Part 2

When you feel you’re ready to use an Extract, you will want to do something that will maximize its effectiveness. The Maid has a Common Evility that extends the effective range of an item, called Licensed Caregiver. Normally, you can only use an Extract on one character, but with the above Evility, you will be able to use it on a total of five characters at once! The problem is picking four other characters to use for this.

Killia is one good candidate, as there’s an Evility setup for him that makes him into a counter powerhouse. Without DLC, you can use a Magic Knight for a single-target damage dealer, as well as an Armor Knight for becoming a punching bag. If you do have DLC characters, Metallia is a great character for a magic user, as well as Sicily for a tank. Anyone else is completely up to you, so you are free to choose whoever you want, but the above are some ideas. It’s a wise thing to use the Extracts as you make them, as this will make your Sage stronger and you’ll be able to increase the enemy strength, making the Extracts more productive in the long run.

Licensed Caregiver allows you to use an item on five characters at once (left). If you have the DLC, Sicily makes the best tank character in the game (right).

Once you’ve gotten the 10 million stats from Extracts, you should be at 40 million stats with the 100% stat Evilities listed already. You are more than ready to deal with most of the Carnage Dimension postgame, but there is one other thing you can do to make yourself even more powerful, which is getting powerful equipment and leveling it in the Item World. The first thing you need is the Shroom Fluid Evility from the Shroom monster class, equip it on your Sage, and go to a map where you know you will take damage but not be killed. Do it right and you’ll eventually get the Carnage version of the Mushroom Soup, which is a Rank 39 item.

There are a few things you’re looking for while you dive into the Mushroom Soup, which are Rank 39 weapons, Elixirs and an Arcadia. There’s no reason to do this on 20 stars, so set the enemy strength back down to 0 and equip your Sage with Thief Skills (or another character, if you’ve built them up in the same manner as your Sage). The number one priority is going to be the Arcadia, but be on the lookout for the following weapons, which are all Rank 39. Note that it is completely random and you might not see the equipment until some floors in.

  • Yoshitsuna
  • Drill Emperor
  • Majin Greatbow
  • Wave Particle Shot
  • Tezcatlipoca
  • Solomon’s Staff
  • Uroboros Ring
  • Medal of Awakening

Once you’ve gotten the Arcadia, check the Item World section for details on how to maximize your time. Upon getting the Arcadia, you want to level it up to 80+ and get to the Item God on floor 100 to steal the Trapezohedron. It is this item that you want to level up to 500, as it is one of the best items in the game. When you’re done with it, keep going through it to try to find the Mystery Room that lets you duplicate it, so you can equip many on other characters.


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