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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

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Episode 11

Jarrod Garripoli

A new bill has appeared in the Dark Assembly, allowing you to unlock the second stage of Martial Training. Note that this map is still not as good as the first one, so if you still wish to level your characters, use the first with the enemy strength at 1 star. There are no new major Quests available at the Quest Shop and nothing else unlocks.

You can find the free chests at the following locations:

  • By the Hospital NPC
  • On top of the lightpost in the center of the Netherworld
  • In the “hole” by the Memories NPC

Tolerance Hall

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 55 Maid (x4) Round Chaser, Witch’s Hat Efficient Work
Lv. 55 Au Pair (x2) Round Chaser, Witch’s Hat Efficient Work
Lv. 55 Au Pair (x2) Skogsra, Witch’s Hat Efficient Work
Lv. 55 Between Maid (x2) Orcish Glaive, Witch’s Hat Efficient Work
Lv. 55 Maid (x2) Rose Regalia, Witch’s Hat Efficient Work
Lv. 55 Reshep (x2) Gremlin Effect, Witch’s Hat Evil Eye
Lv. 55 Champinion (x2) Gremlin Effect, Witch’s Hat Shroom Power

You’ll be fighting a lot of Maids in this battle, whose Evility doesn’t matter, as it pertains to items and enemies don’t use items. They do have two powerful unique skills in Trick Light and Afternoon Tea, although they don’t seem to use the latter, which lets the person it is cast on act again (both move and attack). Trick Light will temporarily power up the skills of the person it is cast on, so while very dangerous, it can mean some extra damage.

The Maids with the staves don’t have anything other than a Mega-tiered spell, so they will likely be a one trick pony. The four monsters at the top of the map will Magichange with the four Maids just below them, which is not a bad thing, as the Resheps knew a lot of ailment spells and now they are gone. Their Evility is still in play, though, so it’s a good idea to concentrate and try to get rid of those two Maids first.

Kind Circuit

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 55 Middleweight (x2) Gemstone Hammer, Witch’s Hat Pro Tosser
Lv. 55 Corpse (x2; Rabbit) Gremlin Effect, Witch’s Hat Benefits of Gaea
Lv. 55 Maid (x4) Orcish Glaive, Witch’s Hat Efficient Work
Lv. 55 Au Pair (x2) Round Chaser, Witch’s Hat Efficient Work

This stage is divided into two sections, a upper half that you can’t reach, since you’d need a jump of at least 60, and a lower half that just has two Rabbit corpses. The remaining enemies are on the top section, with there being three Maids on either side and two Wrestlers in the middle, with a bunch of bombs. The Rabbits will run away from you, luring your characters into the middle of the stage, where the Wrestlers will toss the bombs at you, dealing half of their HP as damage. As soon as they start doing, the Rabbits will come back at you and the three Maids right above your Base Panel will drop down for a pincer attack. The other set of Maids will eventually drop, with the Wrestlers soon after that.

Not only do the Wrestlers toss the bomb barrels down at you (left), but the Maids will drop down to perform a pincer attack (right).

Bunny Hop Stairs

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 55 Between Maid (x4) Round Chaser, Witch’s Hat Efficient Work
Lv. 55 Between Maid (x2) Ridill, Witch’s Hat, Power Suit Efficient Work
Lv. 55 Between Maid (x2) Orcish Glaive, Witch’s Hat, Power Suit Efficient Work
Lv. 50 Col. Prinny (x4) Gremlin Effect, Witch’s Hat Explosive Body

You have more Maids here, along with a few Prinnies. The initial area is covered in Geo Panels with both the Silence and No Lifting effects, effectively limiting your only option to moving up the stairs. While you’re doing this, the Maids in the middle with all of the bombs will begin tossing them at you, similar to the Wrestlers in the previous battle. However, there is a trick that you can use to bypass the No Lifting/Silence area, as No Lifting only applies to the actual character standing on the panels themselves.

What this means is that you can take someone like a Wrestler, put him next to the Base Panel and have a character you want to use to fight stand on the Base Panel. Lift him with the Wrestler and toss him onto the stairs, where he/she can bypass the entire affected area. Of course, the Maids will still likely toss the bombs at you, but they will end up hitting their own allies.

At the beginning of the battle, the Prinnies will Magichange with the Maids with the swords, giving them their Evility to explode when thrown. This is noteworthy, because one of the Maids up top will toss the other, effectively blowing up the entire middle area with all of the bombs, dealing massive damage to any character in the way. Should this happen, the Maids in the middle will likely be killed and there will also be two other enemies taken out of the battle (the ones thrown). All that’s left after that is to clean up the remaining foes.

Royal Bedroom Foyer

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 58 Housekeeper Demon’s Knife, Dandy Gown Efficient Work
Lv. 57 Between Maid (x2) Emerald Cane, Dandy Gown Efficient Work
Lv. 56 Between Maid (x8) Energy Cannon, Dandy Gown Efficient Work
Lv. 55 Corpse (x5; Rabbit) Chimera DNA, Dandy Gown Benefits of Gaea

You will find that this stage is more or less a straight battle, without a lot of strategy or any gimmicks attached to it. At first, it appears that you have to work your way around to either side, but you can actually throw your characters straight into the middle area from where your Base Panel is located. Note that doing this will put that character in the middle of a lot of enemies, so if they aren’t particularly strong, you may want to go the roundabout way. The one Maid at the top is considered a boss, so she will be stronger than normal, and even stronger when the Rabbit behind her Magichanges with her. Remember to take it slow and make sure the enemies will be killed by your attacks before moving on, as you don’t want to get into trouble.

Overlords Throne

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 60 Majorita Rose Regalia, Rose Regalia, Dandy Gown, Aero Sneakers Queen of Coffins, Seal of Betrayal, Double Bladed
Lv. 59 Between Maid (x3) Energy Cannon, Dandy Gown Efficient Work
Lv. 45 Ghast (x14) Gremlin Effect, Witch’s Hat Predation, Undead

Majorita is back and she’s brought a lot of friends along with her…once again. There are no enemy portals this time around, as all of the enemies are on the map at the beginning. She has a new Evility in her mix, which allows her to deathblow her allies, so if any get caught in the crossfire, they will be immediately killed. You will want to treat this battle the same as the last one with her, with one option being to kill everything and go after Majorita, spacing your characters so she can’t hit more than one at a time.

Majorita can Deathblow her own allies (left), should they get into the crossfire. You still have a lot of enemies to deal with in this battle (right).

The other option is that you can go straight after her at the beginning of the battle with your strongest characters and hope you can take her out before you get swarmed. It’s a good idea to check the Undead Evility on the Ghasts, as it points out that their defense is increased by 50%, but they are susceptible to healing magic, so a healer actually works well on this stage.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Disaster Averted

Condition - Clear Ep. 11: Netherworld Extinction.

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