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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Episode 10

Jarrod Garripoli

There isn’t really much of anything new that happens when you start this episode, other than the game telling you that you’ve gotten new Netherworld parts, which are all decoration. There is one new Quest, which when completed will unlock the Felynn monster class.

You can find the free chests at the following locations:

  • In between the stairs and wall by the Quests Shop
  • On the railing above the Equipment and Item Shops
  • In the big open area by the Cheat Shop

Tranquil Castle Wall

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 51 Reshep (x2) Strange Medal, Ninja Clothes Evil Eye, Poison Chance
Lv. 40 Corpse (x14) Jack O’ Lantern, Ninja Clothes Predation, Poison Chance
Lv. 30 Ghoul (x24) Jack O’ Lantern, Ninja Clothes Predation, Poison Chance

Poison Vaccine is a great Evility to have for this stage, as you can see from the plethora of Undead present. All of the enemies are equipped with the Poison Chance Evility, which lets them do 100% more damage to your characters if they are poisoned, so equipping Poison Vaccine will make it so they don’t. Thankfully, the Ghouls aren’t really high leveled, so it shouldn’t take too much to kill them, thinning out the numbers of enemies you have to fight. There’s really no trick to this fight, other than to use skills that hit more than one enemy at a time.

Poison Vaccine is a great Evility to have (left) and is available to everyone from the beginning, as the Undead (right) have access to it.

Carrot Garden

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 53 Gray Cells (x3) Cross Impact, Black Ball, Ninja Clothes Medical Insertion
Lv. 45 Corpse (x11) Jack O’ Lantern, Ninja Clothes Predation
Lv. 45 Watcher (x7) Strange Medal, Ninja Clothes Spreading Miasma

The Gray Cells have two weapons equipped, both suited for long-ranged combat, but they also have a bunch of skills and spells suited for support. Should they buff up the other enemies, combined with the possibility of status ailments being inflicted on you, then it could spell trouble. As you already know, the zombies can inflict poison, so having something like Poison Vaccine works wonders here, as the Watchers can inflict it, too.

In addition to that, they can inflict Paralysis on you, which while annoying, is not as devastating as Poison. However, the Watchers should still be your first priority, just because of their higher chance to inflict ailments, plus there are four close enough to your Base Panel. Also, there are five zombies in a cross shape in the middle of the map, which is a perfect setup for someone like Killia to use Hellfire Shot, as the zombies are weak to fire.

Compassion Street

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 53 Rogue (x3) Black Ball, Ninja Clothes Thief Skills
Lv. 50 Corpse (x9) Jack O’ Lantern, Ninja Clothes Predation, Poison Chance

Don’t be fooled by the lower than normal number of enemies, as there are two enemy portals that will spit out the same Corpses that you normally find in the battle, so there will be a lot more than nine of them if you don’t start thinning their numbers. You might see the Rogue past the broken bridge toss some zombies over to your side, but they will typically stay back and either do normal attacks with their guns or skills with them. You can use the path that leads to the bigger section of the map as a choke point, letting the enemies pile up on the path. Note that when you see a Rogue come out of the portal, then that will be the last of the reinforcements.

Not only do the purple portals spawn more enemies (left), but the Thieves will also toss the Undead near them across the gaps to get them closer to your party (right).

Cooperation Plaza

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 52 Corpse (x23; Rabbit) Jack O’ Lantern, Ninja Clothes Benefits of Gaea
Geo Symbols Geo Effect
Green DEF +50%
Null ATK +50%

There’s only one kind of enemy in this battle, which are Rabbits, although there are a lot of them. Their Evility basically makes their attacks stronger when they attack at a higher elevation than your characters. As you start the battle, you will see a set of 3x3 Geo Panels with a few Rabbits on them, with the panels giving an ATK +50% effect. If you want to make this battle easy, clear those Rabbits and put your characters there. Position your characters so they can’t stand on the Geo Panels and if you want, quickly toss the DEF +50% onto one of the Geo Panels so you can mitigate some of the damage the Rabbits do. You shouldn’t have to move, as all of the enemies will come to you.

Toto Castle Gate

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 55 Majorita Sorcerer Wand, Sorcerer Wand, Dress Armor, Bloody Orb Queen of Coffins, Double Bladed
Lv. 55 Between Maid Prinny Staff, Dress Armor, Bloody Orb Efficient Work
Lv. 50 Reshep (x2) Strange Medal, Ninja Clothes Evil Eye
Lv. 48 Corpse (x3) Jack O’ Lantern, Ninja Clothes Predation, Poison Chance

Prior to the battle starting, Usalia will learn a new Evility ( Precious People ) that boosts her ATK by 20% for every ally that’s adjacent to her. Also, her Overload skill is now Murmur of Rage , allowing her to transform to her berserk state, which can damage all enemies, as well as allow her Support Attack range to become infinite for three turns. The fated battle with Majorita and boy, she can be a tough one. She is dual-wielding two Sorcerer Wands and because of her Double Bladed Evility, she gets the stats from both of them.

In addition to that, for every other enemy you defeat, her attack power increases by 10%, so defeating every other enemy on the map will boost it by 60%, making it possible for Majorita to one-shot some of your characters. To add even more pain to help out Majorita, there are enemy portals on the map that will spew out more Corpses at the end of each turn, adding to her attack power even more.

Majorita gets stronger as you kill more enemies (left). Her Overload also brings back all fallen enemies as neutral characters (right).

Making matters worse, her Overload skill, Broken Faith Magia, allows her to bring all of the enemies that you defeat back to life, but they will come back as neutral enemies. So, those enemies that are brought back will attack anyone, including you and Majorita. There are two ways to deal with this battle, with the obvious choice being to just kill everything in your way while fighting your way to Majorita. The other way is to use a Wrestler or Logan to toss your strongest characters towards Majorita and try to defeat her before she can get dangerous from her Evility or have a chance to use Broken Faith Magia.

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Our Daughter Is in Another Castle

Condition - Clear Ep. 10: The Memorable Special Sweet Curry.

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