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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

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Celestial Hell

Jarrod Garripoli

The bill for this map ( Fight the Super Overlord ) will unlock upon clearing the main story and while you can pass it then, you will definitely not be able to clear it until much later. It is definitely one of the harder battles in the game, pitting you against the series staple superboss, Baal. You will want to wait until you have 40 million stats with no equipment, which you will do once you complete the majority of what’s written in the What’s Next section of the guide.

So, what makes this battle so difficult? You are up against not just one single enemy, but four Baals, who have much tougher Ball Bits behind them. There are also additional enemies on the field, two each standing in front of the Baals. One of the first things you will notice is that they are all equipped with some nice stuff. Look as much as you want at it, because you won’t be able to have any, simply because of the Theft Prevention Evility.

Bring a character out of the Base Panel and you will face the first obstacle in this battle, which is getting hit for 20 million damage (and 2 million SP), thanks to the Baals’ one Evility. That means you will want more HP than that and luckily, there is a very easy method to obtaining this goal, through the use of the Curry Shop. Hopefully, you went through Carnage items in the Item World and gotten some Elixirs from them, either from the shops in Innocent Town or from the Bonus Gauges.

With a maxed out Alchemy Squad, you can place three Elixirs in the first three slots, then put 100 Thimbles into the final one. The latter will make it so you have 100% critical rate, since the Professional Innocent was changed to critical damage in this Disgaea entry. Your characters should have around 180 million HP with this setup, as a base. Note that you will also want three pairs of Carnage shoes for each character you bring into the battle, which you can get from the Bonus Gauge in either MT4 or 5.

The Enemies

Although the strategy you will use in this battle will finish it before the enemies get a chance, it still doesn’t hurt to know what you’re up against. The Ball Bits are immune to any damage until the Baal standing in front of them is killed. Each of the Bits represents an element and will have 99 resistance in their respective element, as well as having that resistance reflected onto their attack with Elemental Force. Their first Unique Evility (Destroyer) will reduce your character’s resistance for that particular element to 0 and they also gain an additional 5 range for their skills, making it so they can pretty much hit most of the map. One last thing is that whoever delivers the killing blow on a Bit will get killed.

That covers the Ball Bits, so let’s move onto the Baals. Ultimate Force was already covered, since that’s the Evility that hits you for the damage when you come out of the Base Panel (Mind Break is what damages your SP). The Baals also have an Overload skill, called Rakshasa Cataclysm, which will make them a giant for three turns and when combined with Ultimate Giant, their attack will increase by 200%. Add that to the Ultimate Scream Evility (25% increase in attack for each enemy you defeat) and you have some very dangerous foes.

Three Carnage Elixirs in the Curry Shop (left) will give you enough HP to shrug off the 20 million damage you receive (right) when you bring a character out of your base.

The Battle

Now, you may be wondering how exactly you win this battle with so many things against you. There are quite a few ways, but one of the more popular methods utilizes the Squad Attack skill and either the Comet Disaster Overload skill or Usalia’s Overload, Murmur of Rage . Combined with the correct Evilities and with enough stats, it’s possible to clear the map using either of those Overloads mentioned above (Murmur of Rage is the stronger of the two).

It’s best to do this after clearing Evil God of Tyranny, as you’ll have an extra Unique Evility slot (only needed on the main attacker) and pretty much all you need to complete this strategy. Also, make sure you have a full three sets of Carnage shoes for all characters needed (only 5-6 characters needed, so 15-18 Carnage shoes). Remember that since you’ll be using Squad Attack, place your Sage as the leader of the Foot Soldier Squad and fill every slot (max out the Squad).

For Evilities, you will want the following on your Sage: Greedy Disposition, Assault Attack, Impact Charge, Violence, Purgatory, and Overlimit. You will also need 100 Professionals on your Sage’s weapon. For support characters, the four surrounding the Sage will only need Angel Song. You will also need a maxed out Magic Boost on a Professor (or someone who has their Unique Evility). When you are ready, you can start the battle.

Begin the battle by bringing out your Sage and then putting her back into the Base Panel. Do this a total of five times to make Impact Charge give you 200% attack, then move your Sage (default camera) to the south, near the Ra stationed there. Bring out your support characters and have them surround your Sage, then cast Magic Boost on her. If she doesn’t have a full Revenge Gauge, then you’ll need to kill off some characters by bringing them in and out of the base. Once it’s full, use Comet Disaster to kill everyone but the Bits. Move to the nearest one and use Squad Attack on it to kill all four Bits and clear the stage.

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