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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Episode 9

Jarrod Garripoli

Two new Squads now unlock, the Innocent Aid Squad and the Skill Training Squad. The first opens up the Innocent Farm at the Innocent Shop, allowing you to place Innocents in it to increase their usefulness. When they have the yellow star next to the icon, then they cannot grow anymore and should be swapped for other Innocents. If you can, try to concentrate all prisoners on leveling this Squad so it’s maxed out, which will help out a lot in the long term.

The other Squad, the Skill Training one, allows the people in it to learn the skills of the leader, but you can’t learn Unique Skills. Also, you have to use the skill enough times in order for it to become level 1, which is when the character using it can use it without having to rely on the leader still being in the Squad. One new Quest appears in the Quest Shop, which will unlock the Succubus monster class.

You can find the free chests at the following locations:

  • Above the Item Shop
  • In the “hole” by the Memories NPC
  • By the rockets where Christo is standing

Land of Rush

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 46 Lightweight (x4) Hand Power, Power Suit Pro Tosser, Fire Body
Lv. 45 Champ of Fighters (x5) Obsidian Spear, Power Suit Fury, Fire Body
Lv. 45 Thunder Fist (x3) Dusk Bane, Power Suit Rapid Movement, Fire Body

Wrestlers are the best throwers in the game and you will see their expertise in action in this battle. On each of their turns, the Lightweights will toss their allies as close as possible to your location, until there aren’t any more left. When they are alone and within range, they will use their Heroic Backbreaker skill, which does damage and lifts your character for that turn, to be followed with Super Piledriver on their next turn.

The Wrestlers will toss the other characters across the gaps (left). They also have a special move where they end up lifting your character (right).

This is especially annoying, as the character that is lifted is basically taken out of the battle until they use their next skill or you manage to defeat the enemy. Every single enemy here (and in the upcoming battles) will have Fire Body equipped as a common Evility, increasing their fire resistance by 25, so it’s probably a wise choice to avoid using fire unless they are in the negative.

Dissolving Wasteland

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 47 Lightweight (x3) Hand Power, Power Suit Pro Tosser, Fire Body
Lv. 45 Destroyer (x2) Duskbane, Power Suit Wild Cry, Fire Body
Lv. 45 Destroyer (x2) Deadly Anchor, Power Suit Wild Cry, Fire Body
Lv. 45 Destroyer (x2) Obsidian Spear, Power Suit Wild Cry, Fire Body
Lv. 45 Valkyrie (x2) Obsidian Spear, Power Suit Assault Attack, Fire Body
Lv. 45 Valkyrie (x2) Duskbane, Power Suit Assault Attack, Fire Body
Lv. 45 Valkyrie (x2) Deadly Anchor, Power Suit Assault Attack, Fire Body
Geo Symbols Geo Effect
Blue ATK +50%
Yellow DEF -50%
Null No Entry

The Wrestlers make their reappearance here and will pretty much do the same thing as the last battle. The first thing you will notice is that a majority of the map is covered in red Geo Panels, which give off two effects, ATK +50% and DEF -50%. If you want to deal with it, then it’s fine, but there is an easy way to get rid of all of the panels on the map, while severely damaging the enemies in the process. It involves using Logan or any other character with a Throw stat of 7, then going to the spot pictured below and tossing a character to the section with the two Geo Symbols. Destroy them both and it will set off a chain reaction that will get you the One-Time Bonus and also make all of the enemies really low on health. From there, it’s simply a matter of finishing off the enemies as you get into range.

Use Logan to toss a character to the spot shown (left), then have that character destroy the Geo Symbols (right).

Senseless Lava Flow

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 47 Holy Swordswoman (x6) Bow of Miracles, Duskbane, Power Suit Bushido, Fire Body
Lv. 47 Nekomata (x5) Death’s Embrace, Power Suit Final Blow, Fire Body
Lv. 45 Cait Sith (x4) Death’s Embrace, Power Suit, Falcon Shoes Weakening Aura, Fire Body

This is the first map in this area that has the Netherworld Effect of decreasing your fire resistance by 50 points. The good thing is that only one enemy has access to a fire skill, which are the Cait Sith, so once you get rid of them, you don’t have to worry about the effect. The Nekomata at the top of the map can be quite vicious, as they have the highest attack power out of anything else on the map, but it will be a little bit before confronting them. The Swordswomen are probably the biggest worry at the start, as they are equipped with both a bow and sword, with access to both kinds of skills. As you’re climbing the map, it’s highly likely that the Swordswomen will pick you off with their bows, so try to defend until you get into range.

Salamander Ferocity

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 49 Welterweight (x2) Kung Fu Fist, Shell Shield, Falcon Shoes Pro Tosser, Fire Body
Lv. 49 Holy Swordswoman (x2) Mighty Shotel, Shell Sparrow, Shell Shield, Falcon Shoes Bushido, Fire Body
Lv. 47 Destroyer (x4) Golden Hatchet, Shell Shield, Falcon Shoes Wild Cry, Fire Body
Lv. 45 Gremlin (x8) Sinister Medal, Shell Shield, Falcon Shoes Bullying, Fire Body

Another linear map, with you having to fight through a bunch of Gremlins and Destroyers before you get to the Welterweights and Swordswomen at the top. If you have anyone weak to fire on your team, it might be best to avoid using them too much, as the Gremlins have access to the basic Fire spell, as well as Resist Break. At the beginning of the battle, the two Wrestlers will toss the Samurai to your area, so be prepared for them. The rest of the battle is a simple might test, so take things slow and let the enemies come to you as soon as they are in range.

Scorching Heart

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 50 Lost Squad Female Welrod Mk II, Kung Fu Fist, Shell Shield Assist
Lv. 50 Lilim Tsuchinoko, Shell Shield Sexy Aura
Lv. 50 Red Blob Tsuchinoko, Shell Shield Gel Body
L. 47 Lost Squad Member (x6) Mighty Shotel, Shell Shield Elemental Force
Lv. 47 Set (x5) Sinister Medal, Shell Shield Evil Eye

Before the battle begins, Red Magnus gains access to another Unique Evility, called Heart of a Leader . This buffs his stats by 3% for each unit that is in the same Squad as him. Also, his Super Olympia Overload skill is now Super Universe , increasing his stats from 40% to 50% whenever he uses it. On the enemy’s first turn, the Lilim and Red Blob will Magichange with the Gunner, making him more of a pain in the neck since he also gets their Evilities.

Red Magnus’ new Overload will give him a little extra oomph to his attacks.

Every enemy unit on the map has access to a fire skill, and when combined with the decrease thanks to the Netherworld Effect, this could spell trouble for those weak against it. Try and lure enemies to your position, rather than head in without thinking. Taking down the Gunner will take a lot of your strength, so saving him for last is probably the ideal thing to do.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Supreme One Throws Down

Condition - Clear Ep. 9: The New Power.

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