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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Possessed By Heart

Jarrod Garripoli

This bill ( Pursue Powerful Energies! ) appears in the Dark Assembly after clearing both battles in The Cursed Witch area. It costs 10,000 Mana to suggest and has a base chance of 1%, so it’s highly likely that you will need to either pay or force the bill to pass.

Darks Second Coming

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 600 Corpse (x5; Dark Knight) Aroundight, Orichalcum Shield Ripple Impact, Veteran Hero, Purgatory
Lv. 600 Corpse (x2; Dark Knight) Beam Axe, Orichalcum Shield Ripple Impact, Veteran Hero, Purgatory
Lv. 500 Wight (x5) Dragon Force, Orichalcum Shield Predation, Poison Chance, Regeneration

The only enemies you’ll find in this stage are Dark Knights (the Corpses) and Undead, all of whom are quite meaty. First of all, the Geo Symbol has no effect, since it’s not resting on any panels, so ignore it and focus your attention on the enemies before you. The Dark Knights get some boost to their stats with Veteran Hero, since it increases their aptitudes, as well as a 50% boost to the damage if they happen to get a critical hit (Purgatory).

The bigger problem in this battle comes from the Wights, who recover 30% health of the damage they take, meaning that if you hit them for 10K damage, they will recover 3K HP. So, unless you can kill them outright, which won’t happen unless you’ve been doing some heavy grinding, it will take a while to down the Wights. They have -50 resistance to fire, so skills/spells with that element attached will do extra damage. The Dark Knights pretty much boil down to whether you can kill them before they can kill you.

Endless Effort

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 800 Void Dark? Audacious Medal, Orichalcum Shield, Accelerator Endless Animosity, Reduction Curse, Day of Calamity
Lv. 600 Corpse (Pirate) Aroundight, Orichalcum Shield Acceleration Shot, Demonic Marksman, Gun Fight
Lv. 600 Corpse (x2; Pirate) Hand of Glory, Orichalcum Shield Acceleration Shot, Demonic Marksman, Gun Fight

There’s not a lot of enemies in this battle, but don’t let that fool you, as they are powerful. All three Pirates are equipped with the same Evilities, which are designed around keeping you away from them. Demonic Marksman just ups their aptitudes for SPD and HIT by 30%, while Gun Fight decreases the damage they take by 50% if you attack from more than 3 panels away. It’s important to get right up in their face in this battle, so ranged attacks should be avoided at all costs, but only if they are more than 3 panels.

This battle with Void Dark is pretty much the same as the main story’s battle, except he’s stronger.

As with the battle against Void, he has unlimited Revenge Mode and will cycle through the same order of Overload skills. However, he has two new Evilities in play, one of which has a 25% chance to inflict Shrink with a normal attack (Reduction Curse). The other, Day of Calamity, has a 10% chance to deathblow someone for each ailment that has been inflicted. At most, this will only be 30% (40% if the SPD reduction of the gun-toting Pirates count) at most, as there is the Shrink Evility already mentioned, as well as two attached to skills that Void can use.

Grudgeful Spirit

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 1000 Void Dark? Audacious Medal, Orichalcum Shield, Accelerator Endless Animosity, Elemental Reverse, Isolation
Lv. 700 Corpse (x3; Sage) Apollo’s Staff, Orichalcum Shield Mass Blaster, Wisdom Incarnate, Concentration

This second rematch against Void will play the same, but only in the terms of the infinite Revenge Mode and Overload skills. I’m not quite sure what Elemental Reverse does, but Isolation makes it so his stats receive a 20% increase just by not being next to anyone. You’ll see this in action, as Void will continually run away from you throughout the whole battle, while blasting you with Star spells. Speaking of spells, Void has Giga/Omega Star and each of the three Sages has a Giga/Omega spell of one element, so you will encounter Ice, Fire, Wind and Star in this battle.

Wisdom Incarnate on the Sages increases their aptitude for SP, INT and RES, similar to the Pirates and Dark Knights in previous battles in the postgame, while Concentration increases the damage done to your characters by 100% if they target a single character with a spell. It’s probably best to go after Void and do enough damage to trigger Broken Faith first, then you can kill the three Sages and concentrate on Void.

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