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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

The Phantom Copies

Jarrod Garripoli

You will find a bill ( Research a Strange Netherworld ) to unlock this map in the Dark Assembly after completing the main story. There is only one map in this area and will have you facing off against a total of 100 enemies on a very large map. The highest level enemy will be level 200 and there is so many different combinations, that listing them all would take a lot of time and space. Instead, only the Evilities you will encounter will be listed, along with what they do.

Evility Description
Mini Evade attacks at the rate of 50%
Depression Increase movement by 5
Idol Increase stats of ally units on the map by 10%
Desperate Critical rate becomes 100% when attacking or being attacked
Prinny Explode when thrown
Next Game’s Main Increase stats by 100%

This battle will be long and depending on when you do it, it might be quite challenging. There are so many enemies and things to watch out for, particularly the Evilities of the Asagi, since they are all pretty deadly or annoying (except Depression). Some of them will have the Hypered Evility, making them giant and have higher stats, as well as Giant Press being the only skill they can use.

This map is very large and has a lot of enemies (left). It is a great map for farming prisoners (right).

All of the Asagi will use various weapons, from bows and guns to swords, so some will be able to hit you from a long distance, while others might need to be a little closer. I would suggest that you be around level 250-300 for this battle, to avoid having too much trouble. Take things slow and make sure you defeat all of the enemies you can reach before moving on to the next section. It should be noted that the BOSS will cycle through the Evilities listed above, making her quite annoying.

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