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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 06-11-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 14-11-2019 / 22:29 GMT

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Guide

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Trophy Guide (3)

Take a Chill Pill

Revenge Mode is automatically activated whenever the Revenge Gauge to the left of the character portrait is filled. When this happens, that character’s critical hit rate becomes 100%, SP costs for all skills become 1 and they take 25% damage reduction. There are three ways to increase the Revenge Gauge, either by getting hit, an ally getting killed or by killing an enemy in Revenge Mode. This will likely unlock as you play the game, since Revenge Mode is activated plenty of times without you even thinking about it.


Would You Like the Combo?

This is another trophy where the description is misleading. Instead of doing 20 Combo Attacks, you actually need to perform a 20-hit combo. The easiest way to do this is to create 8 Good-for-Nothing level 1 Archers and equip them with the weakest bow. Go to any map where you can kill the enemies in one hit with your strong characters and line up the Archers to all attack a single enemy, with the strong character finishing the enemy off.


Bonus Master

A majority of the story maps have a special reward sitting at the top of the Bonus Gauge called a One-Time Bonus. As its name suggests, you can only get it once, although it will sit there until you actually obtain it. Using the method outlined under the Would You Like the Combo? trophy , go to each map with a One-Time Bonus and do exactly that. You need a total of 50 of these to get the trophy.


Class Master

In order to unlock more classes, you will need to do Quests that pop up in the Quest Shop as you play through the main story. Monster units are easy, since they usually need to you have specific items. However, Humanoid units will require you to reach certain ranks with other classes, which is done by killing enemies. The last class that you will undoubtedly unlock is the Asagi generic class in the postgame. However, you also need to unlock all of the ranks of the classes, requiring you to get them all to five stars out of the six on the status screen.


One Percenter

Getting 10 billion HL might seem like a lot, especially when you’re playing through the main story, but once you reach the postgame and money becomes almost trivial, it certainly isn’t. In fact, once you reach the Carnage Dimension, this should be relatively simple to unlock, as the rank 1 CD equipment will usually sell for upwards 500 million.


Item Polisher

This is definitely a trophy that requires grinding, as the max level for any item is 500. Remember that you need to clear all enemies on any given floor in order to boost the item’s level by 1. It doesn’t have to be a specific item, so you can use any one. The Item Enhance Route is ideal for this, as it will add a level for every 5 you do.


I Love Board Game Night!

The Super Overload difficulty for Chara World unlocks after completing the Carnage Dimension area and has a suggested level requirement of 7999. Despite that, all you need to do is complete the Quest to unlock it and have any character make it through to the goal to get the trophy.


Unlosing Ranger Status

Proto Darkdeath is a random drop from Mr. Egg, who will come across randomly during non-boss floors in the Item World. The only catch about Darkdeath is that he’s going to be a lot stronger than you, with his level being relative to the enemy’s level in the item you’re going through.

As an example, Darkdeath should be in the realm of level 400 in a Thimble, a Rank 1 item, so go searching for him whenever you are stronger than that. There’s also a bill ( Challenge a Crazy Opponent! ) to make sure that Mr. Egg will drop Darkdeath the next time he comes around, although Egg’s appearance is still random.


This Belongs in a Museum

Epic is another rarity that is beyond Legendary and is achieved whenever you get an item to Rarity 100. You will never find one that is Epic in the wild, as the only way to get one to that rarity is by grinding it out. As you go through the Item World, you will undoubtedly see something called "Training Bonus" on the results screen. It’s best to do this along with Item Polisher.

This Training Bonus is what will raise your Rarity and there are a few ways to get it. One is by defeating all of the Invaders that come whenever you have an invading Netherworld on any floor. Another is by finishing a fight in a Mystery Room (often will require you to repeatedly talk to a NPC). Item Generals/Kings/Gods will also give a 1/2/3 (respectively) increase and Darkdeath also gives a +3 Training Bonus.


A Legend in This Hand

The legendary weapon in the Item World can be found in a Mystery Room, meaning it’s completely random. There are two instances of it, one in a normal item and the other being in the Carnage equivalent. To make Mystery Rooms appear more often, you can equip the Explorer Evility (Pirate class) on characters and make sure they are on the map when you clear it. Also, make sure the item route is set to Mystery Room Route.

The specific room you’re looking for has a single NPC in it, with a square barrier of some sort and a weapon floating in the middle of that barrier. Should you meet the requirements, walk up to the "weapon" and talk to it to get the legendary weapon. In order for you to actually obtain it, you need a Weapon Mastery of 40 (normal) or 100 (Carnage) for the respective weapon type you’re in with the character you’re controlling (Rank 40 Fist WM if you’re in a Fist’s Item World).


Where the Levels End

Leveling to 9999 might seem daunting at first, but it is pretty much required in order to get some of the other trophies, like Damage-oholic and Dimensional Devastation . There are a few things to help along the way, such as the Cheat Shop (turn the EXP slider all the way to max) and Statisticians, the Innocent that increases EXP gain. The max any character can utilize for Statisticians is 900, the max a stack of them can do. They are randomly found on items and if you want more information, check the Postgame Preparations page for more details.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to start grinding and the best place is the Martial Training area. Clear the stages the first time and you’ll find a EXP heaven on subsequent visits. For the first one, you should set the Enemy Strength to 1 star to make the enemies level 99 (glitch where they give as much EXP as level 320 or so enemies). This will get you up to around 4-500 with Statisticians. Switch to Martial Training 4 and gradually up the Enemy Strength until you can clear Possessed By Heart, which unlocks Martial Training 5, where you can level up to 9999 (with Statisticians, of course).



Before you even begin thinking about going for this trophy, you will want to do everything outlined in the What’s Next section, concentrating on getting the 20 million base stats from mastering classes and shards/extracts. With Evilities, these stats will become 40 million and that’s all you really need, as far as stats go, for this trophy. You will want the support characters outlined in the previously mentioned section, since they will be needed, including the Professor with a maxed out Magic Boost (from the Skills NPC). It also helps to have all of the Unique Evility slots, so make sure you kill Carnage Dark to get the final one, plus having all of the Common Slots will help, too. One last thing you will want is to create around 7-8 Archers (they can be low level, as they are just there to boost the combo).

With that done, it’s time to start picking out the Evilities you will need, which will focus on the ones that increase the damage you inflict. This strategy will assume that you’ve finished Martial Training 5 (the regular version) at least 100 times and that you have found the Taste of Victory Evility from Chara World (can find it on Demon difficulty). Taste of Victory will double your base stats to 40 million and only use 1 common slot, giving you A LOT of room to focus on increasing damage. For Unique Evilities, you will want Assault Attack , Magic Bundle and Bushido . For Common Evilities, you will want Concentration , Mana Scarcity , Taste of Victory , Purgatory and Over Limit . You will also want your Sage’s Tera Star to be fully powered from the Skills NPC and have the Curry with 100 Thimbles active for your 100% critical rate (unless you have Revenge Mode ready).

Pass the All-Out Attack bill to make sure you can bring out more than 10 characters from your Base Panel, and also make sure that you have the Enemy Strength set at 0 stars. You also want your four Angel Song characters and Sage equipped with three Carnage shoes (+3 movement for each one). When you begin the stage, bring the Sage out of the Base Panel and close to it, then have Usalia Magichange with the Sage. Now you can move her behind the Lucky Boards, then bring out your four support characters with Angel Song to surround her. Now you can bring out the remainder of your party, which includes the Professor with Magic Boost and the 7-8 Archers. Have all of the Archers attack the Lucky Boards, then make sure you buff the Sage with Magic Boost, then use Tera Star on the middle Lucky Board. If everything is set up right and things done correctly, then you should exceed the 10 billion damage and get the trophy.


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