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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Carnage Dimension (Area)

Jarrod Garripoli

The bill for this area ( Fight New Enemies! ; it costs 50,000 Mana) will become available upon finishing the Possessed By Heart area, as well as the four maps listed under the Unlocking the Carnage Dimension section. If you thought the last few maps were difficult, then you’re in for a world of hurt, as not only are these enemies going to be slightly higher in level, but their stats are a lot better. Those who have played previous Disgaea games know about the Land of Carnage (Carnage Dimension in this game), where enemy stats are much higher than normal. You’ll be dealing with these kinds of enemies throughout this whole area, and the normal enemies in the first map have primary attack stats in the range of 50-60K.

Fearless Laughter

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 1200 Mysterious Demon Insanity Eye, Overlord Armor, Spartan Shield, Accelerator Immortal Body, Blood Insanity, Shield Dash, Carnage Tyrant
Lv. 1000 Carnage Princess (x2) Genie’s Blade, Overlord Armor, Spartan Shield Bushido, Carnage Tyrant
Lv. 1000 Carnage Princess (x2) Worm Spear, Overlord Armor, Spartan Shield Bushido, Carnage Tyrant

Something you notice right away when looking at the above table is that all of the enemies have the Carnage Tyrant Evility, which makes their attacks stronger if you have lower stats than they do. The highest stat on the map is the Horseman’s defense, which should be around 80k, so if you’re above that, then you don’t have to worry about the Evility.

The only enemy with anything to write about is the Mysterious Demon/Horseman. Blood Insanity has been encountered before and only triggers if your character(s) health is under 50%, making the Horseman’s damage increase by 30%. Shield Dash is a defensive Evility and decrease damage by 1% for every panel moved (the Horseman has a Move of 7). Think of this battle like a bar and if you can finish the battle without too many problems, then you can likely go on to the next one. If not, then it’s a wise idea to go back and grind some.

Fight Gods Return

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 1500 Goldion God Hand, Alloy Robosuit Fighting Aura, Heavy Armor, Carnage Tyrant
Lv. 1200 Orangadang Devil Matrix, Alloy Robosuit Rage Charge, Carnage Tyrant
Lv. 1200 Bigbangweight (x2) God Hand, Alloy Robosuit Pro Tosser, Carnage Tyrant
Lv. 1200 Bigbangweight (x2) Sonic Spinning Saw, Alloy Robosuit Pro Tosser, Carnage Tyrant

The first annoying thing about this battle are the Wrestlers, since they can use their Heroic Backbreaker to make sure a character can’t use their turn, since the skill ends with you being lifted. The second annoying thing is that the Bear will Magichange with the boss, giving him the Rage Charge Evility, so every attack on him will power him up. Now, you’ve fought this boss plenty of times already, so you should know the ins-and-outs of the battle, but note that his defense is increase by 50% because of Heavy Armor. Getting rid of the Wrestlers first is a top priority, then you can concentrate on the boss himself.

The Bear will Magichange with Goldion, making it so he gets stronger the more you attack him (left). You already know about Heroic Backbreaker by now (right).

Overture of Downfall

Enemies Equipment Evility
Lv. 2000 Prinny Overlord Devil Matrix, Alloy Robosuit Explosive Body, To the Death, Heavy Stance, Carnage Tyrant
Lv. 1800 Carnage Demon (Horseman) Devil Matrix, Alloy Robosuit Immortal Body, Blood Insanity, Shield Dash, Carnage Tyrant
Lv. 1500 Carnage Demon (Bear) Devil Matrix, Alloy Robosuit Rage Charge, Wild Power, Power of Adversity, Carnage Tyrant
Lv. 1500 Carnage Demon (Nine-Tails) Emperor’s Medal, Alloy Robosuit Good Fortune, Fluffy Barrier, Comet Blessing, Carnage Tyrant
Lv. 1500 Carnage Demon (Chimera) Emperor’s Medal, Alloy Robosuit Evil Eye, Lock Eyes, Day of Calamity, Carnage Tyrant
Lv. 1500 Carnage Demon (Twin Dragon) Emperor’s Medal, Alloy Robosuit Twin Heads, Imperial Wrath, Double Attack, Carnage Tyrant

It’s easy to be overwhelmed if you look at the battle from a distance, since there are a total of six enemies, all of which are considered bosses, so they will have higher stats than normal ones (plus they’re enemies from the CD). The highest stat on the map is likely going to be the ATK stat of the Prinny Overlord, at around 300K (plus he has around 10 million HP). Not only does his defense receive a boost from Heavy Stance, it also means he cannot be lifted. In addition to that, should he enter Revenge Mode, his attack will boost by 100% at the expense of losing 100% defense. Needless to say, the Prinny Overlord is going to be a tough cookie to crack.

As for the other enemies, the Horseman from the first battle in this area returns with the exact same Evilities. The Bear’s set up revolves around increasing his HP and should it still be alive with less than 10% HP, his damage will get an increase of 5%. The Nine-Tails mitigates 50% damage if you attack it from behind and also has an Evility that increases its star damage (it has Star and Mega Star). The Twin Dragon has an Evility that responds with a 100% increase for its next attack if it receives a critical, which can be dangerous when paired with Double Attack and Twin Heads.

Carnage Prinny is definitely the toughest foes you’ve faced thus far (left). Whoever deals the killing blow on him will open an extra Unique Evility slot (right).

The final enemy on the list, the Chimera, not only reduces your stats by 5%, but also reduces your evasion by 20%. In addition to that, it has 10% per ailment chance to deathblow a character, which can be up to 50% if the Horseman uses Painful Breath and its own skills/spells. Out of all the enemies, the most dangerous besides the Prinny Overlord is the Chimera and it should be taken out first. The second should be the Twin Dragon, then it’s free reign for the rest of them. There is a slightly cheap tactic that involves using one of your own Prinnies on this map. Wait until the Prinny Overlord gets close enough, then toss your own Prinny so that it will get caught in the explosion. The only problem with this is that you won’t get the extra Unique Evility slot that unlocks for the character who deals the killing blow on the Prinny Overlord.

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