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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Unlocking Carnage Dimension

Jarrod Garripoli

After clearing Possessed By Heart, you might be at a loss as what to do next. If you look at the Quest Shop, you will notice a few quests that have a reward of 2.5 million HL. These require you to do four things, which are to defeat an Item God, clear the Overlord difficulty of Chara World, find a Rank 35 Netherworld from Nether Research, and finish the Final Trial of Martial Training. After finishing each one of those, you will unlock another series of quests that have a reward of 4 million HL. These are special battles that will disappear from the list once you complete them, with the Carnage Dimension area unlocking afterwards.

Two things you will need to do is defeat an Item God (left) and clear the Final Trial of Martial Training (right).

Violent Challenger

Enemies Evilities
Lv. 1200 Mysterious Demon Rage Charge, Best Condition, Boorish Counter, Safety
Lv. 800 Saint Expert Hands, Heart of Affection, Advanced Healing
Lv. 800 Shadow Master Mirage, Sharp Eye, Double Bladed
Lv. 800 Iron Maiden Assault Attack, Defense Mastery, Physical Boost, No Critical
Lv. 750 Battle Master (x2) Wild Cry, Shaking Excitement, Gear Sales Rep
Lv. 750 Lord Cat God (x2) Weakening Aura, Kinship Awareness, Auto Recovery, Unity
Lv. 750 Freischutz (x2) Support Attack, Hit Mastery, Bow Range, Power Shot, Bad Trip

There’s quite a bit to take in, but none of it is too bad. These maps are designed to pretty much be blasted through, with there not being a lot of sound strategy to go by in order to complete them. As you can see from the above, they all have multiple Evilities and the ones to watch out for are the ones that boost damage and attack, like the Battle Masters. The more characters you have out of your base, the more their stats will get a boost (30% if you have 10 characters out on the field). The Shadow Masters can be dangerous, not for their Evilities, but because they know a lot of ailment-inflicting spells and unless you have resistances to them, they can put a damper on your progress.

The same goes for the Freischutz, as their one Evility called Bad Trip, has a small chance to inflict poison, sleep and paralysis with a normal attack. The Saint will likely do nothing but buff her allies and heal, which you don’t want because of the Bear receiving a 10% boost to its stats when its HP is full. The Lord Cat Gods are really nothing much, but the Bear is probably the most powerful enemy on the map, receiving a bonus thanks to the BOSS modifier. In terms of what order to kill enemies, go with the Battle Masters first, then the Freischutz and go from there. Whether you want to leave the Bear for last or not, it’s entirely up to you, but it does have a pretty high ATK.

Beautiful Assassin

Enemies Evility
Lv. 1300 Mysterious Demon Good Fortune, Starlight, Stellar Blessing
Lv. 800 Lilith (x3) Sexy Aura, Bones Out, Shame
Lv. 800 Ultimate Skull Magic Bundle, Enlarge, Magical Boost, Convert Force
Lv. 750 Desperado (x3) Assist, Hawkeye, Double Bladed
Lv. 750 Diamond Knight (x3) Hero’s Shield, Advance Guard, Swift Stance

Out of all of the enemies on the map, the most annoying ones will be the Diamond Knights at the beginning. They will do their usual defending thing, but they get an added damage mitigation thanks to Advance Guard, which reduces damage taken by 50% when they are defending. Your first task, then, is to defeat the three Knights. While you are focusing on them, the Desperados and Ultimate Skull will blast you from behind the Knights. Speaking of which, the Skull is designed around increasing the potential of his magical attacks, but at the same time, Convert Force decreases his resistances by 50%. Of course, you can’t snipe him because of the Knights, so your attention should be on finishing them as soon as possible.

Once the Knights are finished, concentrate on the Desperados and if you can reach the Skull, take him out as well. The platform the Skull is on will require a Jump of at least 36 or if you have a powerful character with spells, you can take him out with those (any will do). It should be around this time that the Lilith will start coming after you, as well as the Mysterious Demon. They have Tera-level spells and will blast you with them (most likely Tera Ice), which might hurt more than usual because of the Netherworld Effect.

The Diamond Knights will be an annoyance until you defeat them all (left). They will let the Skull on the platform behind them to peg you with ice spells (right).

Winners Only

Enemies Evility
Lv. 1400 Mysterious Demon Twin Heads, Dragon Treasure, Double Attack
Lv. 900 Dark Paladin Ripple Impact, Veteran Hero, Heavy Stance
Lv. 800 Fortuna Mass Blaster, Wisdom Incarnate, Magic Conversion
Lv. 750 Emerald Knight (x2) Hero’s Shield, Advance Guard, Vaccine, Auto Recovery
Lv. 750 Boulevard Fighter Fury, Blasting Fist, Physical Boost
Lv. 750 Behemoth (x2) Greedy Disposition, Cross Formation
Lv. 750 Freischutz (x2) Support Attack, Hit Mastery, Bow Range, Arrow in the Knee
Lv. 750 Mother Brain Medical Insertion, Chemical Reaction, Effective Delivery
Lv. 750 Ra Evil Eye, Cross Formation
Lv. 750 Odin (x2) Immortal Body, Blood Insanity, Gear Sales Rep

There’s a lot of enemies in this battle, as well as a large variety, making it hard to keep track of every single thing. The first thing you notice is that there are Armor Knights in this battle, but they don’t come into play until you seem to reach a certain point on the level. They are similar to the last battle, where they will defend anyone who is attacked, while taking less damage at the same time. These Knights, however, will heal 5% of their health back at the end of each round, so you’ll need to deal some major damage to them to make a dent.

On the enemy’s first turn, the Ra will Magichange with the Dark Paladin, not really adding anything of benefit, since Evil Eye is still a 5% decrease to your stats either way, and the Behemoths will Magichange with the Freischutz, upping their stats because of Greedy Disposition, but it’s not known by how much since you can’t see their money.

The Mother Brain will pretty much do nothing but buff up her allies, so if you can catch her, take her out as soon as possible. The Boulevard Fighter doesn’t have anything special, but can debuff your DEF by 10% thanks to its Blasting Fist Evility. Depending on which enemy the Knights focus on to protect when they start defending, you might be left with a problematic group when you get to the top with the boss. Note that you need at least a Jump stat of 36 to get there, but can clear everyone out at the bottom and use a throwing character. The Sage in front of the boss has access to all four Tera-tiered spells and the boss itself will do extra damage if it attacks the same character as the previous round.

Where It All Began

Enemies Evility
Lv. 1500 Mysterious Demon Evil Eye, Lock Eyes, Hurricane Blessing, Auto Recovery
Lv. 950 Shadow Master (x2) Mirage, Sharp Eye, Feint, Booster
Lv. 900 Blade Master Bushido, Double Bladed, Gear Repair
Lv. 750 Yelbeghen (x2) Twin Heads, Cross Formation
Lv. 750 Agni Anti-Element, Ruling Penetration, Element Charge, Unity
Lv. 750 Agni Anti-Element, Ruling Penetration, Protection Destruction, Unity
Lv. 750 Black Pudding Gel Body, Poison Gel, Weak Gel
Lv. 750 Jolly Roger (x3) Acceleration Shot, Demonic Marksman, Gun Fight
Lv. 750 God Buster (x2) Rapid Movement, Chi Charging, Counter Dodge

To start off, as soon as you get a level in the Bonus Gauge, summon your own Netherworld to get rid of the Netherworld Effect, which lowers your wind resistance by 50%. That is, unless you have a powerful character with wind spells, as all of the enemies except for the Yelbeghens will have their wind resistance in the negative. On the enemy’s first turn, the two previously mentioned enemies will Magichange with the Blade Master, so she will gain the Twin Heads Evility, allowing her to attack twice if she doesn’t move. Starting off, the God Busters will be your first opponents, with the Jolly Rogers also joining in behind them. The God Busters can hit you from two panels away, thanks to Chi Charging, which doesn’t matter anyway, as they will evade all of your counters due to Counter Dodge.

You’ve encountered the Pirates with the same Evility setup in a previous battle, which is designed to focus on putting distance between you and them. The Shadow Masters and Blade Master will charge your position as soon as they can, and the Shadow Masters’ only annoying bit is that they can cancel your counter attack with Feint. There’s nothing special about the Blade Master, other than the Evilities gained from the Magichanged monsters.

The Lady Samurai will have extra stats from the two Twin Dragons Magichanging with her (left). Don’t forget that Squad Attack hits all enemies that are in a squad together (right).

You should be used to the Sludge class of monsters by now, with the Black Pudding inflicting poison and weaken should you attack with a non-elemental one while next to them. The two Agnis are similar, except each one has one differing Evility; Protection Destruction will weaken your own elemental attacks by 20% if it uses one (all of their skills are fire-based) and Element Charge will increase the one’s power for elemental attacks for every elemental attack used on the map. The only thing to watch out for in regards to the boss is that its wind-based damage is increased by 40% and it has Omega/Tera Wind available.

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