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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Rem Tokimiya

Claire Farnworth
Jarrod Garripoli

With a pure heart and spirit, Rem is probably a surprise to many because people think she lacks the cutthroat mentality needed to be a soldier.

Her inclusion in Class Zero may come as a surprise to many, given her pure heart and inability to lie. She is academically brilliant however, and possesses a strength of spirit which she can draw from in times of need. Rem cares deeply for Machina and you can often find them deep in discussion together. She hides a dark secret from her fellow classmates but struggles to fool Machina who knows her too well.

Rem uses a pair of daggers in battle and can be very quick with her attacks. However, her greatest strength relies in the fact that she is a magical powerhouse, with the highest MP out of the entire party, as well as the highest magic stats (for each one). One skill you will always want equipped is Manalchemy, which can replenish your MP, as well as the party’s.

In addition to that, she carries one of the most important skills in the game, Undying Wish. What this does is cast Reraise on your party for a short time, allowing you to not have to worry about using precious Phoenix Downs (or switching to another character). This even works when summoning an Eidolon, as doing that will kill the party leader.


Name Description AP Cost Prereq
Accelerate Increase movement speed. 3 Level 27
Combo Cast Cast finishing magic after a normal attack. 8 Level 24
Dagger Boomerang Launch daggers to damage enemies. 8 Level 29
Dagger Boomerang: AG Down Reduce AG cost of Dagger Boomerang. 8 Get Dagger Boomerang.
Finishing Cast Cast finishing magic after a Strong Finish. 8 Level 21; Get Strong Finish.
Flying Daggers Launch daggers for a short-ranged but powerful attack. 8 Level 45
Flying Daggers: Power Up Increase power of Flying Daggers. 10 Get Flying Daggers.
Guarded Finish Perform a defensive finishing blow after normal attacks with left analog stick down + normal attack. 4 --
Intel Check status of locked-on targets. -- --
Manalchemy Expend AG to restore MP to user and allies. 3 --
Manalchemy: AG Down Reduce AG cost of Manalchemy. 8 Get Manalchemy.
Name Description AP Cost Prereq
Quick Draw Cast finishing magic after a Guarded Finish. 8 Level 17; Get Guarded Finish.
Quick Draw II Cast level II finishing magic. 12 Get Reflex Cast.
Quick Draw III Cast level III finishing magic. 26 Get Quick Draw II.
Reflex Cast Cast finishing magic after a first attack. 18 Level 28
Seraphim Strike Summon magical energy to deliver a powerful strike from above. 6 Level 25
Seraphim Strike: AG Down Reduce AG cost of Seraphim Strike. 8 Get Seraphim Strike.
Seraphim Strike: Power Up Increase power of Seraphim Strike. 8 Get Seraphim Strike.
Seraphim Strike: Speed Up Increase firing speed of Seraphim Strike. 10 Get Seraphim Strike.
Siphon Delta Generate a field that absorbs MP. 6 Get Siphon Sphere: Time Up.
Siphon Delta: AG Down Reduce AG cost of Siphon Delta. 8 Get Siphon Delta.
Siphon Delta: Power Up Increase power of Siphon Delta. 8 Get Siphon Delta.
Name Description AP Cost Prereq
Siphon Sphere Fire MP-draining energy orbs that can hit multiple times. 3 Level 14
Siphon Sphere: Range Up Increase range of Siphon Sphere. 4 Get Siphon Sphere.
Siphon Sphere: Time Up Siphon Sphere remains active for a longer time. 6 Get Siphon Sphere: Range Up.
Slipstream Execute any number of dodges in succession. 4 Get Triple Slip.
Strong Finish Perform a powerful finishing blow after normal attacks with left analog stick up + normal attack. 6 Level 19
Triple Slip Execute up to three dodges in succession. 3 Level 11
Twinspell Equip two spells at once. -- --
Undying Wish Grant Reraise to all allies for a brief period of time. 3 Level 15
Undying Wish: AG Down Reduce AG cost of Undying Wish. 6 Get Undying Wish.
Untouchable Window for dodging increases. 5 Get Slipstream.
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