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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 28-04-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 01-04-2020 / 04:13 GMT

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide

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Town Tasks

Almost every single town in the game will have a Task available for you, which usually involves killing a specific number of creatures around the town. While liberating the towns are specific to certain timeframes, the Tasks in them are not and can be done at any time.

A Vogue Dilemma (McTighe)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 3 Lesser Coeurls Silver Bracelet
Amane wants you to defeat 3 Lesser Coeurls, which can be found in Corsi Cave. If you haven't visited it yet, Corsi Cave is located by the mountains north-northeast of McTighe and has enemies around level 22 inside of it. Lesser Coeurls are very common inside of the dungeon and you'll be able to fulfill the Task in the first room.

Spelunk and Search (Aqvi)

Requirement Reward
Retrieve 1 Fire Shard Ferric Ring
Fire Shards are items dropped by Bombs and despite the description saying to go to Corsi Cave, Bombs also appear on the plains of Rubrum. So you can either chance it by fighting random encounters on the overworld in Rubrum or go into Corsi Cave, where you're guaranteed to fight a Bomb. You might not even need to find a Bomb, since you might have a Fire Shard in your inventory already.

Bragging Rights (Corsi)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 10 Aqua Flans HP Enhancer
Aqua Flans can be found on the plains of Rubrum and you'll have to defeat 10 of them, so this might take a little while to complete. If you happen to get into a battle with some and have the option to continue fighting that group, then do so to reduce the amount of time needed for the Task. Just be careful, as the enemies' levels will rise, so it's possible they might get too tough for you.

Note: The HP Enhancer item will allow you to tack on an additional 100 HP to any character’s Max HP by going to a save point, choosing Promotion and then Stats.

Tonic with a Bang (Keziah)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 4 Bombs 3 Blaze Armlets
Nenji requires you to go to Northern Corridor to defeat the necessary Bombs for this Task. To get there, go to North Togoreth and as soon as you enter the region, go west to find the entrance. The enemies in this dungeon are around level 31 and the very first room will have enough Bombs for the Task.

Dam-sir in Distress (Mi-Go)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 10 Hundlegs Aegis Tertia, Vol. II
Pay careful attention to what the Task says in its description, as Mi-Go is in the North Togoreth region and the Task asks you to defeat the Hundlegs on the **plains of Togoreth** . So, you'll need to go south of North Togoreth to Togoreth and make sure you do the random encounters on the plains portion of the map, and not the forests. Once you get your ten Hundlegs, return to the NPC.

The People’s Hero (Iscah)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 2 Imperial Commanders Sentinel Emblem
Commanders are those enemies with an orange-colored arrow over their heads. Just run around on the plains right outside of the town until you manage to track down 2 Commanders, which might take a while. The Commander will always be of the Supersoldier-type and will be accompanied by two regular troopers.

Challenged by a Child (Rokol)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 6 Evil Eyes MP Enhancer
This shouldn't prove too difficult, as you simply need to go outside of the city and get into random encounters until you find some Evil Eyes. They should usually be found with some Electric Flans and typically show up in groups of three or so, so two or three battles will suffice.

The Dungeon Master’s Dare (Meroe)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 1 Behemoth Ignis Magnum
While it appears that this might be a simple Task for you, it can prove quite challenging. You see, the Behemoths in Bethnel Caverns, which is literally right next to Meroe, are level 55. That means you will want to be an appropriate level before venturing inside. The good thing is that the first Behemoth you come across will be alone, so you only have to worry about that one.

A majority of the Tasks in the towns will have you defeating some monsters near the town, with some requiring you to go into a dungeon or two.

Buzzkill on the Beach (Toguagh)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 1 Dracoknight Diamond Shield
The Dracoknight in question is at the Innsmouth Coast, which is in the Innsmouth region. You will need a chocobo for this, as you will need to cross shallow water soon. Innsmouth is located south of Eibon, where Toguagh is located and once you're in Innsmouth, keep crossing the shallow sections of water, jumping from island to island, until you enter a spot. As soon as you enter, you'll find the Dracoknight (called a Coastal Warden), so defeat him and return to Toguagh.

Stamp Out the Stragglers (Cetme)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 20 Imperial Troopers Quake Killer
This is a pretty simple Task that is only hindered by the fact that you need a total of 20 Imperial Troopers. When you run into them outside of town, they will be named Stragglers and they are the ones you want. If you get the chance to keep fighting them after a battle, do that to help lessen the time needed to keep running around for random encounters.

Do Unto Others (Roshana)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 15 Mandragoras Gold Anklet
Mandragoras are the little plant-like creatures and can be found right outside of the town (be careful of the Malboro roaming the overworld if it's close to the town). They are plentiful once you get into a battle with them, although it may take a while to find that battle.

Prevailing over Prejudice (Rama)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 2 Marduks Crystal Shard
You may remember the Marduk you encountered during Operation MA Demolition, in the sewers, which was grossly overleveled compared to your characters. These are not those, but they look the same. As the Task description mentions, you can find the Marduks in the forests in the region and all you need to do is defeat two of them.

Rumble in the Ruins (Bazz)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 1 Iron Giant Growth Egg
Silent Key, where the Iron Giants are located, is located in the southwest corner of the overworld. The place is littered with both Iron Giants and Red Giants, which act the same. They like to buff themselves with many things, like Protect, Regen and Invincible, especially many times over when near death. In fact, you cannot kill them normally and will need to wait until a Killsight appears after one of their attacks to finally put them down.

A Watchdog’s Wish (Azurr)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 8 Floating Eyes Gold Bangle, MPV-B2 Trunk Key
As per the Task description, go into the forests in the region and keep going until you find Floating Eyes, which as you guessed from the name are the flying eyeballs. The only annoying thing is that Evil Eyes also spawn in the region, so you have to pay attention to which ones you're killing. The easiest way, besides the name, is that Floating Eyes are level 40 and Evil Eyes are level 51.

Boom or Bust (Shakara)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 10 Bombs Blaze Armlet
You simply need to go out into the Rilochy region and get into fights until you find Bombs. There's really nothing more to it than that.

Plight of the Pilgrims (Rilochy)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 10 Flame Flans Mythril Gloves
As with the Task in Shakara, simply go out into the Rilochy Province and keep getting into fights until you find Flame Flans. If you have the option to continue fighting after finishing one, then do that to cut the time needed for getting into random encounters.

A Tonberry in Need (Amiter)

Requirement Reward
Defeat 99 Lesser Lopros Grand Bangle
No, that is not a typo above, as you actually need to defeat 99 of the Lesser Lopros that can be found around Amiter. They are similar to the Wingverns you fought during missions against the Concordia Empire and it is very annoying to have to hunt them down, since only one will appear in a battle at a time. However, in order to get a l'Cie Crystal from Amiter, you will be required to do this Task.

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