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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 28-04-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 02-07-2020 / 11:18 GMT


Chapter 5 Tasks

Free Time 5.1 Tasks

Name Location Description Reward
Mad About Ms. Tokimiya III Fountain Courtyard Have Rem earn S-Rank in "Covering the Cadets" Expert Trial Gold Bangle
Monster Pursuit IV Central Command Defeat 6 Bombs in Jubanla Region 5 X-Potions
Mother Says II Sorcery Defeat 30 enemies with Blizzard BOM 12 Jeweled Rings
Sanative Supplier IV Main Gate Procure 1 Phoenix Down Mythril Gloves
Secret Agent Agito IV Crystarium Find proof of Cactuar's existence Ballistic Shield
Slayer's Spoils IV Armory Retrieve 7 Fire Shards Thunderbolt Armlet
SPP Scavenger IV Lounge Earn 800 SPP and turn into NPC 3 Megalixirs
The Phantoma Menace IV Sorcery Harvest 7 Cyan Phantoma and turn into NPC Crystal Shard

Here are some notes for the Tasks above:

  • "Mad about Ms. Tokimiya III" requires you to finish the Expert Trial mentioned solo, with no backup from SP and no one in reserves with Rem, with an S-Rank. You can't die (obviously) and must finish the mission in under 24 minutes with 140 Phantoma harvested. However, since you're doing it solo and there's no difficulty requirement, you just need a C-rank for one of the three categories while getting A on the other two (which will get the S-rank overall).
  • You can go to the Arena to defeat 30 enemies with Blizzard BOM. Note that you will need a Jeweled Ring (the reward) for a later Task in Chapter 7.
  • Fire Shards are dropped by normal Bombs and Flame Flans. Go to Corsi Cave and you will encounter Bombs there if you don't have enough already.
  • To get to the Jubanla Region, you have to go directly west from Mi-Go in the North Togoreth region to find a cave called Northern Corridor. Go through it and you'll be in the Jubanla region.
  • For "Secret Agent Agito IV", you need to look in one of four locations for a Cactuar who will randomly appear. These locations are Airship Landing, Terrace, Chocobo Ranch and Back Garden. When you happen to spot it, the Cactuar will drop an item, one of which can be the **Cactuar Flower** , the item you need for the Task.

You can play this Expert Trial on any difficulty (left). After you find the Cactuar, it will drop the Cactuar Blossom (right).

Free Time 5.2 Tasks

Name Location Description Reward
An Education in Love II Fountain Courtyard Retrieve 1 Diamond Ore Good-Luck Charm
Commander's Orders II Terrace Land 20 Breaksight/Killsight strikes Shock Shield
Monster Pursuit V Central Command Defeat 1 Striker in forest of Eibon 10 Elixirs
Sanative Supplier V Main Gate Procure 3 Mega-Potions Platinum Gloves
Secret Agent Agito V Crystarium Capture 3 Imperial Troopers in forests of Meroe Protector Ring
Slayer's Spoils V Armory Retrieve 2 Beast Fleshs Gold Bangle
SPP Scavenger V Lounge Earn 1000 SPP and turn into NPC 5 Phoenix Downs
The Phantoma Menace V Sorcery Harvest 10 Sepia Phantomas and turn into NPC Crystal Shard

Here are some notes about the Tasks above:

  • The Diamond Ore and the Beast Flesh items are both in Bethnel Caverns, a dungeon located right next to the town of Meroe. This dungeon is inhabited by level 55-56 Behemoths, so you should be of appropriate level so you don't get immediately knocked out by them.
  • As with previous ones, do the 20 Breaksight/Killsight strikes in the Arena to save free time.
  • Remember to go into the forests in the Eibon region to get the Striker, because those will be the only ones that count.
  • Capture the 3 Imperial Troopers before finishing "A Charge on the Border" Expert Trial.

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    28 April 2015
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