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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 28-04-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 22-02-2020 / 09:12 GMT

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide

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Other Sidequests

lCie Crystal Locations

L’Cie are akin to demi-gods, blessed with tremendous power above that of mere mortals. They are given a Focus (a task) to complete by the Crystal they serve, and upon completing it successfully, they turn to crystal. Sometimes, shards of these crystallized l’Cie will break off and thus, you have the l’Cie Stones.

There is an NPC in Iscah, named Atra, who can look at these crystals and interpret the last words of these l’Cie. Bring him all 43 crystals hidden throughout the world and a special shop will open up, with powerful accessories.

Town-Related Crystals

Each town in the world of Orience houses one of these crystals, with most of them requiring you to complete a sidequest in order to obtain it. However, there are three cities that simply have the crystal laying on the ground, which are Corsi, Meroe and Bazz.

Town Name Crystal Location
Corsi Kayahara In the center of the town, on the ground.
Meroe Suzusu In an alley on the east side of town.
Cetme Ehm At the top of the fourth flight of stairs, behind a Dominion soldier.
Bazz Jogge By the base of some stairs, in an alcove.
Akademeia Yugino Dropped by Cactuar (Terrace, Airship Landing, Chocobo Ranch or Back Garden).


Begin this sidequest by talking to the mayor, who is the only person sitting down. He wants to make a speech, but no one will gather, so he wants you to talk to the people around town to tell them that a speech will occur. All you have to do is talk to each person once, with a single person needed in groups. However, there are also people inside of their houses who need informing, so go to each one (there will be a marker when you approach the door) to get every last person. Once you have all of them, talk to the mayor to get Mizu’a’s Crystal .


Near the open area, there is a little girl named Nazuna standing under a tree. Talk to her to find out she’s waiting for her sister to come back. After talking to her, find one of the kids running around and talk to them, then return to Nazuna. Keep doing this until Nazuna runs away, which is your cue to go to the town’s entrance and speak with the Dominion soldier in the red hood. She will give you a letter for Nazuna, so return to her to give it, and she’ll give you Yu’u’s Crystal .


The Dominion Quaestor at the entrance will ask you to deliver missives to ten people in the town. You will get one missive at a time and won’t be able to move onto the next one without delivering the previous one first.

  • **Cressida** - To the left of where you enter the town (exit to back).
  • **Iona** - Immediately to the right of where you enter.
  • **Anna-Lena** - Up the hill and to the left; the second set of big doors.
  • **Kycilia** - Up the hill and to the right; the doors all the way at the end.
  • **Thalassa** - Up the hill and to the right; the only other door.
  • **Kakia** - The door just past the save point.
  • **Cycoco** - Up the hill and to the left; door at the far end.
  • **Madeline** - Go past the save point and all the way to the end.
  • **Marga** - First door up the hill and to the left.
  • **Dorothea** - The name for this one is messed up, so you'll need to ask around first. Go to the guy at the dead end past the save point, who says the letter needs to go to Dorothea, who is located up the hill and on the right, past the first door (the one with two pillars out front).
Return to the Quaestor to receive **Lazuline's Crystal** .

WARNING: Leaving Keziah will reset the sidequest, meaning you’ll have to start over from the beginning, as we found out to our chagrin.

A few towns will have a l'Cie Crystal on the ground (left). Most, however, will require you to do a short sidequest in the town, with the Crystal as a reward (right).


When you enter the town, you will see four guys standing around each other straight ahead. They are trying to pick up some girls and ask you for advice. Reply with the following:

  • Just be casual with her.
  • With a friendly "Heya!"
  • Smart colors, like a sauve navy.
  • Get a wild and sexy tan.
Answer all of them correctly and you will be able to receive **Yuka's Crystal** from one of them.


You won’t be able to do this until Chapter 7, which is when Iscah is rebuilt. You’ll find the mayor of the town standing next to a chest, so talk to him twice and the kid standing next to the chest will steal what’s inside. Talk to the mayor one more time and agree to help him.

The kid will be in an area down some stairs after climbing the stairs next to the mayor, next to some barrels. Tell him to give it back and he’ll say he’s lost it, so return to the mayor and tell him what happened. Go past the shop and talk to Atra, who mentions a yellow monster stole it. Now, go back up the stairs by the mayor and turn right, going to the end to find a chocobo. Agree to go along with everything to get the Jewel of Iscah, and then return it to the mayor to receive Shamhat’s Crystal .

Note: Talking to the mayor in Iscah after completing the above sidequest will allow you to visit the secret shop at night, where you can buy some rare accessories, one of which is the Iceblade Hilt. There are also "fragile" accessories, which can break.


A Dominion Citizen wants to find out some juicy gossip from people visiting from Akademeia, so he asks that you go around asking if they have anything to contribute. There’s a total of six people you can talk to who will speak of secrets and once you do, return to the Citizen to get Maona’s Crystal .


Find the man sitting down not too far in, with a kid standing next to him. Speak to him and he’ll ask for some help with a sketch, since he’s nearsighted. Answer the questions with the following to get Kanna’s Crystal :

  • It's hexagonal.
  • About thirty feet.
  • Granite gray.


Talk to Yukisato and do the "Prevailing over Prejudice" Task. Turn it in and you’ll be able to enter the town by talking to the NPC in front of the gate. There’s another person standing in front of the northern gate, who asks for a countersign. This is random and changes upon entering the town every single time, but the NPC to the right of the town’s entrance will give a hint (it’s a numerical hint).

For example, the NPC might say that she settles for second-best, meaning the second answer out of the three will be the correct choice. Do this a total of five times for the eastern gate to drop, which is where you’ll find Caelan’s Crystal on the ground (it might be a little hard to see).


Similar to Rama, you’ll have to do the Task here, which requires you to defeat 15 Mandragoras in the region (it might be best to stay out of the forests though). Turn it in and talk to the Dominion Quaestor at the base of the ramp, who says to tell the soldier at the top of another nearby ramp to report to her. You know it’s the right person, as there’s an item on the ground under her feet. That is Augusta’s Crystal .


Do the Task in the town to defeat 10 Bombs and once you do, turn it in. After that, talk to the one lady nearby, who will go on about her son. Reply with "Oh, that sounds interesting" and keep talking to her until she mentions a gemstone, then talk one more time to find out she dropped it.

That’s your cue to talk to one of the NPCs wandering around, saying he found a gemstone and sold it. Find the other ramp heading up in the town and speak to the NPC on the right, who will sell you it for 20 Hi-Potions. Trade him those to get Anatidus’ Crystal .


There is a line of people at the front gate of the town, so stand at the end until you see the gate open up. Go straight ahead and talk to the Kingdom Citizen at the end, who asks if you want to donate any money. Donate 100 gil a total of ten times (1,000 gil; you’ll have to exit the town and re-enter, doing the above again for each 100) and you’ll receive Daphnia’s Crystal .


This is one of the more annoying crystals to get, since you are required to do the Task in the town first, which is to defeat 99 (yes, that many) Lesser Lopros around Amiter. Once you finish that enormous Task and turn it in, go outside the town and wait until the weather gets foggy. When it does, go back into Amiter and speak with the Tonberry by the last ramp to get Albus’ Crystal .


There is a Dominion Citizen near the entrance to the town who has lost his car keys. In order to get them, you will have to do the Task in the town, asking you to defeat 8 Floating Eyes in the forests. One of the rewards for this is a Trunk Key, which you can give to the man from before to open the back of his truck. In the back of the truck will be Aloe’s Crystal .

Deserted House

This isn’t really a town, but it’s a place you can enter in the Old Lorica Region, in the forest. L’Cie Anshar’s Crystal can be found on the porch, right by the save point.

Besides towns, you will also find l'Cie Crystals on the overworld (left) and in dungeons (right).

Overworld Crystals

These are the locations of all of the l’Cie Crystals that can be found on the overworld map. Note that you can grab them while riding on a chocobo.

Region Crystal Location
Innsmouth Aarmad Northeastern tip of the northeast area.
Rilochy Argenia On the little peninsula directly south of the town of Rilochy.
Meroe Caetuna Found on a cliffside to the west of Meroe and Bethnel Caverns.
Northern Valley Enlil Found at the end of the valley on the west side.
East Nesher Jorug From Gewehr Base, go across the bridge just by it and the crystal is on the shoreline immediately west.
Eibon Kiyosaki Just north of the forests on the northernmost tip of the map.
Old Lorica Qun'mi Go north of the Deserted House, following the outer ring of the blast site to find it on the western side of the ring (towards the middle).
Region Crystal Location
West Nesher Rhiane In the northwest corner of the region, near the shoreline.
Iscah Rino'i On top of the southwestern structure in the middle of region (hard to see, but it's towards the western side when on top).
Roshana Tenebra At the tip of the piece of land that juts in towards the middle of the map.
Cetme Theo At western tip of the large chasm on the map.
Mahamayuri Vesta At the end of the long road leading towards the palace (get after completing Kingdoms' Final Hours).
Azurr Wehrer There's a bridge in the northern part of the map and the crystal is on the west side of the bridge.
Jubanla Ziusudra On the western side of the bridge, just north of it.
Berith Desert Siduri In southeast corner.

Dungeon Crystals

All of these l’Cie Crystals are located inside dungeons, although not every dungeon will have a Crystal inside them. Should you need help locating them, check the individual sections for each dungeon.

Dungeon Crystal Location
Silent Key Satori Found in Area 13 (Setzer Flightdeck).
Innsmouth Coast Clareus Found on the east side, next to some plants.
Bethnel Caverns Urshnabi Found in Area 12 (Bed of the Behemoths).
Mount Jubanla Kaimanu Found in Area 10 (Eastern Smaughead).
Blast Site Erragal Found in Area 9 (Sanctum Access).
Valley of Monsters Nimrud Found in Area 6 (Rotten Ravine).
Tower of Agito Tagisu Found next to save point in area between Third and Fourth Chambers.

Final Dungeon

There are two Crystals located in the final dungeon, after clearing all of Cid’s Crucibles. Once you have completed them all, you will be in a long hallway, where you will slowly move forward. Approach the large crystal to see two cutscenes, then you can grab the two Crystals on the ground. We are purposely not telling you the names, as it gives away major plot spoilers.

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