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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 28-04-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 02-06-2020 / 23:12 GMT

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide

2 weeks ago · Guide Information

Chapter 2 - Raise the Vermilion Banner

The Cadets First Deployment (Level 12)

S-Rank Requirements

Time Phantoma Casualties
06:00 48 0

Notable Special Orders

Performance Evaluation Time Limit Effect Reward
Fight your way through the enemy ambush. (3) 05:00 Protect 0:30 Elixir
Crush the enemy defense point with a frontal attack. (4) 05:00 Haste 0:15 Ferric Ring
Destroy the fuel tank. (8) 05:00 Endure Megalixir

Remember that when your free time is all used up, you will automatically be brought to mission day, although you can start it yourself by speaking with the one person at Central Command. Once mission day arrives, you will need to go to Classroom Zero and speak with Kurasame to get your orders, then exit Akademeia via the Main Gate.

On the overworld, go to the first town you see to officially begin your first mission. You will be brought to the party screen, where you assemble your team. The first screen allows you to choose who to bring into the mission as reserves, and you can bring in everyone if you want. Any characters highlighted in gold will get Primed status, which boosts their attack and defense during the mission.

Veteran FF players will recognise the World Map (left). The Overworld is where random battles (right) take place and where you can visit towns and dungeons like you would any other FF.

Note: If one of your characters should happen to fall in battle, you can press up on the D-pad to replace them with one of your Reserves.

Squad Composition: Try and have a balanced party consisting of a melee attacker, a ranged character and someone who can use healing abilities. Also bear in mind that members only gain EXP when in battle so try and bring your best characters for a new Mission or Expert Trial. Tasks or replays can be handled by lower level members.

Upon choosing your reserves, you can change equipment if you want, then you pick your active party, which can consist of three characters. With that done, you can actually start the mission. Note that you will get a prompt on whether to accept backup or not from cadets and other comrades. If you accept, then your characters will be randomly replaced at times by AI characters that you can't switch to. Doing this will earn you SSP, which allows you to purchase some things from a specific shop in Akademeia. On your first run through of a Mission, always say No as it can mess up your Report Card and make it more difficult. Save them for replays.

The characters highlighted in gold are Primed (left) and will get a boost for participating in the mission. SP Support (right) should really be kept to replays of Missions where you can farm to your heart's content.

Tip: If a Mission goes awry, there is an option to Abort in the menu. Quitting the Mission in this way allows you to keep all the EXP you earned (though you lose items and SPP) making you that little bit stronger for next time!

1 - McTighe Midtown 1

With all of that out of the way, upon entering McTighe you will see some Imperial Troopers running away, so chase after them and kill them to open the gate they closed. Instead of going through it, though, go down the other path right next to where you started to find a Fortified Ration 50% or a Combat Ration (50%) . In the next area, there will be more Troopers, as well as two different ways you can go.

2 - McTighe Midtown 2

Follow the arrow on your mini-map to continue with the main objective for the mission, but the other way is optional. Go east for now and fight off some more Troopers. Pick up the Knowing Tag from the dead soldier's body before venturing to the area beyond that.

3 - McTighe Midtown 3

There will be an enemy leader here, as well as a First Aid Kit (50%) or a Strength Serum (50%) at the end of the dead end path. Completing SOs throughout the mission will get you some great rewards, especially the Enemy Ambush one.

Return to area 2 and take the northern path this time.

When you see the Incoming message (left) you can press the Touchpad on PS4, or View on Xbox One to view the SO (right). Each one is different but the rewards can be very useful!

4 - Imperial Line

You'll encounter some Troopers behind barricades on a flight of stairs. A ranged character, such as Ace or Trey's arrows, will be able to hit the soldiers, while melee characters will need to destroy the barriers first. This can be challenging, though, as there are Autoturrets at the top of the stairs, which will open fire when you go after the second set of soldiers. You can use Blizzard-BOM to bring the barricades down quickly and then rush the turrets from behind before they can cut you down. There is also an SO for a frontal assault here if you want a good prize.

To open the way to the next area, you'll have to destroy the Autoturrets previously mentioned, which will make an enemy leader appear. Thus, destroy the first two Autoturrets, then take a left-handed U-turn at the top of the stairs, moving past the warehouse. The enemy CO will appear, along with two Troopers, so defeat them all to be able to continue.

Long-ranged characters like Trey (left) can kill off the enemies behind the barriers with ease. A smart way to destroy them with melee characters is to Harvest Phantoma (right) from enemies dead next to them.

5 - McTighe Midtown 4

There are some stairs behind the first set of Autoturrets, however, that lead to another area with more Troopers and a Fortified Ration (50%) or a Combat Ration (50%) at a dead end (there's two paths leading to this area). Head east back to where you came and then northeast to the next area.

6 - McTighe Midtown 5

There are two enemies on a ledge you can't reach normally, so unless you have a ranged character, ignore them. In fact, you can rush straight to the next area, bypassing the enemies along the way.

7 - Mctighe Midtown 6

Although it looks like there's just a single enemy here (a leader), there are a never-ending supply of Snipers on balconies on the buildings, so keep an eye out for them. Pass through the Demolished Square area, stopping to pick up the Medical Kit (50%)/Fortified Ration (50%) in the southwest corner on your way through and you'll be in the final section.

8 - Imperial Command

The enemy CO here is the final enemy you have to defeat, who is in a Nymurod with a lot of health.

The enemy leader isn't alone, however, as there will be Troopers that seem to infinitely spawn throughout the fight. Two will start out behind barriers, while the rest will appear near the entrance to the area. There's also an explosive tank right next to the leader, so if you target that and hit it (or use an Area of Effect attack next to it), it should do some damage to any enemies in the vicinity (it is also an SO task too). Once you've taken out the enemy leader, then the mission will be over.

Target the fuel tank for the SO (left) and unleash a Blizzard-BOM next to it (right). This will destroy it, completing the SO and doing massive damage to Major Massena.

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