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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 28-04-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 06-04-2020 / 21:36 GMT

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide

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Chapter 7 Tasks

Free Time 7.1 Tasks

Name Location Description Reward
An Innocent Favor Sorcery Bring Quon a Jeweled Ring Dominion Helm
Hazardous Material Armory Retrieve 1 Dark Matter Diamond Ring
Last Days of Lorica Armory Bring Ryid back a Lorican Diary Crystal Gloves
Lost in Translation Classroom Zero Land 30 Breaksight/Killsight strikes Shock Armor
Monster Pursuit VI Central Command Defeat 10 Ankhegs in Old Lorica 3 Megalixirs
Sanative Supplier VI Main Gate Procure 3 Mega-Remedies 10 X-Potions
Secret Agent Agito VI Crystarium Retrieve Kurasame's Knowing Tag X-Potion
Slayer's Spoils VI Armory Retrieve 10 Turtle Shells from Innsmouth Coast Diamond Gloves
SPP Scavenger VI Lounge Earn 1500 SPP and turn into NPC 5 Phoenix Pinions
The Phantoma Menace VI Sorcery Harvest 15 Mauve Phantomas and turn into NPC Magic: Thunder MIS

Here are some notes about the Tasks above:

  • "Secret Agent Agito VI" is available as part of **Kazusa's sidequest** .
  • You get **12 Jeweled Rings** as a reward for "Mother Says II" in Chapter 5 and as long as you keep one from those, you'll be fine.
  • The Malboro for Mutsuki's Task is located just outside Roshana and is level 50. Defeat and harvest its Phantoma to get the item needed.
  • The Lorican Diary is located in the Blast Site dungeon (the big hole in the north part of the overworld), which houses level 72-73 enemies, and to get to it, you need to pass through Black Tortoise Crevasse, another dungeon that has the same level range. Once inside the Blast Site, the Lorican Diary will be a shiny item on the ground in the 6th room.
  • Go to the Arena to get the Breaksight/Killsight strikes done.
  • Old Lorica is located west of the Jubanla Region, which is accessed by going through the Northern Corridor just west of Mi-Go.
  • To find the enemy with the Turtle Shell items, go to Innmouth region and use chocobos to cross the shallow waters until you find a spot that is separate from the overworld map. Here, you will find the Adamantoise enemy, which drops the Turtle Shell when you harvest its Phantoma. Exit and re-enter, killing the Adamantoise until you get the number needed.
  • Mauve is the second tier of Purple Phantomas, so use the same idea from the Purple Phantoma task and farm higher-leveled enemies.

A lot of these quests require you to be a high level (left). You can find the Knowing Tag near Lady Caetuna's l'Cie crystal (right).

Note: If you wish to complete some of the Tasks below, then you will need to get the Setzer airship.

Free Time 7.2 Tasks

Name Location Description Reward
Monster Pursuit VII Central Command Defeat 6 Sand Worms in the Berith Desert Diamond Bangle
Probing into the Past II Crystarium Retrieve a Lost Tome in Silent Key Gold Anklet
Sanative Supplier VII Main Gate Procure 5 Megalixirs Stalwart Ring
Secret Agent Agito VII Crystarium Capture 10 Imperial Troopers Ballistic Shield
Slayer's Spoils VII Armory Retrieve 1 Darksoul Swarm Soul of Thamasa
SPP Scavenger VII Lounge Earn 2,000 SPP and turn into NPC Crystal Ball
The Chancellor's Challenge Central Command Raise SP Rank to Commander Formal Attire
The Phantoma Menace VII Sorcery Harvest 1 Ivory Phantoma and turn into NPC Crystal Shard

Here are some notes about the Tasks above:

  • The Darksoul Swarm is found on the fifth floor of the Tower of Agito, which requires quite a bit of preparation. All of the enemies are level 128 and you have to fight a lot of enemies per floor, so it's best to leave this as one of the final things you can do.
  • For "Secret Agent Agito", you have to go to the forests of East Nesher, which requires you to at least start "Colonel Faith's Last Stand".
  • Silent Key is a dungeon located in the southwest corner of the map and requires you to finish the Expert Trial "Operation Homecoming". Do that, get the Task in the town of Bazz and go to the dungeon. The Lost Tome will be in one of the rooms, as a sparkling item on the ground. You also need to hit all of the switches here for the Setzer airship.
  • Berith Desert is only accessible via the airship and you will encounter Sand Worms as random encounters. The enemies on the map are level 99 versions of the Sand Worms.
  • The Commander rank for accumulating SP is set at 20,000 in total.
  • Ivory Phantoma is one of the rarest kinds in the game and might seem random at first. There's only a 2% chance to get one when you score a Killsight on elemental-type enemies. Another one would be scoring Killsights on high-level enemies.

Guide Information

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    28 April 2015
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  • Guide Author
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