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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 28-04-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 06-04-2020 / 02:22 GMT

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Chapter 2 - Raise the Vermilion Banner

Operation Reconquista RTS (Level 13)

RTS missions are very different to the usual ones. You are placed on the Overworld with specific objectives to complete and cities to occupy.

Note: RTS missions change the squad loadout a little. During town invasions, the ones who are at the top of your Reserves list will enter the fray along with the active leader. With this in mind, put your favored characters at the top!

S-Rank Requirements

Time Objectives Casualties
20:00 9 0

You can clearly see the layout and where each objective requires you to go. Follow each step with us and you will be fine.

Occupy Domain 1

This mission plays out a bit differently than previous ones, as it will begin when you step out onto the overworld. You will notice that you don’t have a full party and will only control one character while on the overworld in this mission. Your objective is to help reclaim the city of Corsi from the enemy. Trey is an excellent character to use for RTS missions as his arrows can damage enemy units quickly.

You will notice some friendly troops leaving a nearby city and clashing with some enemy troops from another city, which will happen over and over. Begin by moving forward and attacking the enemy troops, allowing your side to slowly inch forward until they can reach Domain 1, which is your main objective for the moment.

Enemy troops will not attack you unless you’re nearby and attacking them, but you can mitigate the damage done to you by attacking them from the rear. When troops approach domains and strongholds, that particular spot will stop deploying troops and a shield icon will appear. You won’t be able to attack the base/city directly and will have to rely on your troops to do it.

Once you take over domains/strongholds, you can stand next to them to recover MP, as well as dispatch troops from them. Do this with Domain 1 and choose either of the two troop types, then direct them to go towards Aqvi (after you destroy the Autoturret). However, there’s a slight problem, as Domain 1 is under fire from an Autoturret, which is in the nearby forest.

Moglin has special objectives you can complete, namely destroying the Autoturret (left). Once you have control over a town, you can send troops to attack another objective (right).

Destroy the Autoturret

Quickly head to its location and keep attacking until it is destroyed, then continue the assault on Aqvi. The towns are a bit different than the domains, as they will have an extra layer of defense, where they regenerate their health over time, meaning you’re going to need at least two sets of troops on it to outdamage the healing. To actually capture the town, you’ll need to invade the town, which you do by appoaching it and selecting "yes."

Invading Aqvi

Once inside the town, you will have five minutes to defeat the enemy commander. He’s in the first area, but will escape as soon as you go after the other Troopers. After clearing the first section, go to the second to find more enemies, including a Nymurod and the enemy commander. Take them down and you’ll be tasked with collecting five Phantoma. Do that and the town will be yours.

Attack on Corsi

You’ll be back on the overworld and will need to start your assault on Corsi. The problem is that the enemies will attack back by going straight after McTighe with a strong unit (mechs), which results in a Game Over should it fall. The best thing to do here is to use the Azuma unit to go after Domain 2, then have everyone else go after Corsi while you attack the Warrior units to slow down their deployment enough so they don’t get too close to McTighe. Don’t use a chocobo to attack them as they don’t pack enough of a punch. Trey is a good idea here.

Upon taking over Domain 2, the troops you sent there will immediately go after Corsi. They won’t meet any resistance and will start attacking the city, allowing you to finish up any Warriors and have the rest of your troops get to Corsi. Once its shield is down, invade Corsi like you did with Aqvi.

Warrior Units will head for McTighe (left) so hop on your chocobo and head over. Smash them on foot though (right) as its faster. McTighe can only take so much of a beating from them.

Main Street

The path ahead is blocked by more barricades and Troopers. Blizzard-BOM still works a treat on the barriers as do ranged characters. You can also kill the troops from range and then harvest Phantoma to break the barriers. Move to the alley ahead for the next area.

Angular Alley

You will find three Troopers in the center of the alley with snipers on the balconies on the sides. Further ahead will be some new enemies; Shock Troopers. They carry large shields with them and will pummel you with them if you get too close. To deal with them, either counter them after they attack, where they will lift their shields just enough to get an attack in or sneak behind them. Head to the Town Square once you’ve defeated them.

Town Square

Lieutenant Hamilton is found inside a Magitek Armor complete with increased HP and damage just to make things more interesting. Avoid standing in front of him as he will charge you so keep moving and dodge when you see his attack. Inflict damage from behind where possible or from afar.

If you wish to do some shopping, you can return to Corsi. Purchase the Sexy Swimsuit needed for a task later if you want. See the Side Quests section for further details. You can also go to Aqvi for another shop. Purchasing a Teleport Stone may be a good idea at this stage as it allows you to teleport out of any location (when not on a Mission) and away from trouble.

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