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Gotham Knights

All Freaks Enemies and Crimes

Scott Peers

This page details all of the enemy types from the Freaks faction, including their weaknesses and how to defeat them. We’ll also cover the types of crimes that you’ll encounter which are committed by the Freaks.

Freaks Enemy Types

There are four main enemy types in the Freaks faction: Brawler, Bulldozer, Firestarter, and Juicer. Each one of these enemy types have different versions, known as Veterans and Champions. You can essentially think of these as just improved variants on the same theme, with the Veterans and Champions generally inflicted more damage, and being more difficult to kill.


“The Freaks rely on bar room fighting techniques. Not too tough one-on-one, but they rarely travel alone, so be careful not to get surrounded”.

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Brawler Normal Fire Toxic N/A
Veteran Brawler Fire Fire Toxic N/A
Champion Brawler Fire Fire Toxic Armored Attack

The Brawlers are generally the weakest and most common Freaks enemy. They wield simple weapons, mostly in the form of a type of mace, and they’re fairly easy to kill alone. Things become tricker when they have backup from the other enemy types though, so you’ll either want to kill them quickly or focus on defeating the more dangerous Firestarters and Bulldozers first. Either way, Brawlers should be the least of your worries during a Freaks crime, but keep in mind that their Veteran and Champion variants can be much tougher, and they also inflict fire damage!


“Can take a beating and give one right back. Their shield makes it tough to get a hit in and their size makes it tough to make the hit count.”

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Bulldozer Concussive, Fire Fire Toxic Guard, Armored Attack
Veteran Bulldozer Concussive, Fire Fire Toxic Guard, Armored Attack

As you can see from the breakdown table above, there isn’t any difference between the enemy types for Bulldozers in terms of basic stats and abilities. Both of these are able to perform Armored Attacks which will knock you down if they hit, and you won’t be able to interrupt or block them, so you’ll need to be ready to dodge. Their Guard also makes it difficult to land hits with light attacks, so you’ll need to open with a heavy attack to break their Guard first, or use a Momentum Ability to break through it. The main difference between the Regular and Veteran Bulldozer is that the latter has improved defenses and greater attack damage, making them generally more difficult to kill and potentially more deadly.


“Not adept fighters, preferring instead to stand outside of combat and log Molotovs. Keep an eye on them and make sure you stay out of throwing range.”

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Firestarter Fire Fire Toxic N/A
Veteran Firestarter Fire Fire Toxic N/A
Champion Firestarter Fire Fire Toxic N/A

The three types of Firestarters are similar to Bulldozers in that they don’t gain any new special abilities, and there’s no change to their basic damage, resistance, and weakness stats. However, you will find that the Veterans and the Champions inflict more damage than the regular Firestarters. All of them are capable of throwing timed bombs at your location, which you’ll have a brief period of time to escape, and they will also use molotovs to set you on fire. You’ll get a fair warning with red markers and circular indicators just before you receive damage from either of these sources, giving you enough time to dodge or sprint out of the way.


“Chemical experts with a flair for the dramatic, they run around helping their allies get back int he fight, or enraging them so they become more vicious combatants.”

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Juicer Normal Fire Toxic N/A
Veteran Juicer Normal Fire Toxic Armored Attack

The Juicers are essentially the healers and buffers of the Freaks faction. They will use chemicals which they spray from cans to increase the speed and / or attack damage of their allies, and they will attempt to revive fallen allies using the same method. The buff sprays tend to be red or purple, while the revival sprays tend to be green. Look out for these and be ready to interrupt the Juicers as soon as possible when you see them begin the animations, which you’ll hear as the can is being sprayed, and you’ll see in the form of one of the color coded spray clouds.

You should always try to kill Juicers first to prevent them from buffing their allies. The Veteran behaves in a similar way to the Regular Juicer, but they’re slightly more deadly and they can perform unblockable Armored Attacks.

(1 of 2) Look out for the red markers and circles which indicate an incoming bomb or fire attack.

Look out for the red markers and circles which indicate an incoming bomb or fire attack. (left), You’ll need to dodge Armored Attacks from Bulldozers when you see the red markers around their shield or weapon. (right)

Freaks Crimes

You’ll find most crimes committed by the Freaks throughout North Gotham.

Bomb Threat

The crimes committed by the Freaks will almost always involve the use of fire. They like to burn places, people, and anything they can get their hands on. You’ll often encounter timed bomb disarm crimes with the Freaks, where you’ll need to diffuse bombs which are strapped to hostages. If you’re detected by the Freaks while doing this, the timer for the bombs will begin to countdown, so you can either try to defeat all the Freaks before the timer expires for each hostage, or take them down quietly so that you’re not detected.

Organ Theft

The same principle applies to crimes where you need to stop organ thefts and retrieve the cryogenic containers for Dr. Jada Thompkins. If you’re too slow the organs will become unusable, and you’ll need time to actually transport the containers to Jada, so it’s best to defeat the Freaks quietly during these crimes if you want as much time as possible to bring the organs to her safely.

Escape Attempt

Another crime that you’ll see the Freaks regular commit is escape attempts. These generally consist of an ambushed police vehicle which is transporting enemies. The Freaks will kill all of the officers and attempt to break into the vehicle, freeing their allies. You’ll need to stop the Freaks from damaging the doors to the vehicle so that their ally doesn’t escape, but if they do happen to escape you’ll need to defeat them to complete the objective.

Freaks Crime Rewards

The main item rewards that you’ll earn by defeating Freaks are Polymer, Industrial Solvent, Accelerant, and Programmable Nanocapsules.

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