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Class Trainers

There are 8 main class teachers throughout Aurai, each representing a specific type of combat:

Skill Trainers

In addition, there are a number of skill trainers that you may encounter on your adventures. These are:

Skill Trainer Skill & Cost
Burac Carillon - Found in Cierzo, Main Entrance Gate Teaches Pommel Counter for 50 silver
Oda - Found in Cierzo, by the docks Teaches Talus Cleaver for 50 silver
Cyril Turnbull - Found in Berg, inside the Blue Chamber Teaches Mist Boon for 50 silver
Sagard Battleborn - Found in Berg, in Old Coin’s Inn or Blue Chamber Teaches Execution for 50 silver
Taleron - Found in Berg, by the blacksmith Teaches Mace Infusion for 50 silver
First Watcher - Found in the centre of Conflux Mountain Teaches Flamethrower, Sigil of Fire, and Reveal Soul for 50 silver each
Second Watcher - Found in the centre of Conflux Mountain Teaches Cool Boon for 50 silver
Highlord Cyr - Found in Giants’ Village, in Hallowed Marsh Teaches Blood of Giants during Blue Chamber Collective faction quest ‘Ash Giants’
Markus - Found in Levant, in the slums Teaches Puncture for 50 silver
Smooth - Found in Levant, at the main marketplace Teaches Warm Boon for 50 silver
Elatt - Found in Monsoon, within Elatt’s Temple. Teaches Infuse Light upon joiing The Holy Mission of Elatt faction
Mofat - Found in Monsoon, in the homestead area Teaches Blessed Boon for 50 silver
Soeran - Found in Monsoon, in Elatt’s Temple Teaches Juggernaut for 50 silver
Wandering Mercenary - Found in Monsoon, in Fang & Claw’s Inn Teaches Moon Swipe for 50 silver
Vendavel Prisoner - Found in Vendavel Fortress, within the prison Teaches Backstab when provided with a Shiv Dagger

Each skill trainer usually offers one skill for free. However, the player must first do a good deed for the trainer to receive the skill for free. Otherwise, it will cost 50 silver. Most of these skills can also be purchased from their corresponding class teacher by default.

Skill Tiers

There are 3 tiers of skills which you can learn from each trainer. Tier 1 skills cost 50 silver or 100 silver. Tier 2 skills cost 500 silver, and tier 3 skills cost 600 silver. You can purchase as many tier 1 skills as you want, but only a total of 3 tier 2 skills (Breakthrough skills) and 6 tier 3 skills (Specialised skills).

Tier 1: Universal Skills

Tier 1 skills, also known as Universal Skills, cost 50 silver or 100 silver each. Each skill trainer offers 4 tier 1 skills. In theory, you can acquire all tier 1 skills from each trainer, if you have sufficient funds. However, the main tier 1 skills you might want to acquire from trainers outside of your class specialisation are passive skills. These can be useful for any character, providing a range of permanent buffs such as increased weather defences, increased movement speed, improved repair effectiveness, reduced stamina and mana costs, and enhancements of specific combat skills.

Tier 2: Breakthrough Skills

Tier 2 skills, also known as Breakthrough skills, cost 500 silver and 1 Breakthrough point each. Players can spend only 3 Breakthrough points per character, and each trainer offers one Breakthrough skill. As a result, you should choose carefully which of the 8 classes you want to specialise in. Once you make the investment with a specific character, there is no going back. Purchasing a Breakthrough skill provides access to specialised tier 3 skills, which are specific to each class.

Tier 3: Specialised Skills

Tier 3 skills, also known as Specialised skills, cost 600 silver each. They represent the most powerful category of class-specific skills, and can often be used in conjunction with lower tier skills for enhanced effects. You can only choose 2 Specialised skills out of a total of 3 for each class. This is because some skills are mutually exclusive; the purchase of one Specialised skill will exclude the purchase of another Specialised skill within the same skill tree.

Recommended Build

The Outward class system allows you to be uniquely creative in forming a build. The build you create does not have to focus entirely on melee, magic or ranged abilities. You can create a balanced approach to combat by combining all three pathways. For example, you may wish to focus on melee combat, while still being able to conjure a few useful spells. In this case, the Kazite Spellblade might act as your main class, but you can still purchase more advanced mana abilities which allow for healing or damage output from a Rune Sage. In addition, if you would rather have a few ranged abilities at your disposal, to utilise in fights where melee range with a foe is inadvisable, you can take a few skills from the Wild Hunter trainer such as Piercing Shot and Evasion Shot.

One thing to keep in mind as you plan your specific combination of classes, is that you will only be able to access 8 skills from your quickslot bar at any given time (excludiing mods which can expand this). As a result, you may need to enter your skill menu to use specific skills, either before or during a fight. Buff and Boon skills such as Focus or Enrage are particularly useful to have ready in your quickslots, but you can just as easily use them from the skill menu inventory. If you try to do this during a fight, you will be rooted in place until you close the menu. However, given the long cooldown of these skills, you can use them before a fight and almost always be done before the cooldown expires.

If you choose to focus entirely on a mana-based class such as Rune Mage, Philosopher, or Cabal Hermit, you will need to learn how to move effectively during a fight. To cast most spells requires the character being stationary, so you will need to create some distance between you and your enemies. This means that focusing on magic will require you to wear light armour so that you can be swift enough to create that distance, and also to ensure that you can evade incoming attacks in time. This will make you something of a glass cannon during combat, as you can inflict a great deal of damage in a short amount of time if you remain stationary, but if too many mobs attack you at the same time, you could be dead in seconds.

If you would rather not use magic but still want to create an agile build, a combination of Wild Hunter, Mercenary and Rogue Engineer would be ideal. Wild Hunter provides a decent amount of survival skills such as Survivor’s Resilience (+40 maximum health) while allowing you to inflict damage from afar where necessary. Mercenary provides useful passive abilities such as Armor Training (-50% movement penalty from armour), Swift Foot (+10% movement speed), and Marathoner (-40% less stamina consumption when sprinting). At the same time, Rogue Engineer provides a number of skills which enable you to inflict massive amounts of damage swiftly and at close range, such as Backstab (triples damage from behind), and Serpent’s Parry (powerful attack which stuns when Confusion is applied, and inflicts bleeding if Pain is applied).

Ultimately, the three classes you choose to specialise in will depend on your own combat preferences. The possibilities are extensive, and you may need to try different combinations with numerous characters before you find something which is appropriate to your specific playstyle. In general, melee combat requires the least amount of caution and skill, while mana-based combat can sometimes come with a steep learning curve.

If you want a tried and tested method of combat which doesn’t require too much investment in active skills or passive abilities, your best option would be to find a high damage, high impact weapon (ideally 45+ impact) such as Worldedge Greataxe (obtained from Toxic Hive Lord in Forest Hives, Enmerkar Forest) or Starchild Claymore (obtained from Royal Manticore in Enmerkar Forest, west of Cabal of Wind Temple). In this way you can chain heavy attacks, inflicting a lot of damage and knocking most enemies down in one or two hits.


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