Tending the Flame

Scott Peers

Upon joining the Heroic Kingdom of Levant faction, you will need to wait three days before you can speak with Cyrene and proceed with the first faction quest. There is no time limit on when you start this quest, so you can avoid starting it beyond three days if you wish.

When ready, speak with Cyrene, who can be found leaning against a wall to the left of the entrance of the Heroes’ Palace. She will inform you that a diplomat named Kirouac requires protection while he attends a gathering of the Blue Chamber Collective. Your first task is to meet him in the city of Berg, within the region of Enmerkar Forest.

(1 of 2) Head south west through the open desert until you reach the edge of the map, at which point you can travel to Enmerkar Forest.

Head south west through the open desert until you reach the edge of the map, at which point you can travel to Enmerkar Forest. (left), The location of Berg on the Enmerkar Forest map. Follow the road north west once you have travelled to Enmerkar Forest from Abrassar to reach it. (right)

When you reach the city of Berg, you will find the Blue Chamber in the north west of the city. It is the largest building in the city and is therefore difficult to miss, however if you’re having trouble you can see the entrance in the picture below. Enter the chamber when you’re ready and make your way to the stone platform where the meeting is taking place. It is important that you speak with Cyrene first. Not doing so may result in her death.

(1 of 2) The entrance to the Blue Chamber within the city of Berg.

The entrance to the Blue Chamber within the city of Berg. (left), Be sure to speak with Cyrene first to ensure that she doesn’t die in the imminent attack. (right)

Once you’ve spoken with Cyrene she will ask you to speak with Kapros, who can be found at the top of the stairs to the south. From here you will have two options:

1. Help to prevent the imminent attack by selecting “Alright, I’m in. What’s the plan?”

2. Choose not to help by selecting “What do you mean ‘we’? This sounds like a terrible idea. I’m not going to be part of this.

If you choose option two, the scenario will play out as it does for the Blue Chamber Collective in the quest ‘Mixed Legacies’. You can read the guide to that here. If you choose option one, a similar scenario will play out but you will avoid a few steps. You will still need to enter the Necropolis beneath the Blue Chamber, but all you need to do is read the note which can be found on the floor as soon as you enter the Necropolis. If the note is not there immediately, defeat the two bandits in this first room before you leave and then return to the door to find the note.

Read the note on the floor when you enter the Necropolis to learn information key to the quest objective.

When you’ve killed the bandits (or wake up from being defeated by them) you will need to visit the Burnt Outpost in the south of Enmerkar Forest. The outpost can be found south west of the Huge Burning Tree, as shown on the map below. Exit Berg from its southern entrance and follow the main road south over the bridge. Continue south over the grassy fields until you reach the main road again. When you hit the road, follow it until you reach a split in the road marked by a pillar. From here, take the left path further south.

(1 of 2) See the south of the map for the location of the burning tree.

See the south of the map for the location of the burning tree. (left), At the pillar, take the left path and head south east. (right)

As you continue along this road you will see the burning tree in the distance. Head toward it and keep a look out for any mobs in the surrounding area; it is easy to get ambushed here. When you reach the tree, be careful not to pull any fire elementals which are patrolling the area. From here, turn south west toward the bandit camp which contains the Burnt Outpost.

(1 of 2) The bandit camp can be seen as you walk south west from the burning tree.

The bandit camp can be seen as you walk south west from the burning tree. (left), The location of the bandit camp on the map. (right)

Enter the camp through the main gate and try to avoid any fire elementals. The goal is to get behind the camp fire and into the Burnt Outpost at the centre of the camp. When you’re inside the outpost, don’t run straight into the next room. Remain in the first room until you see two armoured warriors appear. You can take the advantage and surprise them with an attack of your choosing. Be sure to use any element rags to enhance your damage and potions or spells to boost your physical resistance.

When both warriors are dead your quest objective will update, prompting you to return to Cyrene in the city of Levant. If you did not help to prevent the attack in the Blue Chamber or were defeated by the bandits in the Necropolis, you will also need to free Rissa and Kirouac from the cages in this room. Cyrene will be waiting for you in the same location as when you first met her; just outside the Heroes’ Palace in Levant. Cyrene will inform you about the declaration of war between the Blue Chamber Collective and Levant. When the dialogue ends, the quest will complete.

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