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Bones of my Enemy

Scott Peers

To unlock this achievement, you must craft either a Manticore Greatmace, a Horror Bow, a Horror Axe, or a Horror Shield. See below for a list of ingredients required for each recipe.

Ingredients Result
Mantis Greatpick, Manticore Tail x2, Palladium Scrap Manticore Greatmace
Fang Axe, Horror Chitin, Palladium Scrap, Occult Remains Horror Axe
Fang Shield, Horror Chitin, Palladium Scrap, Occult Remains Horror Shield
War Bow, Horror Chitin x2, Occult Remains Horror Bow

For a guide to finding Manticore Tails, see here.

The Mantis Greatpick can be purchased from blacksmiths. However, it is not guaranteed to appear in the list of items. If you don’t see it the first time you check, rest for three days and try again until it appears. Alternatively, you can craft it using 2x Mantis Granite (purchased from Soroborean Caravanners or acquired from Rock Mantis / Crescent Sharks found in Abrassar desert), Palladium Scrap (mined from Palladium Veins in dungeons, purchased from Iron Sides in Giants’ Village, found in chests and cashes or looted from Ash Giants, Golden Minions and Specters, Troglodyte Knight, Rock Mantis), and a Mining Pick (common item which can be purchased from numerous vendors in each city).

For the Horror Axe, Horror Shield, and Horror Bow, you will need a number of Horror Chitin. These can be obtained from Shell Horrors, which are found in and around Cabal of Wind structures, as shown below.

(1 of 4) The location of the Cabal of Wind Tower in Abrassar, north west of Levant.

In addition to Horror Chitin, you will need to craft a Fang Axe and a Fang Shield. Each require a regular Iron Axe and Round Shield respectively, which can be acquired from blacksmiths with reliability. You will also need 1x Predator Bones and 1x Linen Cloth for each recipe. Linen Cloth is a common item, frequently looted from most humanoid mobs or purchased from shopkeepers. You can also combine two Bandages to craft a Linen Cloth. Predator Bones can be looted from Wendigo, Stekosaur, Tuanosaur, Alpha Tuanosaur, Illuminator Horror, Manticore, Shell Horror, and Hyena.

The War Bow can be purchased from Blacksmiths, especially the one in Berg, named Quikiza.

The last thing you will need for Horror weapons is Occult Remains. These can be purchased reliably from Laine the Alchemist in Monsoon, or with a lesser chance from alchemists in other cities. They can also be looted from any Scourge creature and ghosts.

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