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Silver for the Slums

Scott Peers

This quest is acquired from Pigeoneye, an NPC located in the slums of Levant. He can be found atop a roof in the northernmost region of the slums.

(1 of 2) Find Pigeoneye atop a roof beside two birds and a bedroll.

Find Pigeoneye atop a roof beside two birds and a bedroll. (left), Donate 40 silver to begin the quest. There is no time limit on the next donation. (right)

So long as you have the silver, this quest is extremely easy to complete. All you need to do is donate 40 silver five times to Pigeoneye, for a total of 200 silver.

After each donation, the following dialogue will appear in your quest log, allowing you to track how much you’ve given so far:

  • “Donate silver to Pigeoneye, the self-proclaimed leader of Levant’s slums.”

  • “Give a second donation to Pigeoneye, it is for a good cause.”

  • “Pigeoneye asks for yet more silver. Surely, there is a point to all this.”

  • “As a reward for my generosity, a shop with rare goods will be opened in the slums, but Pigeoneye yet asks for more silver…”

  • “Pigeoneye asks for additional silver. I’m sure this final donation will give me access to something in the slums.”

When all donations have been made, the shop with rare goods owned by Tamara the Smuggler will be accessible from the training area, located in the north east region of the slums. The shop will update with various new items each time you visit the slums, but only after a few days have passed.


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