This quest begins immediately after completing Questions and Corruption. You will need to wait three days before speaking with Ellinara to begin the first task. After three days have passed, she will ask you to visit the city of Berg in Enmerkar Forest to attend the council meeting within the Blue Chamber.

When you are ready, ensure that you have at least four travel rations in your inventory and take the main road south east from the docks of Monsoon. Follow it beyond Giants’ Village, Giants’ Ruins and Ziggurat Passage, leading to the entrance to Enmerkar Forest in the south eastern corner of Hallowed Marsh. If you have not yet completed the Ziggurat Passage dungeon, you will need to take the south west Pilgrim Road to Chersonese, and then onto Enmerkar Forest from there.

Warning!: You must complete this quest within 30 days from the point of joining the meeting within the Blue Chamber. If you fail to do so, you will miss out on some permanent buffs.

Once you are in Berg, go to the Blue Chamber in the north west of the city. The building is enormous, making it difficult to miss. Go inside and speak with Oliele. She will inform you that an attack on Berg has taken place, and that Zephyrien has gone missing. Although optional, you should search for Zephyrien to achieve the best outcome for the quest. To find Zephyrien, you should go to the Forest Hives in the south east of Enmerkar Forest. The quickest route to him can be accessed from the northern hive entrance, as shown below.

(1 of 3) The location of the Forest Hives within Enmerkar Forest. Be sure to take the northern entrance to find Zephyrien quickly.

Once you have entered the hive, you will find Zephyrien a short way in front of you. Speak with him to learn of what he knows. When the dialogue options are depleted, he will die. You must now go back to Ellinara in Monsoon to inform her of what has happened. After speaking with her, she will inform you that Oliele has been imprisoned, on suspicion of murder, by Damian Lockwell. Ellinara asks you to speak with Damian and convince him that Oliele is innocent.

You will find Damian in the north west of the city, within the City Hall, located over the bridge north west from Ellinara. He is within the first room to your right as you enter the hall. When speaking with Damian you will have two options; either threaten him with dialogue or pay 200 silver to bribe him. In order to successfully threaten Damian, choose the following dialogue options:

  • “2: Let her go. Now. Or else.”

  • “2: Do you really want to anger the god that was able to destroy the Scourge?”

  • “1: He doesn’t need to. He could use this incident as a reason to revoke his protection over Monsoon and let the Scourge punish you instead.”

When you’re done with Damian, speak with Oliele. It doesn’t matter what dialogue options you choose, the outcome will be the same; speak with Ellinara to complete the quest.

Note: If you failed to reach this point in the quest before 30 days elapsed, you will need to free Oliele from another location. Speak with the guard within the city hall and bribe him for information with 50 silver. He will reveal that Oliele is located in the Flooded Cellar; ancient ruins in the centre of Hallowed Marsh. Take the road south from Monsoon to reach it. You will need to defeat some bandits within the ruins before you can access Oliele and free her.

The location of the Flooded Cellar on the Hallowed Marsh map, marked here as ‘Ancient Ruins’.

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